10 Best Radar Guns For 2020: Baseball, Softball, Golf, & Running Options

Sports radar guns are used to help with training in many sports fields.  These radar guns are designed to take the speed of a pitch or to record the speed of how fast a runner can run the bases.  While others can record the speed of how fast a ball leaves the bat or the speed of the swing of the bat.  This can help in training an individual to increase their speed or to which pitch or style would work best for them.  Radar guns like these are used in baseball and other sports from little league to the major league professional teams.  They are used by coaches and players alike.  They are considered a valuable tool on most any level of play.  They can help the coaches know when to switch out their pitchers or which pitchers to put up against what batters.  It can also help them to know which players to put into the lineup against the opposing teams pitchers.  Some of them can be used to record the numbers or statistics onto the data base so that the average stats can be compared.  When selecting the proper unit there will be a lot of considerations that you will have to make.  The important ones ranging from the price to the purpose to the best radar gun for your use.

Top Radar Guns Comparison Chart

ProductSpeed RangePriceWhere to Buy?
Jugs The Gun Sports Radar5-140 mph$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Stalker Sport 2 Radar Gun5-150 mph$$$Check Price on Amazon
Sports Radar Speed Gun SR380010-250 mph$$Check Price on Amazon
Pocket Radar Ball Coach Pro Level Radar Gun25-130 mph$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Classic Model All Purpose Pocket Radar$$$Check Price on Amazon
Bushnell Velocity Speed Gunup to 110 mph$$Check Price on Amazon
Bushnell Speedster III Radar Gun10-200 mph$$Check Price on Amazon
Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar20-200 mph$$Check Price on Amazon
Sports Radar Tracer SRA3000 Sport Radar Gun10-199 mph$$Check Price on Amazon
Zepp Baseball-Softball 2 3D Swing Analyzer$$$$Check Price on Amazon

Radar Guns Buyer’s Guide

When finding the best radar gun for your baseball, softball or tennis game or team, there are many things to consider.  There are a variety of styles, types and sizes to choose from.  This has been determined to be one of the best coaching tool and training assistant that can be gotten.  These units offer the players the ability to know where their different styles of pitches rate in speed.  They know how each of their styles effect the speed of the pitch and helps them to know what type of pitch is best to pitch to various batters on the opposing teams.  There are also radar guns that can record the player as they are running from base to base letting them know how fast they are running and what they can do to increase the speed of their running time.  Others can show how fast the swing of the bat can send the ball to the outfield or keep it in the infield.  The speed of the bat and the control of the hit help them to control the ball to win against their opposing teams.  These units are also used by coaches to capture the speed of their players and to help them in their training.  They are also used as a tool to help to know which players to match up with players from the opposing teams.

When purchasing these units, knowing what you are going to use them for and doing the research on each of them will help you to make the proper selection.  Making the proper selection on your first attempt will save you time and money and will allow you to have the equipment that you need.   There are many options with this equipment that you may need to understand.


An important factor would be to know what the purpose of your sports radar gun would be used for.  Are you a coach that is going to use this unit to help to train your players?  You will need to know if you are going to be using this product within a close range or from behind the scenes off of the playing field.  There are certain units that can be used behind the chain length fence, and will still register proper speeds.  There are units that will record and store multiple readings so that as a coach you could look back at them and compare the stats or plan your next games strategy from comparing the various speeds.  Other units will allow you to record information onto a data base storing the information onto a hard drive for future references.

Are you looking to purchase a unit as a personal player so that you can improve your own game?  If this is the case, you may want to search a unit that you can attach to a tripod or even to a fence or netting. There are units that can be used to work on your batting and your pitching averages.  Knowing how your speeds are can help you with control on which pitches are your fastest or which type of batting swings that help to give you the most control over the ball.   The more knowledge that you can obtain about your playing style the more that your ability will be able to improve.  Using the proper tools will help you accomplish your long range goals.


