10 Best Racquetball Shoes of 2020: Non Marking Court Shoes (Mens & Womens)

For some, racquetball is an alternative sport that is strange and different. For others, racquetball is a great source of physical activity and fun. Data shows that nearly 3.53 million people played racquetball in 2017. So there are plenty of people interested in the sport. But, racquetball is a sport which require certain gear and equipment. This goes beyond simply the racket. You need the best racquetball shoes. This is true for both newcomers and experienced athletes alike.

Now, novice racquetball players are obviously in need of serious help. Likewise, even veterans of the racquetball world require a little assistance. After all, there’s a big difference between okay pair of shoes and the best pair of shoes. Do not fret. We have all the information you need. Not to mention a number of informative product reviews. Find the right shoes for your racquetball games today!

Top Racquetball Shoes Comparison Chart

ProductMaterialPriceWhere to Buy?
Wilson Unisex ReconFaux Leather,Mesh$$Check Price on Amazon
ASICS Womens Gel-Rocket 8 Indoor ShoeSynthetic$$Check Price on Amazon
ASICS Women’s GEL-Blast 5 ShoePolyester$$$Check Price on Amazon
Adidas Essence 12 Women’s Indoor Court ShoesSynthetic$Check Price on Amazon
ASICS Women’s Gel Blade 5 Indoor Court ShoeSynthetic$$Check Price on Amazon
ASICS Mens Gel-Rocket 8 Indoor ShoeSynthetic$$Check Price on Amazon
HEAD Men’s Sonic 2000 MID Racquetball Indoor Court ShoesSynthetic Leather & Mesh$$$Check Price on Amazon
HEAD Men’s Grid 2.0 Low Racquetball Indoor Court ShoesSynthetic$$Check Price on Amazon
Ektelon Men’s T22 Mid Synthetic Racquetball ShoesSynthetic$$$$Check Price on Amazon
ASICS Men’s GEL-Blade 5 Indoor Court ShoeTextile/Synthetic$$Check Price on Amazon

Racquetball Shoes Buying Guide

What Do Racquetball Shoes Do?

To understand racquetball shoes, you must understand the racquetball game. Think about it like this. Basketball shoes are built to perform well during a basketball game. This includes providing bounce and ankle support. Likewise, the best racquetball shoes perform well during racquetball games. There are plenty of spruces available with racquetball rules available!

Boil down the movements of racquetball into purely lateral movements. Simply put, this means moving forward and backwards in an almost straight-line. Now, racquetball movement is not confined to simply one direction. But, racquetball takes place on an indoor court with boundaries. Well, lateral movement includes running and jumping. Both put tremendous stress on joints and feet. Therefore, racquetball shoes must properly stabilize feet and absorb shock impact!

Important Qualities In The Best Racquetball Shoes

As just discussed, racquetball takes place on an inside court. In particular, the court is usually made of wood. Well, some shoes leave skid marks or stuffs on wood surfaces. In some cases, shoes do not perform well on wood. Wood is not like outdoor surfaces. Wood is really hard to grip. Especially when properly cleaned. As a result, the best racquetball shoes feature a very special design.

Racquetball shoes must feature a gum rubber sole. Basically, gum rubber is not just flexible and versatile. Rather, gum rubber creates exceptional traction on the wood floors. That way, you move with precision on the court. Stop and sharply turn without any issues. Move around the court without worrying about slipping. This is important for safety as well. After all, one bad slip can lead to a potential injury.

Finally, the last important feature to highlight is certainly the cushioning and comfort. First, most modern racquetball shoes feature a removable insole. That way, athletes easily insert their preferred orthotic. This is ideal for anyone with flat feet or even plantar fasciitis. Avoid the pain and discomfort that comes with your foot condition. Properly alleviate this pain with the help the narcotic in a removable insole

What To Consider While Shopping

Not all shoppers actually enjoy the process shopping. As a matter of fact, shopping can sometimes be a burden. After all, you have so many other obligations and responsibilities. It Is hard to put shopping before your work, studies, relationships, and family. As a result, this section intends to simplify the entire shopping experience. Apply to each and every consideration your next search for the best racquetball shoes on the market.

