13 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet 2019

Soccer cleats are footwear items commonly worn when playing football. It is mainly known as cleats or football boot in North America. Soccer cleats have evolved from a humble beginning and have now become a subject of development, research, sponsorship, and marketing in the vast global industry. The basic design and appearance of this cleat resembles the sneakers, which has evolved since the 60s, the modern boots does not cover the ankle which makes it not look like a real boot.

Cleats are usually fitted with cleats/studs on the outer sole, which helps in strengthening the grip especially when used in grass pitches. A cleat is an external attachment, which protrudes at the sole of a shoe, it provides a firm traction when one is walking or running on a slippery or soft surface. They are usually made of metal, rubber, or plastic and are blade like shaped. The most commonly used surfaces are ice, grass, artificial turf, or any other suitable ground.

Top Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet Comparison Chart

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer ShoeLeather$$$$
2. Adidas Performance Men’s Gloro Soccer Shoe
3. Nike Magista Obra II Ground Soccer CleatLeather$$$
4. ASICS Men’s Ds Light 6 Soccer ShoesLeather$$$
5. Nike Men’s The Premier Soccer CleatSynthetic$$$
6. Puma Men’s Evo-power Vigor 1FGSynthetic$$
7. Adidas Men’s Copa FG 17.2 Soccer CleatLeather$$$$
8. PUMA Men’s Evopower 1.3 FG Soccer ShoeLeather$$$
9. REAM Pairs Men’s Cleats Football Soccer ShoesLeather$$$
10. PUMA Men’s King II FG SneakerLeather$$$$

Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet Buying Guide

Now that we have seen how the soccer cleats came into existence, we are now going to look on the best ones that are ideal for wider feet. Soccer like any other sport has its own category of sports gear that assists the players to sharpen their skill on the field through enhancing their performance. One such example is soccer cleats. It forms the right foundation on the feet which controls its movement and helps the player in taking control of their games.


Different types of soccer cleats for wide feet

There are different styles of soccer cleats and each one of them is designed for a specific position in the filed. This means that there are soccer cleats in the market with each one of them catering for a variety of wide feet.

The different types are hip-top, low-cut and mid-cut cleats as outlined below:-

High-top Soccer Cleats

These have ankle extensions that are ideal for providing the necessary support that is required in performing creative movements. They are mainly used by linemen.


Mid-cut Soccer Cleats

These soccer cleats are supportive and easy to maneuver with. They are mainly used by defensive backs, running backs, wide receivers, and quarterbacks


Low-Cut Soccer Cleats

Low cuts are light, something that makes it easier for players to runaround the field. They are mainly used by those players who are looking for lightweight materials


Spike Type

Detachable cleats

These are flexible, a feature that  makes it easier to interchange the pitches, making it possible for the player to choose the kind of pitch they deem fit to play in. the studs are replaceable therefore, anyone can customize them to match the kind of field they want to play in.

Molded Cleats

These cleats are mainly used on turf pitches since they provide better traction. They have a harder grip that is attached permanently to the outsole.

Cleat Designs & Styles

You can choose cleats based on designs.  Since there are many designs of soccer cleats to choose from for a specific foot, it can be very easy for you to choose based on color, laces, and collars. These are very important elements in that you can easily match the specific cleats with your team uniform to act as your brand.

Cleats can also be customized as per the personal preference, most of them offer color customization that in turn embraces your creativity. The designs are usually readymade so it’s just up to you to choose the one that fits your preference from the readily available ones. Collars are designed with ankle protection devise as well as a snug fit as per your feet’s requirements.

However, the basic element in a shoe is a lace. The lace does not only make your shoe remain in position, intact and snug but also adds an artistic element.


The following are the best soccer cleats for wide feet that we have chosen for you.

Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet Reviews

Can players with wide feet easily get a pair to suit them, well don’t tense, we are here to assist you get the right fit for your wide foot. The following is a list of the best soccer cleats for your wide feet with all the essential features that suits what you are looking for.


Adidas Performance Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe

The Adidas shoe has been rated as the best, trustworthy, and more established shoes of all ages. It is made of leather material a feature that makes it very comfortable and long lasting. The innersole is made of synthetic material, which ensures comfort along the pressure point of the feet and it also makes it durable.

This is an EVA die cut shoe and is very suitable for those players with wide feet. The suit styles make it way for them to move their feet with ease. It is has a synthetic liner that is well ventilated to allow players feet to breath well. These cleats are top on the list for their reliability that makes them worth the purchase.