Accuracy is very important when selecting a radar gun.  When speeds are being monitored and tracked for training or coaching purposes, it is important that they are accurate.  Most guns will show their accuracy ratings or their certificate of accuracy.  On a normal the more expensive radar guns will be more apt to show the most accurate speeds.  Make sure that you know how to gain an accurate reading with the gun you have purchased.  The instruction manual for your product should offer proper techniques.  In order for some radar guns to show an accurate speed reading, you must be in a straight line either in front of or behind the moving object.  If you are trying to get an accurate reading from a different angle, you may not have the accuracy that this unit is telling you that they offer.  If you are recording the speeds of your pitching, you would need to either be recording the pitching speeds from behind the pitcher in a straight line with the ball or in front of the pitcher in a straight line with the ball to get the accurate reading.


Distance is another important factor that should be considered.  If you are shooting the speed of a traveling ball, how far away do you want to know the speed of the ball?  There are units that would measure the ball as far away as the batter’s box, but there are others that would get an accurate reading within feet after it leaves the pitcher’s mound.  There are a variety of different units that offer a variety of different ranges.  Some units will measure correct speeds at a distance of 300 feet away, while others will only measure at a distance of 150 feet away.  Making the choice of what you need your equipment to do will help determine what the best is for you.


The size of these units varies greatly.  There are small lightweight units that you can carry in your pocket and have ready when you need to determine the speed of the ball.  There are other units that are larger in size and are heavier and more bulky to carry around.  It is always wise to use a carrying case to protect your equipment when it is not in use.  If you are using the unit for your personal training you may want to use a smaller unit that you can handle easily.  Even though there are larger units that can just point and shoot to record the speeds, it would depend upon your style and if you have help using your equipment.  Some of these units can be attached to a tripod while others do not offer the capabilities.  If the unit you are interested in has tripod capabilities and offers continuous recording, it would be wise to make sure that you get the tripod to go with your unit.


Most sports radar guns require batteries for them to operate.  It is very important to know what type of batteries that they use and whether they are rechargeable batteries or if they are not.  Not all units use rechargeable batteries.  There are alkaline and non-alkaline batteries.  Always make sure that you have enough of the proper batteries and that they are well charged.  It is wise to always carry extras so that you do not experience them losing their charge and your unit no longer works.  Another thing would be to know the expected battery life of the batteries in your unit.  Different units will pull a different amount of juice from the batteries causing them to have a different amount of battery life.  Always be prepared, because without the batteries, your unit will not operate.

Best Radar Guns Reviews

  1. Jugs The Gun Sports Radar

This radar gun has been proven to be one of the top of the line industry best two years.  This radar gun comes in digital signaling processing (DPS) which is state of the art technology.  The operations of this radar gun offer two user friendly options.  One is trigger mode and the other is continuous mode.  The trigger mode allows you to pull the trigger and read the speed of the pitch.  The continuous mode will continue to take the speed of each pitch and it will show on the display until the next speed it registered.  This radar measures speeds from 5 to 140 mph with an accuracy of plus or minus one half a mile per hour.  This gun will pick up speeds out to a range of 300 feet.  This unit also has the ability to store the speeds of the last 5 pitches so that they can be reviewed and see which style has been the fastest.  Not only does this unit offers speed measurement in mph but also records them in KPH.  This top of the line unit is a professional level grade and has been designed to be durable and long lasting.  The unit comes with a NiCad battery pack and a carrying case for its protection.  This unit is worth the price for all the quality and abilities that it offers.


  • Professional grade sports radar gun
  • Picks up speeds up to 300 feet away
  • Has an accuracy of within ½ mph


  • The higher price range could be an issue for some trainers
  1. Stalker Sport 2 Radar Gun

The Stalker Sport 2 Radar Gun has been selected and used by many professional baseball teams.  This unit measures speeds ranging from 5 to 150 mph.  It has an accuracy rating of only a plus or minus of 1 mph.  It will pick up ball speeds for a distance of 300 feet away.  This unit is durable and designed by Stalker as one of the top of the line units on the market.  The size of this product is 6.5 x 3 x 8 and weighs 1.75 lbs.  It runs on 6 AA alkaline batteries non rechargeable and offers a power house of ability.  This unit can measure ball speed and running speeds and offers two active speed windows.  This unit is simple and easy to use and offers a certified accuracy rating.  Its true readings and accurate ability makes this unit a one of a kind professional baseball radar gun.  This unit has proven to be well worth its costs and offers a warranty for your protection.


