12 Best Soccer Cleats Tested & Reviewed in 2020: Options for Defenders, Midfielders, & Forwards

Soccer cleats serve a simple purpose – allow for optimal soccer-playing performance. The best soccer cleats have premium traction and grip on the field while keeping feet protected and comfortable. Soccer cleats need to provide reasonable ankle support, offer durability, and it doesn’t hurt for them to look nice, too. On our hunt for the best soccer cleats, we dissected all the features, variables, and parts that make up the perfect soccer cleat and creating a comprehensive buyer’s guide from there. Using that buyer’s guide as the reference while testing out different cleats allowed us to refine down the list until we were left with the 12 best soccer cleats on the market for 2019.

So many soccer cleats look the same aside from their vibrant colors. Understanding the smaller details that make up an excellent shoe will help you find the best soccer cleats for your specific need. Whether you’re looking for professional, recreational, or casual wear, we’ve looked at the features that matter most for a soccer cleat and crafted a knowledgeable buyer’s guide from there. After the buyer’s guide and soccer cleat reviews for the top 12 we’ve hand-picked, we’ll also answer valuable questions you may have for this style of shoe.

Top Soccer Cleats Comparison Chart

ImageNamePriceWhere to Buy?
1. DREAM PAIRS Fashion Soccer Cleats$$Check Price on Amazon
2. PUMA King Allround TT Soccer Cleats$$$$Check Price on Amazon
3. adidas Predator 18.2 FG Soccer Cleats$$$Check Price on Amazon
4. Zephz Wide Traxx Soccer Cleats$$$$Check Price on Amazon
5. adidas Mundial Goal IN Soccer Cleats$$$Check Price on Amazon
6. NIKE Men's Davinho Indoor Soccer Cleats$$$$Check Price on Amazon
7. DREAM PAIRS Soccer Cleats$$Check Price on Amazon
8. adidas Nemeziz 17.3 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats$$$Check Price on Amazon
9. PUMA V1.08 4 Trainer Soccer Cleats$$$Check Price on Amazon
10. Diadora Capitano Turf Soccer Cleats$$Check Price on Amazon
11. adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats$$$$Check Price on Amazon
12. ANLUKE Turf Soccer Cleats$$$Check Price on Amazon

Buying Guide for Soccer Cleats

It’s easy to see just from a quick search online how many soccer cleats there are available. We looked at a ton of soccer cleats and tested them out, using the following guide as our inspiration to find the best soccer cleats among them. We were able to narrow it down to a list of 12, expertly ranked depending on functionality, use, how well they tested, and much more.

Let’s jump into our buyer’s guide so you can see the variables we put into place to test each pair of soccer cleats. Not only will we look at the variables, but we’ll also include comprehensive details on how to find the best soccer cleats for yourself, so you can replicate our process and find the right pair for you.

Anatomy of a Soccer Cleat

The best way to decide on the best soccer cleat among the masses is to start with a breakdown of the individual parts of this type of shoe. Each part of the shoe plays a role in the price, performance, durability, and overall quality of the shoe, so even if you’re already familiar with the biology of a shoe, this may make it easier to help you narrow down the right one for you.


The outsole is considered everything that is below the midsole and the insole; it’s the very bottom of the shoe.


Adding comfort and protection to the bottom of the feet, shock absorption, and added padding, the midsole of a soccer cleat is the cushioning that’s built into the shoe itself.


The insole of a soccer cleat is the comfortable cushioning inside the shoe. It’s typically either attached or removable/detachable.

Heel Counter and Cushioning

Usually, the heel counter is what offers heel support on the back portion of the shoe, providing additional cushioning.


Also known as the cones or the blades, the studs/cleats of a soccer cleat can improve traction at the bottom of the shoe on many soccer shoes. The stud itself is either molded/fixed to the shoe, or detachable. There are three main types of cleats: round/conical, hard ground, and bladed.


The upper is simply the part of the shoe that is everything above the midsole and insole.