Budget & Price

Finances are more important than anything else. Even more important than find the best racquetball shoes available. After all, you cannot go broke over one pair of shoes. So start with understanding product price for this particular type of shoe. Luckily, racquetball shoes are not as expensive as other forms of athletic footwear. Racquetball shoes are certainly less expensive than basketball shoes. So you can get it a great pair for a pretty fair price.

Next, set up your own personal budget. Everyone has a different set of financial circumstances. Therefore, everyone is working with a different set of financial means. Everyone can find a high-quality pair of racquetball shoes, no matter what. Your budget guarantees this. Create your budget with two different price points. One point is the least money you will spend. Do not set this number too low. The second price point represents the maximum money you will spend. That way, you do not spend too much money.

Never confuse value and price. So many customers make this mistake. Value comes in the form of performance in comparison with the price. All valuable shoes come at an inexpensive price. However, not all inexpensive shoes provide value. Likewise, expensive shoes can often deliver premium performance. But, not all expensive shoes are worth the money! Be cautious while navigating the world of price.

Size & Fit

This is one of the best considerations. Why? Because size is rather easy. Especially for grown adults. Unlike children, your feet stay the same size. All you need what Is your shoe size. Applied to shoe size to your next pair of the best racquetball shoes. Then, you receive the proper size without any effort or struggle. After all, there are other areas to stress out over while shopping for racquetball shoes.

Racquetball shoes do not need to fit any different than normal shoes. They should not be any tighter or looser than your average shoes. Instead, it should fit perfectly right on your shoe. Now, in some cases there may be a contoured design. We discuss this further below. But, this special design maybe best for you. Remember, everyone has different feet. Do not fear consulting with an expert on any potential issues you notice!

Lastly, the best racquetball shoes deliver a premier fit. Obviously, this all comes from one area: the upper. The upper is the spot in which you place your foot. Basically, this should be a customizable upper design. That means you alter and adjust the upper to fit your foot. Tighten up the upper during a game so the shoe stays on. Loosen up the upper after for comfort!

Gum Rubber Sole Design

Have you ever heard of gum rubber before? Chances are this is a new concept to you. After all, gum rubber is special two racquetball shoes. But, you must understand the construction of a shoe. The sole of the shoe separates your foot from the ground below. As a result, the sole is a big deal. However, this goes beyond just protection. Again, it touches the ground every time you walk. So there needs to be gum rubber right on the exterior of the sole!

Gum rubber actively creates maximum traction in shoes. Indoor courts are not like outdoor courts or outdoor surfaces. Outdoor surfaces like asphalt and gravel are not necessarily slippery. Unless there is water present. On the other hand, indoor courts are not necessarily made for traction. Wood floors are waxes almost every night for maintenance. So the gum rubber is necessary for proper grip and so much more.

Now, gum rubber does more than create traction. Gum rubber features non-marking properties. That way, it does not scuff up a high-quality indoor wood floor. Scuffing up the floor is a quick way to get kicked out of the gym. Not to mention it is super embarrassing. Keep one thing in mind, gum rubber does not last forever. Unfortunately, the special design is not durable. Only use the racquetball shoes indoors and maintain them properly for the best lifespan.

Material Of The Shoe

Usually, the best racquetball shoes feature two common materials. This includes both synthetic leather and mesh material. Both material is equally important in terms of performance and design. Therefore, you cannot have a pair of great racquetball shoes without one or the other. Always focus on a shoe that features both. That way, you get the best racquetball shoes on the market!

First, synthetic leather is literally fake leather. As a result, it features the positive elements a lot of material without the negatives. Leather is super durable. Fake leather is also durable. However, real leather is stiff. Therefore, real leather is not ideal for athletic footwear. On the other hand, fake leather moves naturally due to the lack of a stiff design. So it is perfect for working out.