  • Professional baseball radar gun
  • Offers certified accuracy
  • Picks up speeds up to 150 mph


  • Area around the battery cover seems to be the weakest part
  1. Sports Radar Speed Gun SR3800

This sports radar gun has been designed to measure speed and is a great addition for training for baseball, softball, tennis and many other sport activities.  This unit is helpful for the players to help to train for their best pitches or styles along with a coaching tool for their coaches.  This ultimate radar gun helps to keep track of speeds from 10 to 250 mph at a range of 130 feet on most types of balls.  This unit is designed with pistol grip technology that makes this unit as easy to use as just point and shoot.   This radar gun has an accuracy rating of more or less of 1 mph.  This technology has been designed to be able to record the speeds of the balls from behind the scenes and through the chain length fence.  It records the speeds in mph or in KMH and offers a trigger speed or a continuous speed recording.  This unit comes with a tripod mount, data port, external power jack and an audio indicator.  All this technology will allow you to record all the game speeds on your computer to review and record for training and playing purposes.  This unit requires 2 9 volt batteries and comes equipped with a low battery light so you will not be left without any power.  This unit is made in the USA and comes with a one year limited warranty.  This unit offers the world of professionalism and is well worth the price that it is being sold for.


  • Professional style unit at an affordable price
  • Has the ability to record the speeds through the chain length fence
  • Records speeds from 10 to 250 mph


  • May appear to be a bit bigger or bulkier than some units
  1. Pocket Radar Ball Coach Pro Level Radar Gun

This pocket radar is designed to be easy to use and help to increase your skill level for your playing level.  This has been designed by Ball Coach to measure the fastest speed of a ball in flight.  This system works well with baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball and many other sports.  This device is a pro-level radar gun and a speed training tool to help to develop your training techniques.  This can help the player learn what moves or swings or throws are working right and which technique does not work as well.  This machine will measure from 25 miles per hour to 130 miles per hour.  This machine gives an accurate speed and range of the ball.  This radar will also measure the exit velocity of the ball as it exits off of the bat and can keep a 120 feet range on the ball.  This hands free unit only weighs 4.5 ounces and is lightweight and easy to use.  This unit will store the last 25 readings that have been taken and will allow you to review your progress that you have made.  The durability of this unit has been designed to with stand some of the rougher gaming areas, because it has been designed with the some of the same materials that have been used to design various sports helmets.  This unit runs off of AAA batteries.  This unit seems to be well worth the price for its accuracy and durability.


  • Small and light weight
  • Rugged and durable
  • Stores the last 25 speeds for your convenience


  • Not even communication – possible tower connection issue
  • Numbers seem to jump around a bit
  • When the ball speed is compared with more than one gun this one can be off 7 to 10 mph
  1. Classic Model All Purpose Pocket Radar

This all purpose classic pocket radar is an asset to many sports players and coaches.  This unit was not originally designed to record the speed of a ball, but is great for recording the speed of a runner.  This unit can help the coaches and the players know how fast a player can run the bases or get from one can get to a spot on the field to retrieve or catch a ball.  This unit is lightweight and easy to use.  Its small size only measures 2.3 x 4.7 x 0.8 inches and weighs 4.5 ounces.  This unit uses AAA batteries that work along with the unit and the battery life is estimated at 10,000 readings for the life of the batteries.  This classic model offers a manual push button to let you select when and what you are measuring.  Be it the speed of a runner, or a bicycle or whatever you choose.  This unit is accurate when using properly and is worth the price that it sells for.


  • Accurate
  • Small and easy to carry
  • Offers 10,000 readings on a single set of AAA batteries


  • Not designed to measure ball speed
  • Unit needs to be held so the manual button can be pushed
  1. Bushnell Velocity Speed Gun

This radar gun has been designed by Bushnell.  It measures 4.3 x 8.4 x 6 inches.  It offers an easy point and shoot action and offers a high accuracy rating.  This gun has a large LCD display screen for easy reading of the fastest speed of the ball.  This display will show you the fastest speed of the ball once the trigger has been released.  It can track the speed of the ball up to 110 mph from 90 feet away.  This velocity speed gun offers assistance even to the coaching decisions by knowing how fast a pitcher can pitch a ball or even how fast a runner can run from base to base.  This helps to add knowledge to the overall team to know where to place the fastest players and pitchers.  The accuracy of this gun runs with in a plus or minus of 1 mph keeping the accuracy close to real time.  The best accuracy with this Doppler gun is when the target is going towards or away from the gun.  The total weight of this gun is 19 ounces and it comes with a 2 year warranty.   This machine runs off of alkaline C batteries.  This unit is worth the price to help to get your game on track no matter if you are a pitcher or a coach.


