12 Best T-Ball Sets of 2020: Great for All Ages & Experience Levels

Summer is fast approaching which means Little League Tee ball is starting up again. For parents across the country, this year might your child’s first exposure to the world of team sports. Whether they will go on to be a Hall of Famer, or move on to another activity after one season, it can be daunting trying to figure out what to get to make sure they are prepared. Tee Ball can be fun for the whole family, but even starter equipment can add up quickly, which is why we’ve created this guide to help you navigate the abundance of equipment out there and choose the Tee ball set that is right for you! Whether you are looking for something to use at home, a park, or on the field, you can find what you’re looking for on the list below.

Top T-Ball Sets Comparison Chart

NameTee HeightPriceWhere to Buy?
Franklin XT Youth Batting Tee Foam SetAdjustable From 23" to 33"$$Check Price on Amazon
Franklin Sports MLB Foldaway Baseball TeeAdjustable From 20" to 24"$$Check Price on Amazon
T-Ball and Folding Home Plate Set by Play Day$$Check Price on Amazon
Franklin Sports MLB Adjust-a-hit T-ball SetAdjustable From 21" to 30"$$Check Price on Amazon
Fisher Price Grow to Pro Triple Hit Baseball22” $$Check Price on Amazon
Aoneky Super Safe T-Ball Set20” $$$Check Price on Amazon
Franklin MLB Tee ball Batting Starter setAdjustable $$$Check Price on Amazon
Macro Giant 27 inch Safe Tee Ball SetAdjustable from 23” to 37”$$$Check Price on Amazon
Welloboom Kids Soft Foam T-Ball Set23”$$Check Price on Amazon
Poof – My first T-Ball Set$$Check Price on Amazon
Celemoon 21-inch Kids Soft Foam T-ball Set21”$$Check Price on Amazon
Little Tikes T-Ball SetAdjustable $Check Price on Amazon

T-Ball Sets Buying Guide

Tee ball is a sport for kids to start at many ages. Many children start with the sport as young as three or as late as seven. Because of this age range, tee ball sets tend to be designed with a specific age group in mind. On this list there are sets that are geared toward the three-year-old range, and ones that are more advanced and can be used for the oldest of tee ball players.

Some of the tees are designed for recreation and simply teaching the basic movements, while some on this list are meant to be used as serious training devices for parents and coaches. Depending on your child’s specific need, one that adjusts might be best, or maybe one with a plastic bat instead of foam to help gain confidence and master the movements before adding a heavy bat.

Different factors were taken into account when choosing this list. Some of the factors include adjustability, quality of material, transport options, amount of balls included in set and specifically what ages each set was designed for. The more professional and training-based tee ball sets tend to be higher up, but if you’re looking for a good set just to use for fun or at-home practice, there are plenty of great options for that as well.

Each child and their needs are different so make sure you read through the list and pick the one with the best options for you and your child.

Best T-Ball Sets Reviews

1. Franklin XT Youth Batting Tee Foam Set

Franklin offers a wide array of tee ball products and this is one of the best ones out there. The wide cross base is great for stabilizing the tee and preventing it from toppling over. This is a major problem with a lot of tee ball sets out there, and Franklin seeks to minimize that by also providing a flexible post to help absorb the impact of a swing, without falling over.

This set is perfect for young children that might have already had their first exposure to the sport but aren’t quite ready for baseball or softball. The height of the post is adjustable from 23” – 33” so it’s great to use as your child continues to grow or if you are a coach with multiple kids of varying heights. The adjustability is combined with a twist lock, so you can be sure it will stay in place as your child bats. Because of that, it also means you are getting great value for your money on this already very affordable set.

Best of all, this set comes with a soft baseball and 22” foam bat. Foam is a great first batting material as it is weightier than plastic, but not as heavy as metal or wood and safer to have around kids that are still developing their hand-eye coordination.

Overall, this tee ball set is excellent for children that might grow into the sport more and need a sturdy, but flexible tee to absorb their swings.