The front portion of the upper, the vamp is also known as the strike zone. Think of the vamp as the part that contacts the ball. Vamps often have added technologies or are stitched to improve or enhance the ball control and shot power.


Different Soccer Shoe Types

Understanding the anatomy of each type of soccer shoe will help you understand how each part works with each other and what kind of shoe is best designed for which kind of surface.

Artificial Turf Shoes

Artificial turf soccer cleats are generally equipped with a durable, rubber outsole. They also have small rubber patterns or studs that are designed to improve traction on artificial turfs or natural, hard fields. These types of shoes are also excellent for training or practice, and they’re typically reliable as a back-up shoe for practice on hard surfaces, as well.

Indoor Soccer Cleats

Indoor soccer shoes are typically designed with a gum rubber flat outsole for gentle traction on the bottom of the shoe. They were engineered to withstand indoor use, so they’re also usually comfortable enough for everyday street wear. With a lightweight feel and a lower profile fit, indoor soccer cleats are a great option if you know you’re going to be on the appropriate surface for it.

Hard Ground/Artificial Grass Shoes

Used on sun baked hard ground and new artificial turf, artificial grass shoes usually have many short studs, typically evenly distributed across the entire outsole. Hard ground shoes are like firm ground shoes, but they usually have a lot more studs that are shorter, providing better support for the terrain you’re running on. Typically, the studs on these shoes will be rubber, providing a more durable design and a grip on the field.

Soft Ground Soccer Cleats

When you’re out on a soft ground field, especially after it’s rained, you need soccer cleats that have added traction even on muddy, wet fields. This type of soccer shoe usually has longer cleats, and the soft ground cleats are metal-tipped or have detachable studs. These studs vary in length depending on the soft ground soccer shoes you buy. The soft ground soccer cleats are customizable because of their removable and exchangeable studs, allowing you to optimize the shoe under a variety of fields and playing conditions.

Hybrid Soccer Cleats

Usually hybrid soccer cleats are referred to as hybrid because they work on artificial grounds and firm grounds alike. AG/FG hybrid soccer cleats are made of a more sustainable material that makes them thrive under a variety of conditions that most soccer shoes would deteriorate over. Designed for acceleration on natural, firm surfaces and artificial grass environments, this type of shoe comes in multiple lengths and cleat shapes.

Traditional Soccer Cleats AKA Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

The classic type of soccer cleat you often think of when referring to soccer cleats, this type of soccer shoe is perfect for a firm ground terrain. Firm ground is the classic environment for soccer, and this includes outdoor soccer fields. Molded or firm ground soccer cleats generally have non-removable studs that are conical or bladed in shape.


Different Soccer Cleat Materials

The two basic materials that soccer cleats come in are different types of synthetic and leather. There are benefits to using either material. Natural leathers are usually softer, providing an excellent fit that conforms to the foot. Synthetic, on the other hand, is more lightweight and more durable, so likely to last longer than the leather counterpart. There are a range of different types of leather and synthetic materials, though, so let’s dive in to help you wade through all the materials available.

Kangaroo leather

Prized for its supple, soft fit, kangaroo leather is premium out of the types of natural leathers. Extremely light and incredibly soft, the kangaroo leather soccer shoes offer unrivaled comfort and a great feel for the ball. The only downside is the material can deteriorate quickly, and they are definitely not waterproof.

Calfskin leather

Another premium type of leather, calfskin is an ideal blend of durability, thinness, and softness. Calfskin is water-resistant and almost as soft as kangaroo leather. With a great ball touch, calfskin works to maintain its shape better than kangaroo leather, but it is also a bit heavier.

Full-grain leather

Tougher and thicker than kangaroo and calfskin leather, full-grain leather is a durable, water-resistant material that can handle some wear and tear. The full-grain leather works to conform to your foot, fitting snugly and providing a pleasant feel for the ball when you’re on the field. Because it is thicker than both leathers mentioned before it, it is also usually heavier than calfskin or kangaroo leather. If you were looking for the soccer cleat that’s most lightweight, you would want to go with a soccer shoe made of primarily kangaroo leather.