  • Pistol grip trigger action
  • Large LCD display screen
  • 2 year warranty


  • Accuracy seems to be off by at least 5 mph
  • Durability of the unit does not seem to be as good as it should be
  • Seems to be dead on accurate with a car but not with a ball
  1. Bushnell Speedster III Radar Gun

This Bushnell Speedster III Radar Gun has been designed to capture speeds of various sporting movements such as balls and runners.  This technology has been designed to be easy to use, just point and shoot.  It provides an instant accuracy of plus or minus of 1 mph.  It will provide continuous recording and will display the fastest pitch or speed once the trigger is released.  It uses DSP or digital speed processing to capture the most accurate speed.  This unit is designed with RF technology that will allow it to transmit wireless data to the speed screen.  This is an excellent training unit for the players and the coaches.  It has been designed with a textured pistol grip for easy hand control when trying to capture the best speeds of the day.  This unit requires the use of 2 C batteries.  This radar gun will capture speeds from 10 miles per hour up to 200 miles per hour even at a rapid pace.  This unit weighs a total of 2.1 pounds so that it is lightweight and easy to hold.  This unit is well worth its price and can be a very cost effective tool to help to shape up your game.


  • Well designed and quality unit
  • Can capture up to speeds of 200 mph
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Accuracy could be a question for some users
  • Machine just quit working after a short period of time
  • Uses batteries rapidly so always have extras on hand
  1. Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar

This small lightweight swing speed radar detection unit has been designed to work with t-ball systems to professional batting cages.  This unit can be attached to the fencing or other item within 8 to 10 inches from a t-box for an accurate reading.  It operates from a small microwave radar Doppler system that measures the swing speeds in baseball or softball and other sports.  This help to see where work is needed in the area of batting or hitting the ball.  The speed of hitting the ball can determine how far the ball goes or how close the ball stays.  The speed of the swing and the connection with the ball has a lot to do with the control of the ball.  This unit can calculate the swing of the bat speed from a range from 20 to 200 mph.  The transmission is within the FCC requirements, allowing this unit to be used in various areas and ball parks all areas.   This unit is powered by 3 AA batteries the estimated battery life of the batteries in this unit is up to 2 years.  This unit records speed in miles per hour and in kilometers per mile.  It has an accuracy rating of 1%.   This lightweight unit only weighs 11.2 ounces. This unit is worth the price for the abilities that it offers.


  • Operates off of a Doppler radar system
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Can record speeds up to 200 mph


  • The speed rate may be off
  • Numbers are sporadic
  • Screen has had a tendency to just quit working
  1. Sports Radar Tracer SRA3000 Sport Radar Gun

This sports radar gun has been designed with a pistol grip and a trigger action point and shoot.  This unit offers a quick read screen to show the speed of the latest ball as the trigger is released.   This unit offers a user selectable mph or Kph to show the speeds. This gun offers a selection that sounds a beeper to let you know that your selections have been changed.  This unit operates on 6 AAA batteries.  This device shows averages of stats of speeds so that averages can be kept track of for various pitchers or batters.  This unit offers continuous action or trigger action feeds, giving you the option of recording select hits or pitches or a series of them to get the average speeds.  This tool is helpful for the coaches to the individual players who are trying to increase their speeds and averages.  This unit is lightweight and easy to use weighing in at 13.6 ounces.  There is controversy on the consumer reviews as to if this unit is worth the price or if a consumer would be better off purchasing a little more expensive one.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Pistol grip allowing easy hand held shoot and point
  • Shows the average speeds


  • Accuracy could be off
  • Not very ruggedly made
  • Parts seem to fall off
  1. Zepp Baseball-Softball 2 3D Swing Analyzer

This baseball-softball swing analyzer has been designed to help to clock the speed of the swing of the bat, the pitchers hand, time of impact and many more motions.  This unit is a great training and coaching aide for players and coaches to improve their individual performances and the overall performance of the team.  This is measured by a radar in 3D motion for a fast and accurate reading.  This unit allows you to replay your swings, correcting any errors and helping you to learn how to adjust your swings and movements to help improve your batting averages and hand movements for your pitches.  This unit can be used to help to analyze your movements and offers a personalized training method to help improve your playing abilities.  This unit is small and lightweight and only weighs 0.16 ounces.  This swing analyzer used 1 lithium polymer battery that comes included with this unit.  This unit is worth its price as it helps you to get your game up to your fullest abilities.