  • Higher quality material than most
  • Wide stand to keep tee steady
  • Adjustable height


  • Have to set up each time
  • Only comes with a single ball
  • Pipes bend over time and have problems fitting together

2. Franklin Sports MLB Foldaway Baseball Tee

While many of Franklin’s tools are aimed at athletes with a bit more experience, this foldaway baseball tee is perfect for new beginners and kids that have little experience. The set is easily foldable and moveable with it’s compact lightweight carrying case that doubles as the tee base.

The easy to twist in post has a height range from 20” to 24” and it’s simple enough that older kids can put it together themselves. The whole set is made of plastic, so the tee is prone to tipping over easily when hit. Also, using a plastic bat instead of a foam one means it’s lightweight, but harder to transition to an aluminum bat when the children start Little League.

Over time, the plastic seems to be prone to breaking down after many uses and folding over and over again, but this can be prevented by being careful.

Overall, a good tool for young children, but because it is entirely made of plastic has a toy feel to it and is probably not best for burgeoning athletes.


  • Lightweight carrying case
  • Easy to adjust height
  • Whiffle ball instead of foam


  • The folding mechanism breaks down easily
  • Assembly is required each time
  • Even the highest height is too small for most kids past age 5

3. T-Ball and Folding Home Plate Set by Play Day

The Play Day tee ball set with folding home plate is a great set for all tee ball players. It’s foldable home plate is easy to store and looks and feels similar to the tees used in games. The flexible plastic tube provides more give than rigid metal or plastic which helps prevent it from falling over as easily.

The set comes with a thick foam bat, which is useful because it has a greater surface area to help newbies hit the ball more easily, but not as good because it is much different in size and shape from a traditional tee ball bat. However, unlike plastic bats, this one has a nice grip on it which makes it easier to hold and control.

The post is not height adjustable meaning it would be hard to continually use as your child grows. But the cup on the top is well designed and able to hold balls without them falling off. The set only comes with a single ball that makes it inconvenient for longer batting practices.

Overall, it’s a great set for the price, but with less adjustability, only one ball and no carrying case, it is more of a short-term, at home tool to help kids hone and practice their skills, rather than a training tool.


  • Home plate base is easy to fold up
  • Reasonably priced
  • The bat has good grip


  • Height not adjustable
  • For ages 5+
  • Plastic base isn’t very stable

4. Franklin Sports MLB Adjust-a-hit T-ball Set

Franklin is a leader in baseball equipment and this tee is no exception. As one of the most official brands on the market, this tee is designed for coaching and training with ease. The adjustable tee post is great for kids as they grow or if you are working with kids of a variety of heights.

The foam bat that comes included in the set is most realistic in size and shape to a real aluminum bat with a firm grip and an adjustable length from 21” – 27” with a quick turn. The bat and ball are still soft but are more realistic than whiffle or other foam balls.

The foam cup that holds the ball on top is cheaply made and tends to break quickly, though with proper storage and care this shouldn’t be as much of an issue. Toppling, like most tees is also a problem and because of the home base shape, it’s awkward and clunky to have to reset each time.

Overall, Franklin’s adjustable bat and tee make it a good choice to last several years and for coaches, but it’s cheap materials and awkward base make it harder to maintain.


  • Bat and soft-foam ball included
  • Adjustable height
  • Affordable pricing


  • Not as sturdy of base
  • Cheap plastic parts
  • Won’t last very long

5. Fisher Price Grow to Pro Triple Hit Baseball

Another T-Ball Set designed for the newest of players, this Fisher Price Grow to Pro has a lot of versatility. While the smooth plastic and color scheme look very much aimed toward toddlers, this unique set is actually a great tool for children as they advance in the game.

There are three different ways children can hit the ball. The newest players can hit off the tee to practice the basics. With a non-adjustable height of 22” this feature is really only useful for the smallest of children, but that’s where the other two methods come into play.

This set also includes a battery-operated pop-up mode that sends the balls straight up into the air from the base. This feature is great for taller kids that have mastered the basics of hitting straight from the tee.

The third feature is the shooting feature, which gently lobes the balls ten feet away. Not only is it great for practicing real batting, it can also be used to learn catching skills. As your young players grow in their skills, this can be a useful feature to help them transition to baseball.