Second, think about the mesh material. Mesh material is mostly known for ventilation. Ventilation is a complex word for breathability. Breathability ensures there is no overheating. Heat builds up and then it comes out through the vents in the mesh material. All the while, mesh material is ridiculously flexible. Therefore, the material moves and twists with your feet.

Room For Inserts

As mentioned earlier, one of the important qualities in shoes involves a removable insole design. Right now, many Americans deal with a number of foot problems. This includes but is not limited to plantar fasciitis and flat feet. Each foot issue causes a different type of pain. As a result, there are special orthotics made to help each type of pain. Well, you cannot use the special orthotics without the removable insole design.

Flat feet puts too much stress on certain parts of the feet. Especially when it comes to the shock impact of running and jumping. As a result, racquetball causes serious pain for flat. Luckily, podiatrists recommend an orthotic that slide right into your shoe. The orthotic balances out your foot. That way, it is no longer completely flat. This alleviate stress and provides pain relief!

Next, plantar fasciitis is a serious pain in the heel. Podiatrists obviously recommend certain orthotics for your feet. However, there are also shoes that contour to your foot. Contoured foot designs actively form to your feet. That way, it adapts to your particular foot situation. All the while, inserts are available for the heel to deliver even more comfort from pain. Bottom line, the best racquetball shoes deliver great comfort and stress relief!

Protect Support

Have you ever had an ankle injury before? Unfortunately, you are now more prone to a second injury. However, this is not the end of the world. Instead, there are viable forms of protection available. Protective support certainly comes from two specific areas. Obviously, this all starts with the upper that protects the ankle. Mid-cut tops are ideal for your ankles. They protect you but do not necessarily hinder natural ankle movements!

Now, there are plenty of lower cut shoes on the market. Low-cut shoes offer a wide range of movement for ankles. On the other hand, there is less protection. So you must find the right cut for your feet. After all, not everyone has suffered through ankle problems. But, anyone can accidentally roll their ankle. It is much more common than you think. Pick the right cut design to match the health of your ankle.

Lastly, protection comes from shock absorption cushioning. The best racquetball shoes must feature cushioning inside. As mentioned earlier, racquetball is a game of lateral movements. Therefore, you spend time running and jumping. Unfortunately, this deals out a lot of stress to the foot. So you need shock absorption cushioning to absorb the stress impact of each movement. All the while, the shoes actively stabilize feet as well!

Style & Gender

Do you want to look good on the racquetball court? Some athletes care about the appearance of their gear. Others do not. This section all comes down to your particular preferences. After all, style means nothing if you are losing every singe game. But, style makes a big difference when you dominate all other competitors.

Finally, understand the different in gender sizing and design. Obviously, mens shoes are a bit larger than woman. But, sometimes they might run a bit small. On the other hand, womens shoes may run a big large. Always check product reviews to learn which is the case. Then, adjust the ordering size accordingly. After all, you do not want the best racquetball shoes in the wrong size.

Top 10 Best Racquetball Shoes Reviews & Ratings

Racquetball is a sport for both men and women. As a result, it is only right to review the best racquetball shoes for both men and women. Luckily, we made this buying guide very simple. Navigate through each product below to find the right shoe. The first five product reviews are all for women. The last five product reviews are all made for men’s shoes. Use this buying guide as a map to the world of racquetball shoes.

  1. Wilson Unisex Recon

First, the Wilson Recon is a shoe for both men and women. As a result, anyone and everyone can where the best racquetball shoes on the market. Just be cautious when it comes to size. Luckily, Amazon offers a size conversion chart. So you know which size is right for your feet. Best of all, you avoid the stress and hassle that comes with differentiating men’s shoes sizes and women’s shoe sizes.

Now, the Wilson Recon busts a number of significant features and details. Obviously, there are great standard designs like the synthetic leather upper. Not to mention the comfortable, breathable mesh inserts. Stay cool out on the racquetball court, no matter what. After all, serious sweat becomes a problem for your performance. Worst of all, you smell awful after a long racquetball session.