Special features include the following:

  • The upper is made of leather
  • It made of synthetic sole
  • It has a synthetic lining for more comfort
  • It is made durable suitable for firm natural grounds
  • It insole is made of Die cut Eva for lightweight and comfort



  • The outsole is designed to work on natural grounds
  • The insole is made from a die-cut Eva which ensures free movement for wider feet
  • The upper is made of leather material for maximum durability



  • The shoe doesn’t have midsole
  • There are no color varieties

Adidas Performance Men’s Gloro Soccer Shoe

This Adidas soccer cleat is made up of high quality material and comes with variety of colors. It has a mixture of leather and synthetic material which gives it better sizing and makes it last longer. its rubber sole provides the player with support and offers softness for the extra comfort a feature that makes it ideal for those people with wide grim of the foot.

For stability, the shoe is made of premium leather, vamped with synthetic, which is suitably placed at the heels that allows the player to be more stable during the game. The synthetic lining allows the wearer have a perfect fit, a feature that makes it remain on top of the list of the best cleats shoes.


Special features include the following:

  • It is made of leather
  • It has a synthetic sole
  • It has a leather upper
  • It has a synthetic lining which offers total comfort
  • It has a die-cut EVA insole to offer lightweight comfort
  • Its durable outsole is ideal for firm natural ground



  • The synthetic lining is idea for a fine fit
  • The leather and synthetic material is ideal for all weather conditions
  • The heal has the best support and stability



  • The outer cover has no mesh covering
  • There is no collar support



Nike Magista Obra II Ground Soccer Cleat

Nike brand needs no introduction. This being one of the biggest sports brands all over the world, it produces high quality products designed to make all your games easier and very enjoyable. The Nike cleats are specially made of synthetic material. They are designed to cope with a grim ground effects that keeps the player stable even if it’s on a wet field.

Its high top design is ideal for people with wide flat feet. It is friendly to the touch of a ball, making the game seem smoother, something that makes it top on the list of the best cleats shoes in the store.


Special features include the following:

  • It comes in US sizes
  • It upper is made of synthetic
  • It is mainly made in USA or just imported
  • It has an authentic Nike Gear Guarantee



  • It has a high top inbuilt socks that supports those with wide feet
  • It has a leather material which goes well with wet grounds
  • It is ideal for a touch with the soccer ball


  • The shoe is not well ventilated
  • The high inbuilt top sock is usually very tight


ASICS Men’s Ds Light 6 Soccer Shoes

Asics is a brand that produces sports shoes brand with varieties covering both men and women. Their brand consists of different varieties of shoes, which caters for various needs and serves different purpose. These soccer cleats are light in weight, which enables the players have freedom to move their feet freely during a game. It is made of leather material that enhances its durability and makes it stand out in our top list.

These shoes are perfect for those players who don’t like tying their laces, for the fact that they are built slip-ons, and yet they offer great support. They have reasonable height something that offers more supports to their users.


Special features include the following:

  • It is made of 100% leather
  • It is made of synthetic sole
  • Its outsole is configures with 12 studs plate
  • It is made of ultra lightweight synthetic leather upper
  • It is usually imported
  • It has a Kangaroo leather on its vamp
  • It has a regular/wide width



  • The shoes are pre tied
  • The leather material ensures stability
  • Its shaft measures 2.75 inches from the arc which offers better support on top of the foot



  • Its leather doesn’t work well on wet grounds
  • The pressure point is not targeted on the rubber sole


Nike Men’s The Premier Soccer Cleat

Nike is the ideal brand for everything sporty and most specifically in soccer shoes. They are the premier sports cleats that are made of leather, a material that makes it stand out and the last longer not forgetting the lightweight aspects. For those who find their feet an odd shaped ones or the shoe does not give them enough support, this shoe is made perfectly for them. It is build with a PE sock liner that helps in achieving this fact.

It has latex sole, a feature that provides it with a comfortable cushioning with helps the user by improving their support during the game. The durability and crucial cushioning of these shoes qualifies it to top on our list.


Special features include the following:

  • They are made of either fabric or synthetic
  • They have leather upper
  • They are fitted with hard plastic cleats



  • The shoe is made of light material
  • The PE sole lining attached helps in achieving the foot ball round
  • The latex sole is made of ultimate cushioning



  • The leather material is not ideal for wet grounds
  • The shoe is not fitted with any mesh or ventilation


Puma Men’s Evo-power Vigor 1FG

Puma soccer cleat is a sure way that enhances your game and gives your feet support. This is one shoe that has been considered more reliable brand in all our sport footwear. It has EVO power, a feature that gives it more stability and provides a tendency that gives your foot power that makes it highly effective and gives it uniqueness to its users.