Synthetic materials

A synthetic upper can have a range from shoe to shoe and brand to brand. The uppers are typically more durable and lighter than natural leather, even lighter than kangaroo leather. However, you’ll probably find a more comfortable fit with leather, as synthetic doesn’t offer the same type of comfortable, snug fit.


Determine Your Cleat Size

If you’re looking for the best soccer cleats, especially if you’re newer to soccer, it’s important to note that just about every brand and boot will fit in a different way. Since you’re shopping online, you want to take the guesswork out of shopping for a pair of soccer cleats by understanding which is best for your type of foot.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that most soccer shoes are designed to have a narrower upper than other sneakers, allowing for more control and a better feel for the ball. If they’re leather, high-quality soccer shoes will stretch a bit after they’re worn. They will also mold to the shape of your foot, fitting snugly the more you wear them.

Cleat Type for Each Position

Although many soccer cleats are designed to perform well across all positions and skill levels there are specific characteristics to look for depending on your position

Cleats for Goalkeepers

Goalie cleats shoe be designed for optimal traction and quick pivots.  Weight of the cleat is not as important as other positions since goalkeepers tend to spend most of the game in one are. Traction and cleat design is vital since poor footing can greatly impact your ability to defend and can determine the outcome of the game.

Cleats for Defenders

Defenders keep a low key presence on the field, but they are an integral part in the success of a soccer organization.  Cleats for defenders need to be sturdy, reliable, and able to stand up during intense battles in the trenches.

Cleats for Midfielders

Midfielders live in the heart of the field and many players in this position take on a jack-of-all trades role. Cleats for midfielders need to be versatile, durable, and dependable. Cleats with a moderate weight, sturdy uppers, and lasting spikes are ideal for midfielders.

Cleats for Forwards

Forwards are the superstars that score goals and capture headlines and attention. Cleats for forwards need to be light, versatile, and sharp.  These position need to be quick on their feet, nimble, and aggressive while driving to the opponents goal.


Best Soccer Cleat Reviews

DREAM PAIRS Fashion Soccer Cleats

An affordable pair of soccer cleats that are durable and lightweight, the men’s fashion cleats from DREAM PAIRS are at the top of our list for hitting checks across all the features on our buyer’s guide. The premium DP combination upper provides maximum durability and comfort, and the cushioned insole reinforces that comfort. The rubber molded cleats are engineered with a rotational traction configuration that provides a non-slip grip to the field.

The internal support mechanism of the soccer cleat is anatomically engineered to provide optimum arch support and cradle the contours naturally found in the foot. To further reflect support and durability, the sock-like ankle collar wraps your ankle in a soft, fly-knit mesh that’s stretchy and optimized for free foot movement. Intended to give you the control and grip you need even when playing on a damp or soft field, the power is back in your hands (or feet) with the DREAM PAIRS fashion soccer cleats.


  • Maximum durability and comfort
  • Non-slip grip to the field and ball



  • May need a half-size smaller than your standard shoe size


PUMA King Allround TT Soccer Cleats

Besides the shock-absorbing rubber sole and CELL PUMA exclusive cushioning, the Kind Allround TT soccer cleats are 100% leather. With a revolutionary design and technical innovation, PUMA provides an excellent shoe designed exactly for the task at hand. A global athletic brand, they specialize in providing an unexpected and unique perspective in sport-lifestyle footwear.

The shaft of the Allround soccer cleats measures approximately low-top from the arch. With the help of a multi-studded outsole and long-lasting exterior support, you get ultimate, optimum ground control for fast field reactions and quick-time reflexes. How well the soccer cleat can enhance your performance in the game or practice will ultimately determine if they’re right for you, and the TT soccer cleats come through in a pinch for the job.

The molded outsole studs are made of rubber instead of the standard hard plastic, adding to the time they’ll last on your feet. With a quilted vamp style black base and contrasting white/gold tongue, the PUMA bold logo stands out. This ranked in second on the list for the long-lasting durability aspect, making it one of the best soccer cleats for someone who needs their soccer cleats to withstand time and regular use.