The Stable CHASSIS™ shank technology creates impressive optimal torsional stability. As a result, you maintain balance on the court. R-dst® outsole materials deliver great comfortably and a rebounding feel. Thus, there is more pep in your step.  Most importantly, the Wilson Recon offers the Duralast® gum rubber sole. That way, you benefit from premier grip on the court at all times. Dominate your friends in the next racquetball game!


  • High-Quality Duralast® Gum Rubber
  • Great Step-In Feel
  • Stable CHASSIS™ Shank Technology
  • Fair Price Tag


  • Lack Of Style
  • Lack Of Color Options
  1. ASICS Womens Gel-Rocket 8 Indoor Shoe

As mentioned earlier, Volleyball shoes deliver similar performance features as racquetball shoes. After all, racquetball and volleyball take place on similar courts. As a result, the ASICS women’s Gel-Rocket 8 shoes are a viable option for female racquetball competitors. The most important feature is present. The gum rubber sole delivers the best possible grip. That way, you stop and turn on a dime. All the best racquetball shoes feature this special gum rubber design.

Now, there are some standout features available in this shoe. But, the best highlight is the fair and affordable price. There is nothing better than getting a great deal. Especially when it comes to athletic footwear. Best of all, this particular shoe does not skimp on performance. Save yourself money but do not sacrifice quality. That is the best benefit of this ASICS racquetball shoes.

Special designs include the Gel-Rocket® design and the Trusstic System® technology. Not to mention the forefoot Gel® cushioning system. The Trusstic System® prevents the twisting and turning of shoes. Often, this is the cause of an ankle injury like a sprain. Therefore, the ASICS Gel-Rocket 8 shoe actively protects athletes. Plus, the Gel® cushioning system creates optimal comfort!


  • ASICs Brand Name
  • Gel-Rocket® Cushioning
  • Trusstic System® Technology
  • Gum Rubber Sole Construction
  • Good-Looking Design


  • Size Issues
  1. ASICS Women’s GEL-Blast 5 Shoe

Another ASICS shoe on this list is no surprise at all. ASICs specializes in the more unorthodox sports. Other brands focus on major sports whereas ASICs makes shoes for running and racquetball. Well, the GEL-Blast 5 is one of the best racquetball shoes on the market. Especially if you care about the appearance. Unfortunately, there is a lack of color options available. But, the original Ocean Blue design is so stylish it does not even matter!

The upper fitting features a relaxed design. As a result, there is no tension when it comes to fit. Rather, the fitting upper conforms to your foot. Avoid the hassle and fuss that comes along with an uncomfortable shoe. Plus, the forefoot GEL® cushioning is also available in the rearfoot. Therefore, this shoe is ridiculously comfortable. Your feet feel good at all times. Even after in an intense racquetball game.

Obviously, it is important to focus on the special performance features. This all starts with the wet grip rubber outsole. This special also actively enhances the indoor grip. The better the grip, the better the performance. Meanwhile, the heel personally fits your foot. Not to mention the Asymmetrical lacing design that truly fits snug. Personalize the fit of the shoe at any given moment!


  • ASICs Brand Name
  • Wet Grip Rubber Outsole
  • Gel® Cushioning
  • Sleek Design


  • Lack Of Color Options
  1. Adidas Essence 12 Women’s Indoor Court Shoes

Customers known the Adidas brand name by both their literal name and the logo design. The three bar logo stands out in the eyes of all athletes. However, athlete usually do not associate the Adidas brand name with the world of racquetball. Yet, their Essence 12 indoor court shoes are ideal for racquetball amongst other indoor sports. Plus, the light blue design is super sleek and cute. Enjoy both style and performance out on the racquetball court.

Special ADIPRENE is built into the shoe. Some of it is built into the forefoot and some of it is built into the heel. The forefront ADIPRENE actively delivers both efficiency and forward motion. As a result, you benefit from more explosion on the court. For some, starting is a big problem hone it comes to running speed. Luckily, the ADIPRENE has just what you need. ADIPRENE in the heel delivers great cushioning. That way, impact does not create stress on your heel.