It comes with varieties of vibrant colors and it gives the players good soccer performance a feature that makes it top on the list of the soccer cleats. It has Accu foam, a feature that makes it perfect for the players who need better circulation in order to polish their field skills.


Special features include the following:

  • It has a Gradual Stability Frame (GSF) technology
  • It has a rubber sole
  • It has EcoPOWER
  • The sole is made of rubber
  • The upper material is made of 100% one way stretchable Adaplite, the Spandex Sock, 3D Gritex and Accu foam


  • Its upper material is stretchable to allow a better fit
  • It has a gradual frame stability that allows the frame to have balance.
  • It has an Accu foam for a better pressure point of the shoe



  • The collar is not supported.


Adidas Men’s Copa FG 17.2 Soccer Cleat

The men’s Copa FG 17.2 soccer cleat is made of full grain leather material that allows the player move freely in mildly wet grounds, as they tend to become water resistant. The shoes body has a positive effect when the user comes into contact with the ball that means its fair in terms of enhancing the shot. The rubber soles provides a better cushioning of the foot making the user feel comfortable to run with. When it comes to controlling the ball, it controls in all conditions with a nonstop grip, which is a thin layer of raised dots that applies to the upper that helps keep the ball glued to your feet at all times during a game.


Special features include the following:

  • It is made of leather and synthetic
  • The sole is made of synthetic
  • It has a flexible plate that moves with your foot for maximum comfort
  • It has conical studs that enhances traction
  • The outsole is firm ground that offers maximum traction on a firm ground
  • It is made of Taurus full grain calf leather which offers permanent softness and makes it low water absorption
  • Its shaft is approximately low top from the arch
  • The Adidas prime knit outer helps to wrap the foot to enhance an adaptive support and the ultra light that offers great comfort. The ultra thin on the upper keeps water waster and debris.


  • The rubber sole provides soft cushioning
  • The material used for construction is full grain leather, it is long lasting and is safe to use in wet areas
  • It has contoured collar support



  • They have no special feature for wide feet
  • They have a thin tongue that might not provide full support


PUMA Men’s Evopower 1.3 FG Soccer Shoe

These shoes have been around for quite some time. This is another pair of PUMA, which comes with great quality and has some features, which cannot be found in other sports cleat. These sports are specifically made for men with very wide feet in order to help them get the most performance out of their shoes. They are made of synthetic materials to give the users a free hand to play in almost all weather conditions.

The ability of these shoes to refine the soccer performance by offering the right support to your feet is just one of the reasons it tops in our soccer cleats list. They are very comfortable to the feet owing to the fitted rubber sole, which is made of high cushioning.


Special features include the following:

  • It is made of synthetic material
  • It is usually imported
  • The shaft measures approximately low top from the arch
  • It made of rubber sole
  • It is best for soccer performance



  • They are made of synthetic material that helps you play in wet fields
  • The shoe has a lop top shat that enables free movement to those with wide feet.
  • It has a rubber sole which offers a soft base



  • The shoe does not have much arch support


REAM Pairs Men’s Cleats Football Soccer Shoes

The dream pairs are very popular for the production of the best and cheap soccer cleats. They work well both indoor and outdoor soccer and they come in attractive colors which and bright and appealing. They offer great traction and are suitable for a regular wide foot. This cleat is a bit larger as compared to other brands of cleats, so there is no need of going an inch higher. They are great for practice and they give an amazing performance.


Special features include the following:

  • They are lightweight and soft, thus offers a lot of comfort
  • The sole is made of synthetic material
  • The sole is cushioned for added comfort
  • They are rubber-molded cleats and the traction is configured to rotate
  • The material is man made
  • The upper is made of premium DP combined to offer comfort and for maximum durability


  • They are stylish and have varieties of color combination
  • They have cushioned insole that offers maximum comfort
  • The cleat is rubber molded
  • The synthetic sole is slip resistant and very durable


PUMA Men’s King II FG Sneaker

Puma as usual is the leading sports gear in our range of cleat brands. They are durable and strong a feature that makes them worthy top in our list of soccer cleat shoes for wide feet. It has low top shaft that is of great help to players as they are able to navigate their wide feet without any problems.