  • Helps to improve your batting and other movement skills
  • Small and easy to carry
  • Allows you to watch your replays so you can compare what moves work the best


  • Hard to calibrate for some users
  • Takes up a lot of phone space when trying to download and watch the swings
  • Problems keeping it connected to the Bluetooth to record

Conclusion And Final Radar Guns Recommendations

When selecting the correct radar gun for your needs, there are many that you can choose from.  There are also many things and various features that need to be considered.  There is also a huge price variance and most of us have a budget that we need to stay within.  So finding one that fits your needs, works the way you need it to and fits your budget, then you will have the best radar gun.  Many people may not look at the size of the radar gun as an important factor, but that is very important.  Having to lug one around that is big and bulky may be an issue for some people.  There are areas that a big gun may be very unhandy and hard to use.  Do you have someone that is going to help you use the gun while you are trying to calculate your own stats?  If so the size and how it operates may not be as important.  If you are by yourself, a smaller pocket one would be the best because it can normally attach to a fence or netting and if making the proper selection it will continuously record your speeds.  With all of the many factors and price variances, it is important for you to do your homework and to research the various styles.  Choosing the proper sports radar gun to fit your needs is very important.

If you are a coach and are wanting to use a sports radar gun to monitor your team it can be a great assistant or tool if you choose one that will offer you what you need.  Radar guns are used by teams and coaches from little league all the way to Major League Baseball.  When a coach decides to use a radar gun, he will be able to check the speed of the pitchers, the speed of the ball as it is hit from the bat, the speed of the runners as they are running around the bases and they may also check the outfielders and see how fast they can get from their position to catch a ball in various areas.  There are some units that offer the coach to be able to retrieve the stats on the players. There are so many capabilities that are offered for a coach to be able to help to train his players and to put the proper players in the proper positions.  There are units that will allow them to record all the information online and use it for a training tool so their players can see how to improve their batting averages, running skills and their pitching abilities.  The best choice for a high school baseball coach to use might be the Sports Radar Speed Gun; this unit offers the ability to record online all the information for their players.  It will clock speeds up to 250 mph and will record up to 130 feet away.  This unit can be a bit pricey but offers many benefits and would be a great tool to help get your team in shape.

Frequently Asked Questions About Radar Guns

There are many questions that may need to be answered about these units so that an educated decision can be made.  The more knowledge that is obtained, the better your chances are in selecting the best unit on your first purchase.

Why have sports radar guns become so popular?

In the 1970s the idea of the sports radar gun started catching on.  The Baltimore Orioles are believed to be the first Major League team to put the sports radar gun into action on the playing field.  In 1974 Jugs produced the first radar gun that was geared for the sport of baseball.  The guns are now used to even in professional Major League Baseball.  It is important to know how fast the ball is moving and helps to train the players on their fast pitches, slow pitches and change ups.  This has become a very helpful tool.  Today in the world of speed, not only are the radar guns used for training to help a player get his game or pitches in top form, but they are also used to help monitor a pitchers arm, to indicate a possible injury or muscular problem before it gets too bad.  Today when scouts are searching to sign a new player or especially a pitcher, they look at their stats.  They will know how fast a pitcher can pitch or a runner can run.  This is a big factor along with the player’s abilities that will determine if the player is signed to a new contract with a new team.  There are many possibilities in using this tool and today it is fairly much a part of many sports.

How does the radar gun work?

With all of the technology today, there are many details that actually go into effect.  In a nutshell, radar is used to measure the speed of a moving object.  Law enforcement uses radar to measure the speed of a car or a vehicle.  A sports radar gun will operate in a similar manor.  The radars guns have both a transmitter and a receiver.  It will send out a radar wave that will measure the speed of what is in its path allowing the user to choose the object.  Let’s just say the object is a baseball.  The radar uses the baseball that is in moving in its path and the waves hit the ball and will send like an echo back to the receiver and will record the speed of the movement of the ball.  Depending upon the capabilities of the radar gun, multiple speeds can be recorded and downloaded online for future references.  There are others that do not offer this capability and will only show the fastest speed on a normally digital screen on the unit.  The echo effect is a form of the Doppler radar that uses a lot of technology within itself.  This has been proven to be one of the most useful tools in the world of sports today.