Mesh material combines with a textile upper for optimal comfortability and support. Mesh allows airflow in and out of the shoe. That way, you do not overheat out on the court. Meanwhile, the textile upper provides great durability for a long lifetime of play. But, the true highlight comes in the form of the gum rubber. This particular shoe features non-marking gum rubber. Thus, you do not cause black skid marks indoors.


  • Adidas Brand Name
  • ADIPRENE In Forefoot & Heel Area
  • Non-Marking Gum Rubber
  • Cute Color Design


  • Sizing Issues
  1. ASICS Women’s Gel Blade 5 Indoor Court Shoe

This shoe boasts one of the more eccentric designs when it comes to the best racquetball shoes. The dominant color is white. But, all of the accents come in different colors including lime green, purple, and a dark blue. Therefore, the Gel Blade 5 shoes certainly stand out. Do you want to command the attention on the racquetball court? You do not need to be a professional racquetball player. Instead, the right shoes can certainly help out.

Obviously, the best shoes for racquetball deliver more than a good-looking design. Therefore, the Gel Blade 5 features GEL® cushioning. Yes, the special cushioning provides great comfort. More importantly, the cushioning provides superior shock absorption. That way, each step puts less stress on your joints. After all, stress on your joints is often because of physical pain after a workout.

Lastly, there are a few other special designs to highlight. For example, the ASICS High Abrasion Rubber is put into the critical shoe areas. Thus, the shoe provides excellent durability under serious stress. Run, turn, and jump without any worry about shoe durability. Meanwhile, the Impact Guidance System helps enhance the natural walking motion. As a result, there is less chance for instability and an injury!


  • Impact Guidance System Technology
  • High Abrasion Rubber For Enhanced Durability
  • Stylish Design
  • Cushioning For Shock Absorption


  • Durability Issues
  1. ASICS Mens Gel-Rocket 8 Indoor Shoe

Basically, this is the mens version of the previously listed Gel-Rocket 8 shoe. So there are not necessarily a lot of differences. But, this is for the better. After all, this shoe delivers on performance. Now, one big difference comes in the form of style. There are more color options available for male racquetball players. Therefore, you can find the best racquetball shoes in a particular color that matches your preferences.

Are you a newcomer or an experienced racquetball player? Either way, the Gel-Rocket 8 indoor shoes are great for you. Racquetball players love this shoe? Why? Well, the gum rubber on the outsole performs at the highest levels. Gum rubber is not necessarily known for durability. However, is known for producing remarkable traction on indoor courts. So you can rely on the Gel-Rocket 8 for premier traction during your next game.

Obviously, there are all the same features as before. This includes the Trusstic System® for enhanced stability. Thus, the shoe provides immense safety out on the court. All the while, there is plenty of cushioning to go around. Keep your feet comfy and stable at all times. Forefoot GEL® Cushioning helps attenuate shock across the impact phase. Run and jump without worrying about stress on your feet!


  • ASICs Brand Name
  • Trusstic® System Technology
  • Forefoot GEL Cushioning System
  • Multiple Color Options Available


  • Sizing Issues
  1. HEAD Men’s Sonic 2000 MID Racquetball Indoor Court Shoes

HEAD is obviously not the brand name of ASICs or Adidas. However, they are a special brand when it comes to the best racquetball shoes. As a matter of fact, HEAD prioritizes racquetball shoes. In particular, the Sonic 2000 MID racquetball shoes are absolutely exceptional. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of color combinations available. But, the shoe still looks great and delivers in terms of performance. So you still get all of the important features.

The shoe features a combination of synthetic leather and mash materials. As a result, there is a perfect blend of comfortability and durability. Mesh material delivers great breathability during intense athletic activities. That way, feet do not sweat profusely and overheat. On the other hand, synthetic leather delivers the durability of normal leather without the stiff design.