The shoe offers freedom of movement something that makes it unique especially to those men with wide feet. They are made of leather material to ensure they are durable. The sole is made of synthetic, which is ideal for a strong foundation of the sole.


Special features include the following:

  • The sole is made of synthetic material
  • It is imported
  • The shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch
  • The upper is made of 100% leather material
  • It is best for soccer performance



  • They have a lop top shaft that enables free movements
  • The come with variety of colors to choose from
  • The leather material used makes the shoe under friendly



  • The synthetic sole is not well ventilated
  • The leather material may not be friendly in wet fields


Adidas Performance Men’s Goletto VI FG Soccer Shoe

This extremely lightweight soccer cleat is specially designed for firm grounds. The cleats are popular for being more comfortable as they keep you stable and increases on speed. They come in various designs and a variety of beautiful colors such as white, black, and green. This cleat takes a very short time to break in and is very suitable for those wide feet. Just in case your feet are a bit wide, it is advisable to take half an inch longer.


Special features include the following:

  • The sole is made of synthetic material
  • The upper is made of 100% synthetic material
  • The shaft measurements are approximately low-top from arch
  • The outsole is FG to ensure maximum traction of firm ground
  • They are lightweight in design making it suitable for form ground play
  • They are imported
  • The lightweight synthetic leather upper for maximum durability



  • They are easy to break in
  • The outsole is made of rubber suitable for traction and stability on a form ground
  • The synthetic material for the upper is soft and durable
  • They are fairer in prices
  • It is available in different sizes



  • Colors are limited to black, white and green only

Adidas Men’s Copa Tango 18.3 TF Soccer Cleat

The Copa Tango is made specially made for turf glass surface. They are very nice looking and are an excellent choice for regular use. They have a super soft feel and are stretchy alit in order to offer the best fit for those players with wide feet. This game shoe is made of high quality materials to ensure they are of best quality and are high performers.


The upper is made of faux leather material for maximum durability. It is very attractive having been made from modern tech and a mixture of three attractive colors that makes it extremely beautiful


Special features include the following:

  • It is an imported cleat
  • The shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch
  • it is made of synthetic material
  • It is an Adidas soccer shoe
  • It is man made


  • The cleat is very light and durable
  • Adidas Copa Tango comes in 8 different sizes
  • It is made of synthetic outer sole which is suitable for ball control and for a better touch



  • It has only one color mixture available i.e. White, real coral and core black


Vizari Infinity FG Soccer Cleat

This soccer cleat is suitable for both boys and girls with wide feet as they have enough room designedd for these kind feet. They have a good fitting for maximum comfort. The colors are attractive which is appealing to these kids, which makes them get out of their sporting experience.


Special features include the following:

  • They are made of 100% synthetic
  • The outer sole is made of rubber, which offers good traction, is durable which makes it a great choice for use in all seasons.
  • The upper is made of two color-dimpled synthetic, and they are water resistant, durable and are very strong.
  • It is strong and durable
  • It is fitted an anti stretch inner lining
  • comes with attractive colors choices which makes it cute and suitable for both boys and girls
  • The insole is designed to offer more comfort to youth and toddlers feet, and is made from the best material
  • The cleats are affordable
  • The shoes are available in varieties of colors such as white and black, pink and black, black and silver, orange and black, green and black, yellow and bland and black and sky.
  • the sizes comes as follows: toddlers of ages1-4 years, little kids of ages 4-8 years and big kids of ages 8-12 years


  • They are made or kids and toddlers only


We have analyzed the best soccer cleats for wide feet.  We shall now look at some of the tips that will guide you when choosing the best soccer cleat for wide feet.

Features to Look For When Choosing A Pair of Soccer Cleats

The most common material used for a regular upper soccer cleat is leather or synthetic material. However, the material suitable for a wide footed player is kangaroo since it moulds to your foot, all the while making your legs comfortable so as to get much out of the play.

It is also important to find comfortable shoes that fit your feet snugly to avoid accidents.


Soccer Cleat Upper Materials



Leather is one of the most common materials used. Though a bit expensive, it provides the best fit, offers great support and is an all time durable. Soft leather is not suitable if you are looking for durability. It is also provides the best connection to the ball.

One can choose from three different types of leather, which are synthetic, full grain and Kangaroo.



Synthetic leather is less expensive and is very easy to maintain. It is suitable for almost any type of field. This material is very strong and can withstand rough terrains a fact that makes the right choice.