Do sports radar guns have to be calibrated?

The calibration of radar guns determines the accuracy and the proper capability of each unit.  If you feel that you gun is not properly recording the speeds of the moving targets, then it could be possible the calibration of the unit could be off.  If this happens to be the case, most of the units will need to be returned to the manufacture and must be professionally calibrated.  Most of the time a professional has a tool called a tuning fork that is used to recalibrate a unit.  There are some companies that you might be able to purchase this tool and if you are techno savvy you might be able to figure out how to recalibrate it yourself.  For the most part you must have the proper tools and knowledge in order to this.

Why would the distance of a radar gun be important?

There are many different situations as to where a radar gun would be used.  Most of them take the most accurate readings on a ball or a runner if they are in a straight line of the radar.  If you are recording the speed of a pitcher and the balls that he is throwing, you are going to want to be able to follow the ball through for a certain distance to see how the ball is carrying.  There are many different radar guns and many of them offer accuracy for different distances.  That is important because in various ball fields and stadiums, there are normally only going to be certain areas that you will be allowed to use your radar equipment.  You will need to be able to accurately measure the speed of a ball from certain distances.  In most areas there are certain laws and regulations that must be followed and the radar capabilities must follow these laws and guidelines for the area that you in.  There are units that offer the capabilities to where you can sit in the dugout and shoot the radar through a chain length fence and follow the speed of the ball from the pitcher’s mound to the catcher which of course stands behind the batter.  I have seen various models offer to record an accurate speed up to distance of 300 feet while others only have the capability to record an accurate speed up to 125 feet.  I would say that the proper distance would be a very important decision when purchasing you new sports radar gun.

Are most baseball radar guns accurate?

To answer this question honestly, I am sure they are like most products.  There are some that are built and designed better than others.  When working on your best game and knowing your speeds for your training or putting together your teams, accuracy is very important.  Your unit would be like most electronics and other delicate equipment.  It needs to be handled cautiously and not dropped and banged around.  It is best to obtain a carrying case to keep it protected and padded when transporting it.  Some of the modern ones today have a built in calibration test, to where you can select test mode and it will run some tests on its own to check the accuracy of the unit.  If this testing detects that the unit is not showing the proper speeds, some units can be tested and adjusted with a tool called a tuning fork.  Not all units can self adjusted and will need to be sent back to the manufacture.  Accuracy is very important for the use of these sports radar guns.  If a unit is not accurate and will not keep its accuracy then I would see about returning the unit and purchasing another one.  Most units are rated with a accuracy rating.  I have seen them say they have been accuracy certified and I have seen others say that they are accurate within more or less one mph or more or less within ½ mph.  Both of these are close accuracy ratings.  Another issue that may affect the accuracy rating is proper use of the unit.  Please take the time and read your manual and follow the instructions for your particular unit.  Not all units will be used in the same manor and some units may not allow or may not be able to take accurate readings in the same manor.   There are some units that will say that their accuracy readings are for in a straight line, meaning that if you are trying to record an accurate speed from the side, you may not capture an accurate speed.  There are also units that are not designed to capture the speed of a ball.  These units may work great for the speed of the bat or for a runner on the bases, but does not have the capability to capture an accurate speed of a tiny ball flying through the air.  The best option is to read and follow the directions of your specific unit to get the best results.

Before you purchase your unit, make sure the sports radar gun has the ability to perform the tasks that you need it to accomplish.  Make sure that you have read all the information that the seller has listed for the unit and then read all of the reviews written by other consumers of this product.  You may then search for other reviews on the product.  Another good way to find additional information is to Google the product under the manufacture site and see what additional information on the product that is available there.  Many consumer reports and reviews are not afraid to say that a product has issues or does not do what it says that it can.  If you are finding many reports that a unit does not give off accurate readings or that it will not stay calibrated, then I personally would keep looking until I found another unit that had better reviews.

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