Lastly, the HEAD Sonic 2000 delivers the two most important features: shock absorption and gum rubber. The special HEAD HyBrasion gum rubber mound creates wondrous traction. Not to mention the premier durability. All the while, the special EVA midsole absorbs shock in hard and intense landings. After all, you do not want to get hurt while coming down from a big jump!


  • HyBrasion Gum Rubber Compound
  • EVA Midsole Cushioning
  • Pre-Molded Heel
  • Breathable Mesh Material


  • A Bit Pricey
  1. HEAD Men’s Grid 2.0 Low Racquetball Indoor Court Shoes

Next up, another HEAD shoe. This time, it is a Grid 2.0 Low racquetball shoe. Thus, the fit design is much lower than any mid-top or high-top design. Now, this is a double-edged sword. Low cut ankle designs allow more maneuverability out on the court. However, there is less protection for a potential ankle injury. Previous ankle injuries are better off with a higher fit design.

Again, there is a particular combination of mesh material and synthetic leather. The synthetic leather creates the upper. Why? That way, you enjoy a long-lasting and sturdy upper design. All the while, mesh material lets air flow in and out. You never want to sweat too much during a game. This is not just uncomfortable, it is downright gross!

Now, a special HyBrasion compound is made by the HEAD manufacturers. There are high stress areas in the shoe. Simply put, this is the part of the shoe that undergoes the most stress. Well, the high abrasion compound formula is put into each and every high stress area. As a result, the high stress area is robust and withstands the stress of each and every impact.


  • Special HyBrasion Technology
  • Synthetic Leather Upper
  • Low Cut Design
  • Toe Drag Resistance


  • Lack Of Color Combinations
  1. Ektelon Men’s T22 Mid Synthetic Racquetball Shoes

Ekleton may not be a household name. As a matter of fact, Ektelon might be the furthest thing from a household name. But, it does not necessarily matter. Especially when their shoes provide great performance. Lightweight synthetic upper material provides the right combination of comfort, support, and durability. Therefore, you check all of the most important boxes right out of the gate.

Air leash quarter material comes along with mesh tongue panels, and a vamp design. Each part combines together to create optimal ventilation. As a result, your feet stay cool, no matter what. When heat builds up, it releases through the vents. That way, you never overheat and sweat to a disgusting degree. After all, this can be the worst situation after a long game of racquetball.

Lastly, the best racquetball shoes always come with gum rubber. Gum rubber provides traction. You know this already. Well, this gum rubber is a bit unique. The tacky design literally tacks onto the ground. Meanwhile, the ShockEraser midsole insert absorbs heavy impacts right in heel. Get all of the support you need from some of the best racquetball shoes available.


  • ShockEraser Midsole Absorbs Heavy Impact
  • Lightweight Synthetic Upper
  • Tacky Gum Rubber
  • PU Sockliner For Enhanced Cushioning


  • Expensive Price
  1. ASICS Men’s GEL-Blade 5 Indoor Court Shoe

Another repeat offender, the ASICs GEL-Blade 5 is great for both men and women. However, there is something a little distinct when it comes to the mens edition. Tis particular version features an Electric Blue color scheme. The color lives up to the name. It is indeed electric. Stand out on the court. Dominate friends and foes alike in premier style. All the while, you still benefit from important features found in the best racquetball shoes.

Need room for an orthotic? Flat feet athletes know this struggle. Luckily, the GEL-Blade 5 delivers a removable insole. Plus, it is really easy to use. Remove the insole in a few seconds. Slide in your preferred orthotic device. After, get out on the court and play! Yes, it is actually that easy for you. Orthotics are much more common than you think. Just because you do not use one now, does not mean you are free from orthotics in the future.

Finally, there are all of the important features mentioned earlier. This ranges from the GEL® cushioning system to the Impact Guidance System. Not to mention the ASICs High Abrasion Rubber that is put into high-stress areas. Each feature works towards the best possible performance. All the while, you pay a pretty fair price tag. Especially given the premier quality!