Full Grain

Full grain is more durable than synthetic and works perfectly well in mildly wet fields. They do so by holding up mildly wet fields something, which gives them an upper hand, since they do not stretch, they can be tight fitting.



Kangaroo leather is soft and bends well to get the foot adjusted. It is lightweight but a bit expensive compared to others but is worth every penny. However, they are not very durable especially when they encounter the ball.


Firm Ground Options


The firm ground cleats have some hard plastic set of gloves fitted on their sole that are great deal in supporting the player be stable on almost any field. The grooves are also ideal in supporting the shoe become adaptable in almost any weather conditions. The best feature is that they provide safety a reason why are highly recommended.


Insole & Foot Support


Sole is the main factor those with wide feet tend to consider. The soles need to be soft and also supportive to the foot in all angles whose main aim to provide maximum support to the user.


Choose the Right Size & Fit

If you buy cleats from different brands you need to be careful, this is because different brands come from different manufacturers who cleat them in different sizes from your usual size. Choosing the wrong size can greatly affect your performance, which in turn affects your performance in that important game.


It is important to do thorough search especially if you are buying online as the sizes differ with your expectation, also considering the return policies, to understand what is expected of your order.


Tips on Maintaining Soccer Cleats

Nothing is more frustrating in sports than having a broken sports gear. Every shoe is bound to damage even the soccer cleat for wide feet, it doesn’t matter how expensive it is, each one is prone to damage. You cannot prevent them from being damaged but you can prolong its lifespan through maintaining and keeping them in good shape, and by doing so, you will be maximizing its effectiveness after all.

The following are some of the maintenance tips that can help you preserve your soccer cleat in order to prolong its life.


Use them on their intended surface only

The surface you are playing on matters a lot. Make it a habit of wearing them on their intended surface and this will prolong its lifespan, for instant use the right cleats for outdoor, turf and so on. Avoid wearing soft ground cleats on hard surfaces since they will definitely be damaged hence affect its overall performance.


Replace worn out studs

This is a very important factor when it comes to maintaining your cleats but it is only applicable if the studs are detachable. It is important to replace the studs as soon as they start becoming uneven as this helps in reducing any injuries.


Loosening up your shoelaces

Loosening up your shoelaces is not only beneficial to you, but to the cleat itself. It is important to loosen your laces on the second to the last eyelet and lastly tightening to the last one in order to avoid any strain towards your feet. This also reduces stress to your forefoot, which helps your shoe to fit perfectly.


Use alternative pairs

It is important to have several pairs of cleats other than relying on only one pair, it might sound expensive, but finally it will be beneficial since it will lessen the possibility of overusing just one pair of cleats.


Observe cleanliness

You should wash them properly after following a simple washing procedure and allow them to dry before using them again. This helps them to look tidy and removes the dirt log or mud, a feature that makes it last longer.


Only use those cleats that suit your feet

it is advisable to purchase leather cleats if you have a wide set of feet as the leather molds your foot better. This is also important in that it reduces pressure on your foot as the material is made to stretch to fit and this gives you a lot of comfort. For those with narrow feet, synthetic material is ideal for you as it works well on a normal feet. It is therefore advisable to check on your feet before choosing the right cleat.


It is important to always break in to your cleats

It is advisable to practice first using your new pair of cleats before the final match. Exercise with them first or stuff them with old newspapers to break them in, you can do this without damaging them. This is done in order to eliminate their tightness to give you much comfortable fit when the time comes to play the major game.



Soccer Cleat History

Cleats shoes had been worn since the 1500s though we do not have any images to show the examples of a surviving shoe from that time, at least to see how they used to look like. The first cleats documentary was written in 1526 after the football boots were features in King Henry VIII’s great wardrobe. During the time, the English monarch orders a pair of hand stitched boots from the great shoemaker Cornelius Johnson so that he can play football, as reported by the researchers. This shoe was most probably made from very strong leather.

Throughout the century, football still topped the list of the most popular sports in England until in the year 1863 after the emergence of the football association when football became a more spontaneous game in England. The association then popularized the game and this called for more demand for better equipments to ensure the players were safe and comfortable. During this time, the technological innovations played a major role in the production of cleats by innovating new materials and better methods. An example of such method is vulcanization, which involves hardening of rubber to prevent it from decaying easily. Vulcanized rubber is ideal for production of all types of shoes especially the cleats whose main aim is the protection of the player’s feet. By 1890s technology continued improving and it is at this time that the studs started being used to make football cleats. By the start of the 19th century, the studded and spiked shoes for other sports also started emerging which saw a British company (Reebok) emerging which was developing spiked leather shoes.