  • Lightweight, quality material that lasts
  • Long-lasting exterior support for years of use



  • May fit smaller than expected


adidas Predator 18.2 FG Soccer Cleats

The Predator 18.2 FG soccer shoe from adidas features a structured premium mesh upper that provides a sock-like, comfortable fit, allowing you to move with your instincts and control the ball at optimum speed. Made of durable synthetic like the synthetic sole, and textile materials, you can expect a snug fit with a molded heel that offers protection and contentment. The upper was engineered with adidas exclusive Controlskin, which helps keep the ball glued to your feet when you’re on the field.

Measuring approximately low-top from the arch, the shaft provides a reliable fit you can count on. One of the top picks on our list, this pair is anatomically designed to provide the ultimate lockdown fit by mimicking your heel shape. Resilient, long-lasting, and available in two different colors, the Predator 18.2 FG soccer shoe is an excellent choice for the soccer player that needs a versatile shoe fit for practice, real games, and everything in between.


  • Survives long-lasting wear and tear
  • Incredibly lightweight, textured for guiding the ball



  • Can fit small, may need to buy a half-size or even a size up from your standard shoe size


Zephz Wide Traxx Soccer Cleats

For those that have wide feet, you know the struggle of finding a shoe that comes in your size. We tested the soccer cleats from Zephz, looking for a pair of soccer cleats that would provide a secure fit even for wider feet. The second in their series, Zephz introduces the Wide Traxx soccer cleats for the second time in a black/teaberry combination. The shoes come in EE width sizes for wider feet. Dressed up with a synthetic golf ball design embossed in the upper, you get a modern-looking, one-piece soccer cleat that’s not detachable from the rest of the frame. Included with the shoe are also a variety of brightly colored laces, including blue, teaberry, yellow, green, and orange, as well as the black nylon lace that come on the pair.

The one-piece cleat has a synthetic upper that provides long-lasting durability even through wear and tear of everyday practice and gameplay. The outsole is made of TPU, which is a thermoplastic material that allows for a more lightweight design, making it one of the best materials to use on sports cleats. Ultimately, this is one of the best soccer cleats for people with wider feet that need a little extra room in their shoe before they can enjoy their time on the field. Engineered for an extended, sweat-free wear, these soccer cleats provide an ultimate performance.



  • Perfect soccer cleats for wider feet
  • Fits great, size fits as expected



  • Not designed for indoor use


adidas Mundial Goal IN Soccer Cleats

Styled perfectly for indoor soccer matches, the adidas GOAL IN soccer cleats feature a split-suede abrasion patch for support and durability as well as a smooth ULT-K leather upper that fits like a glove. The EVA, lightweight cushioning offers optimum comfort, and the non-marking gum rubber outsole provides top-notch performance as you race across the indoor field.

The split-suede leather abrasion patch is long-lasting, but the forefront support is what we noticed more during our testing. Get an excellent grip on all indoor surfaces with the outsole and enjoy the extra comfort with the synthetic, shock-absorbing lining. Featuring only the finest materials from adidas, the Mundial Goal IN soccer cleats offer a classic adidas soccer look for professional or recreational indoor play. Soft and durable, you’ll experience hours of comfort even during the extended practice sessions when you just need to go a little further.

These are the best soccer cleats for those who put the most focus into the comfort aspect of a shoe. While these performance shoes work well in a professional setting, the same can be said for a more casual experience. Comfortable enough to wear off the field or when you’re not practicing, these can double as a casual pair for you to enjoy the day with.


  • Comfortable enough for casual wear
  • Lightweight, fits like a glove



  • One-piece, not detachable


NIKE Men’s Davinho Indoor Soccer Cleats

A leather and mesh combination shoe, the Davinho indoor soccer cleat from NIKE provides an unparalleled experience for those that like a little more give in their shoe than leather alone can normally provide. In fact, the leather and mesh upper is a synthetic combo that provides the ultimate grip on the ball and expertly designed comfort in the same step. The rubber outsole also works to provide a multi-directional grip for maximum underfoot ball control and traction.