  • ASICs Brand Name
  • Removable Insole
  • Premier Stabilization
  • Sleek Appearance


  • Sizing Issues

Conclusion And Final Racquetball Shoes Recommendations

The best racquetball shoes separate a fun experience from the best experience possible. In some cases, poor racquetball shoes lead to frustration and pain. You need the right shoes to avoid discomfort and even a potential injury. Luckily, there are so many great products in this buying guide. Pick from the elite racquetball shoes and get the best possible results.

No two shoppers are exactly alike. Everyone wants something different. Everyone has a different set of financial needs. Maybe you want the best possible deal with no fuss? Maybe you crave the best pair of shoes available? In some instances, customers spend extravagantly for a premier product. No matter what, find the right option amongst our specific product recommendations.

Best Racquetball Shoes Overall For Men & Women: Wilson Unisex Recon

Wilson is an athletic brand known primarily for producing sports balls like basketballs and volleyballs. However, Wilson also manufactures one of the best shoes for racquetball as well. Now, the Wilson Recon may not look super sleek and attractive. But, it certainly delivers when it comes to overall performance. Look no further for the best shoes available!

Best Racquetball Shoes at a Premium Price For Men: Ektelon Men’s T22 Mid Synthethic Racquetball Shoes

Do not let the lack of a brand name fool you. Ektelon has the premium pair of men’s shoes for racquetball. Their advanced technology includes the ShockEraser middle insert, a PU sockliner, and tacky gum rubber on the sole. Each feature is just as important as the last. Plus, they all built towards a high-quality shoe.

Best Racquetball Shoes at a Premium Price For Women: ASICS Women’s GEL-Blast 5 Shoe

ASICs is known as a top-tier brand for athletic footwear. Especially when it comes to alternative sports like racquetball. As a result, their GEL-Blast 5 shoe for women stands tall. Yes, the expensive price tag is more than other shoes. But, it is worth each and every dollar. Benefit from GEL cushioning in the rearfoot and forefoot.

Best Racquetball Shoes for Value For Men: ASICS Mens Gel-Rocket 8 Indoor Shoe

The Gel-Rocket 8 delivers so many impressive forms of technology. This includes the Trusstic® System Technology. This system delivers great structural integrity. That way, the shoe is both lightweight but incredibly firm. Meanwhile, the cushioning system is super comfortable and cozy. Best of all, it absorbs the shock of each impact as you run and jump.

Best Racquetball Shoes for Value For Women: Adidas Essence 12 Women’s Indoor Court Shoes

Adidas is a premier athletic company. As a result, athletes often trust them for all of their athletic equipment and clothing. It only makes sense their special Essence 12 shoes are some of the best shoes available for racquetball. Especially when you consider the special ADIPRENE material. This material provides excellent shock absorption and comfort all at once!

Frequently Asked Questions About Racquetball Shoes

Q: How Can I Find The Right Size?

A: Generally speaking, finding the right size is rather easy. Simply put, apply your own shoe size. For the most part, shoe sizes are universal. Plus, racquetball shoes are not different in terms of design or construction. So racquetball shoes fit no different than any other pair of shoes. You do not need shoes that are any bigger or smaller than your normal size. Now, you can visit a local sports store and try on some different sizes. This will certainly help find your specific size.

Q: Can I Just Use Regular Athletic Shoes?

A: No for a number of reasons. First, you have to think about the gum rubber. As discussed earlier, this is what separates racquetball shoes from other shoes. Most importantly, gum rubber comes with a non-marking design. Thus, you do not stuff up and do damage to the indoor court. Rather, the shoes are made to avoid just this problem. All the while, racquetball she’s feature special shock absorption. So average athletic shoes will just not do.

Q: What Is The Best Way To Maintain My Racquetball Shoes?

A: There is one rule that stands above all others. Do not use your racquetball shoes on any service except the racquetball court. Furthermore, never wear the shoes outdoor. As mentioned earlier, racquetball shoes are not made for these conditions. Not to mention that the gum rubber will not stand out well to outdoor services. Keep the shoes on the racquetball court at all times. Especially if you want the great performance to last.

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