The cleats began to be used in the United States in early years of 1860, at a period when metal spikes were being used on baseball shoes, those that were worn by baseball players. They featured cleats for traction that were fully supported by laces. The birth of American football in the early 20th century saw the use of cleats gaining popularity in the United States whereby the baseball shoes were the original ones that were mainly used, but eventually the innovations emerged.  However, the detachable cleats were introduced in the market for the first time in the early 1920s. With the game’s continuous growth, the cleats adapted to the technology on the playing surfaces and especially on the artificial turf, whereby by the 1970s players started wearing rubber cleats on the artificial turf.

In the mid 20th century, the innovations in cleat technology were fast gaining momentum and in 1954, the first modern football boot was innovated by Adidas. They were lighter but the sole was non-leather with its upper made of kangaroo skin. It had a replaceable plastic or rubber sole that could be screwed at different lengths, Adidas introduced yet another form of rubber blades in place of studs that faces different directions and come with a better grip. Today, we can see existence of different types of cleats, which can be used in different surfaces such as plastic cleats, which are firm and better for use in regular surfaces, aluminum cleats that are best worn in mildly wet surfaces as well as in dirt surfaces, short rubber or plastic for better use in hard surfaces in modern soccer games.



Frequently Asked Questions About Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet


What is the right fitting for the soccer cleats?

Have you ever wondered what the right size is for you or why the right size from other brands doesn’t fit in your cleats? This is because the cleats designs usually vary in sizes. When going shopping for a cleat, avoid relying on your standard shoe size, you can try fitting various sizes and settle on the one that suits you the most.

When you try out on the size, ensure that it fits you well before you purchase. It is not necessary to choose a tight fitting cleat as this will hinder the blood circulation on your foot as well don’t choose a very loose one. After fitting, it’s good to stand and make a few steps to check on there the toe reached, your toe should not touch the edge of your shoe and at the same time, it should not be too far. While at it, consider the material used, for instant, pure leather can break into your foot s the need to buy only the correct size that suits you.

Why are the soccer cleats different for those people with wide feet?

They are not necessarily different. People with wide feed tend to have different shapes for their toes since they are wider that normal feet as they need a wider grim area, this seems to be the only difference. A wide foot tends to require a different point of support around the sole areas and to the sides in order to ensure stability during the field time a reason why they seem a bit different.

Another notable difference in these cleats is that those with wide feet usually require an extra room in their shoes, to ensure their feet experiences free movement, caution must however be exercised so as not lose the right fit.


How do I ensure that my cleats are comfortable?

Comfort is the main factor that those with wide feet tend to consider. The main determinant of comfort is the kind of material used on the innersoles and also the kind of lining used. Synthetic lining or sock lining is the main materials used in most cleats. The most highly recommended lining is the PE sock lining, it helps the overall foot remain breathable and offers a better cushioning of high quality.

The sole should be the main area of concentration. Soles that are mainly found are the ones for wide feet, as they are considered supportive on the sides of the foot. The sole’s base needs to be cushioned well to offer more support, they are particularly important in that they enhance the foot circulation, which is ideal in keeping the player very comfortable during a 90 minute game in a main field.


Is it possible to get a slip on cleats for wide feet?

The slip-on cleats are very convenient to wear and it also saves time spent for wearing them. Slip-ons do not have laces, that are considered to consume time tying but they cause a lot of trouble in the end. The first problem is that the shoe can easily break in to your foot and since they are slip-ons, there is no slot for tightening them.

The other problem is that the size, for a person with wide feet, you can only buy the right size which most cases make it impossible for those with feet to slip in, they might however look wide, but the top usually come with a shape that most probably cause inconveniences.


Can we find a separate cleat for various soccer positions?

Yes, for every position that you are playing for, they are set of separate cleats to suit it. The positions are determined by how you move your feet and the cleat is designed accordingly. It is therefore recommended that before you choose what is best for you, it is important to note what position that you are playing at.

We hope the above list covers all what you need to know regarding the best cleats for wide feet. It is important to read and understand our list of reviews in order to make an informed choice of what is best for your wide feet. It is however important to note that each cleat has its own features and specialty that makes them worthwhile.

The best cleat that you choose should be the one that has all the features that will be helpful to you and facilitate the success of your game. You should choose the most comfortable that in return helps you perform better in the field. Before settling on one, it is important to try different types and varieties of cleats so that you can settle on the best one depending on the material and technology.

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