The EVA sock-liner helps to eliminate sweat buildup for a swift performance on the indoor field. The liner also works to provide additional cushioning for the heel and forefoot. With the shaft measuring approximately three inches from the arch, these shoes can fit as expected. The breathable, durable material enhances both control and touch with this pair snugly on your feet. Something to note about the Davinho indoor soccer cleats is that they’re not engineered for extended wear. For a small-sided kind of game, the indoor soccer cleats truly shine, designed and perfected for a quick game on artificial turf.


  • Sweat-free experience with leather and mesh combination material
  • EVA sock-liner makes pair breathable and designed for comfort indoors



  • Not designed for outdoor practice


DREAM PAIRS Soccer Cleats

Another pair from DREAM PAIRS, these soccer cleats are designed for functionality and performance. With a different look and feel, there’s a lot to love about this pair, including the 15 different color options available for custom personalization. Get a more unique soccer cleat with the DREAM PAIRS cleat that has a synthetic sole made of man-made material. Lightweight, it offers a comfortable and soft design that’s reliable on the field. For added comfort, the cushioned insole also plays a huge role.

The premium combination material on this pair of soccer cleats offers maximum durability and comfort, the two variables that matter most when determining the best sports cleat. The rubber molded cleats provide a rotational traction configuration that can help you keep your grip on the field when you need it most.

An excellent, pleasantly comfortable design, the DREAM PAIRS soccer cleats are extremely lightweight while still providing a strong grip, allowing for easy movement across the field. With a supple, breathable upper design and fold-over tongue that comes equipped with the pair, you can keep the laces secure when you take your shot for the goal. The padded collar, cushioned insole, and variety of different color combinations rank this as one of the best soccer cleats for functional, peak performance.


  • Lightweight with fierce grip
  • Affordable soccer cleats with excellent quality material



  • May need to buy one size smaller from what you usually wear

adidas Nemeziz 17.3 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

For the soccer players that like to stand out, the Nemeziz soccer cleats from adidas offer a wild design that’s easy to spot and hard to forget. Not only do they add a nice change to the standard wardrobe, but they also provide a dual lock collar for ankle stability and secure lockdown on the ball. The rubber sole can absorb the shock of an indoor field, but this pair works best on a firm ground environment. The optimum ball control and responsive touch is thanks to the soft agility mesh engineered for top performance.

Designed to allow you to change directions on the fly or have an explosive burst of acceleration, you can race through the field on natural grass with the agility stud configuration. Unleash speed and velocity like they’ve never seen with the unpredictable Nemeziz from adidas. This is one of the best soccer cleats for those that like an extra level of control on firm fields.


  • Fits well, very comfortable
  • Stylish cleats that go the distance



  • Does not perform as well on soft ground fields


PUMA V1.08 4 Trainer Soccer Cleats

Perfect for grass surfaces that are synthetic, the PUMA V1.08.4 Trainer soccer cleats are ideal for astro turf and other similar environments. These trainers were engineered for enhanced traction, comfort, and cushioning for maximum support every minute you’re playing. The outsole is designed with a multi-studded configuration that’s a solid but soft rubber material. Firmer in nature than most of the other shoes on this list, these are the best soccer cleats for those who want a firm, secure hold that they can rely on even during the roughest plays of the game. A leather version of this pair was made before it, helping to perfect the design of this pair and providing soccer players with options.

Convenient and comfortable for indoor soccer use, you can get hours at a time out of this pair without having to worry about any rips or tears in the quality material. If extended use is desirable, this is the best pair of soccer cleats for you. The mute gold-colored design adds a slight glow to the field when you perform, and they’re designed for the ultimate performance. Expect stronger kicks, better traction, and a firmer grip with this pair of soccer cleats.


  • Firm, snug hold for those who want a firmer shoe
  • Long-lasting material provides a durable fit



  • Not designed for outdoor use, but they make excellent indoor soccer shoes


Diadora Capitano Turf Soccer Cleats

Made for an artificial turf setting, the Capitano soccer cleats from Diadora offer a strong grip on an artificial field. The flexible sole adds versatility to your movements, allowing for faster directional changes, accelerations, and more. These are an excellent pair of soccer shoes for someone looking to peak their performance. Made almost entirely of durable synthetic material, the shock absorbing sole and glove-like fit is easy to wear, everlasting, and suitable for regular use.

These shoes work especially well for those that have wider feet. While they’re not advertised as primarily for wider feet individuals, they do offer sizes that are accommodating to many shoe sizes. For the price, the quality is above and beyond. The only note is that these are one of the heavier shoes on our list. Still lightweight, they do have a padding in them and a thicker bottom that can weigh the shoe down, but only comparatively to the other shoes we’ve tested and ranked. The shoes fit well, providing a snug, secure experience every time you put them on.


  • Fits as expected, no guesswork necessary
  • Fits for wider feet



  • Not as lightweight as other cleats on this list


adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats

The leather performance soccer cleats from adidas has a lightweight design. The die-cut EVA insole fits comfortably into the shoe, providing an interior that can cushion, protect, and support. The outsole is incredibly durable, made with leather with a non-slip rubber synthetic sole, making it perfect for natural, firm grounds. The Copa Mundial features an incredible fit and touch with the rich leather upper. Able to last decades with proper care, the men’s shoes feature a dual-density outsole that sets the standard for comfort.

The Copa Mundial series has been running since the late 70’s due to its continued popularity. A surefire way to get a pair of shoes as skillfully crafted as ever, the full grain leather upper and durable outsole designed for practice and play on firm ground, the Copa Mundial soccer cleats are the best soccer cleats for those who are looking for performance shoes they can enjoy outside. One important note is that without proper care the sole can rip over time, but fortunately adidas offers shoe care tips and tricks on their direct website.


  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • Built for durability, potentially able to last decades with proper care
  • Fits as expected



  • Sole can rip over time without proper shoe care


ANLUKE Turf Soccer Cleats

Made of artificial leather, these still land in on our top list for best soccer cleats with how well they did throughout our testing process. Durable, comfortable, and more flexible thanks to the PU leather, the ANLUKE athletic high-top soccer cleats are a high-performance shoe that deserve a spot in the top 12. Designed with a dynamic high-top that has a snug fit collar, the shoe provides a supported, secure fit and protects your ankle. The updated high-top fabric knit details for a reliable performance.

Among the things to love about the soccer cleats from ANLUKE, the design will stand out with the unique, transparent TPU material outsole. Look like you’re floating on the field with the transparent, unique cleats that lay as the base for the high-quality upper and ankle-supporting high-top. You can feel confident with consistent ball control thanks to the superior material. Available in three different colors, these are the best soccer cleats to finish off our list, great for anyone playing soccer than need an advantage on their performance.


  • Fits as expected
  • Transparent, unique outsole



  • Artificial leather may not stand up to the test of time without proper shoe care



Conclusion & Final Shoe Recommendations

That concludes the top 12 best soccer cleats of 2018 review, where we were able to provide useful information that will allow you to better find the best pair of soccer cleats for you. We were able to provide the best recommendations after rigorous testing of a variety of soccer cleats, narrowing down our list and ranking them appropriately. The DREAM PAIRS Fashion Soccer Cleats at the top of our testing system won out thanks to meeting all the variables we mentioned previously in the buyer’s guide.

The PUMA King Allround TT Soccer Cleats are the best type of soccer cleats for extended, regular use and durability, while the adidas Predator 18.2 FG Soccer Cleats were ranked into the list thanks to their versatility for both on and off the field. The Zephz Wide Traxx Soccer Cleats got added into the list thanks to their fit for wider feet, offering a variety hard to find. Meanwhile, the adidas Mundial Goal IN Soccer Cleats ranked in for being one of the best soccer cleats for indoor play, ranking just above the 6. NIKE Men’s Davinho Indoor Soccer Cleats.  Similarly, the PUMA V1.08 4 Trainer Soccer Cleats ranked in on our top 12 best soccer cleats list for being the highest performance on synthetic fields.

Following the top soccer cleat on our list, the DREAM PAIRS Soccer Cleats are the regular, more relaxed style that also offer plenty to lover. You can run across firm ground in record time with the adidas Nemeziz 17.3 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats. For artificial turfs both indoor and outdoors, the Diadora Capitano Turf Soccer Cleats rank in as the best soccer cleats, just like the Diadora Capitano Turf Soccer Cleats and the ANLUKE Turf Soccer Cleats. Finally, the adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleats have been around since the 70’s with their expert style and fit, but their soles can rip if they’re not cared for properly.

With all the soccer cleats we tested, we hope you were able to find a pair that’s best for you and your specific needs, or at least use the buyer’s guide to find the best pair of soccer cleats for yourself. We’ve also answered some frequently asked questions about soccer cleats that may be helpful or that you may be wondering about the type of shoe.


Frequently Asked Questions About Soccer Cleats

Can you wear football cleats for soccer?

We don’t recommend wearing football cleats for soccer practice. Soccer cleats are designed to be shorter than football cleats, typically, which allows them to change directions at an accelerated rate and get the traction and grip they need when they need it. The spikes on the bottom are also in a pattern for soccer, most importantly employing the side spikes that allow for ultimate grip on the field. Soccer cleats are designed to provide ankle support without a high-top in most cases, though there are high-top soccer cleats as well.

How long do soccer cleats last?

Soccer cleats are incredibly durable. Typically, a good pair of soccer cleats will last at least one to two soccer seasons. However, there are soccer cleats that can last decades with proper care and use. You can make the cleats on our list last years with excellent shoe maintenance.

Do soccer cleats need to be broken in?

Usually, soccer cleats will need to be broken in, so it’s probably not best to gift soccer cleats the day before a big game – they need some time for the cleats to get used to their feet. Breaking the shoes in is as simple as wearing them around the yard and house for a few days prior to using them to actually play soccer.

Can you break soccer cleats in immediately?

There is a hot water trick that will allow you to break soccer cleats in in a jiff if you’re short on time. If you’re trying to break the shoes in more quickly, professional players use the trick of soaking the cleats in warm or hot water WITH your feet inside. The shoe is immediately reformed to the shape of your foot, softening the material to make it flexible and form-fitting. This method can cause the stitching and upper materials to weaken depending on the material of the soccer cleat, though, so do use this method only if you don’t intend on keeping your soccer cleats for an extended period of time.

What’s the best brand for soccer cleats?

The brand is going to greatly depend on your specific need for soccer cleats. While we’ve ranked a variety of different soccer cleats above, we’ve also managed a range of high-quality brands that may have the shoe for you even if you don’t see it on our list.

How do you clean soccer cleats?

It depends greatly on the material of the soccer cleat on what the best way to clean it is, but this resource directly from Soccer.com is a guide that may help you get the most out of your soccer cleats with proper care and maintenance. The guide contains not only tips on how to clean and maintain your cleats, but also even more detail on how to pick the best cleats for your comfort. This includes tips like how to select a cleat that fits your foot shape, like we mentioned in the buyer’s guide above.

How often should you clean soccer cleats?

You should clean your soccer cleats as regularly as possible. If they get dirty during a practice session or a game, it’s best to clean them immediately afterwards. The reason for this is that soccer cleats can deteriorate rapidly and weaken if dirt or wet mud has been left on the shoe. The materials are not made for improper care for most types of soccer cleats.

How many pairs of soccer cleats should you own?

While it may sound like it’s over the top, there’s some sense into purchasing multiple pairs of soccer cleats if you’re going to be using them regularly. The biggest reason is how quickly most cleat material can deteriorate if it’s left wet or damp too often. Allowing your cleats to dry fully before using them again will extend the life of your shoes exponentially, so it makes sense to have two or three pairs in alternating rotation to make each pair last three times as long as it normally would.

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