Overall, this tee ball set is a great versatile tool to help players grow in the sport and learn new skills, but it is still very much aimed toward the youngest of players and not meant to be used as a serious training device.


  • Sturdy base
  • Throwing mechanism great addition as kids learn
  • High quality plastic


  • Batteries needed to operating throwing part
  • No adjustable height
  • Only comes with three balls

6. Aoneky Super Safe T-Ball Set

This lightweight, company T-ball set from Aoneky is recommended for young athletes ages 3 to 4 but can be used for older kids as well. It’s a very sturdy, well-put-together set that is built to last. The foam cross base is longer than most to help keep the tee steady. The top foam cup holds the ball very easily and is built to make it stay put.

The foam bat has a strong, internal core that makes it hold up well against wear and tear as your kids become more advanced hitters. It’s a more realistic size and shape, comparable to real baseball bats, which is useful for when your child transitions to more advanced sports. The whole tee is easy to set up and take down and with the clear, zippered carrying case, you’re sure to be able to keep all the pieces together and easily moveable.

The post, while very sturdy, is not adjustable so even though it will hold up for years, it wouldn’t be easy to use as a child grows in height. The foam balls are too lightweight and are easily blown in the wind.

Overall, the quality of this set is good, but for the price point and lack of adjustability, it might be better for short term use, or if you are a coach looking to coach the same age group year after year.


  • Comes with carrying case
  • Comes with four balls
  • Bat is similar to real baseball bats


  • Pricier than some of the others
  • The height is not adjustable
  • Foam base gets dirty easily

7. Franklin MLB Tee ball Batting Starter Set

Franklin’s Tee ball batting start set is great for more advanced tee ball players ready for more of a challenge. The bat that comes with the set is a wooden tee ball bat which helps players transition to baseball or softball more easily. The adjustable height is also a prime feature to give young players new challenges and heights to try.

The bungee ball return is great for practicing over and over again as there is no need to continually run after balls or risk losing them. Instead, you can trust that the ball will always remain with the set even during pack up and transport.

However, the quality of the material will wear out over time, so it might only last a couple of years. For tee ball players that might be fine, but for the price it’s worth nothing. Also, because of the design, it’s harder to transport and doesn’t come with a carrying case, so if you are planning on hauling it around a lot, this might not be the product for you.

Overall, this is a good choice for older players, but the price is not the most competitive and the material used for the tee and the base are flimsy and cheap.


  • Includes Bungee cable so you won’t lose the ball
  • Wooden bat similar to baseball
  • Height adjustable


  • Not as easy to transport
  • Tee made out of cheap plastic
  • Bat less safe than foam or plastic

8. Macro Giant 27 inch Safe Tee Ball Set

The Macro Giant Tee Ball set is a good tool for training and recreational use. The post of this set is adjustable from 23” to 37” to be useful as your child continues to grow. The set also comes with a set of eight baseballs which is good for longer batting sessions, so you aren’t constantly having to chase down balls.

The base, unlike others similar to it is not made of foam, which helps to add weight and keep it on the ground. This makes it less susceptible to toppling over easily which can be frustrating for young kids and parents alike.

This Tee Ball set is best used recreational at home and not for coaching or actual sport. The plastic base is not the strongest and might break when been used by the heaviest of hitters. The foam bat likewise is not the best quality out there, but at 27” is one of the longest of the bats amongst the best tee ball sets found. It can be great for slightly older tee ball players that can handle a longer bat.

Overall, this can be a useful tee ball set as it is adjustable and can continue to used as the players grow, but it is pricier than similar items on the market and the material used is not the highest of quality.


  • Comes with lots of balls
  • Longer bat for older, taller children
  • Biggest range of adjustable height


  • Pricy
  • Cheap material
  • No carrying case

9. Welloboom Kids Soft Foam T-Ball Set

The Welloboom kids soft foam T-Ball set is great for the youngest of players just learning how to use a bat. The soft foam bat and ball are designed to help prevent children getting hurt while playing and the easy-to-pack carrying case helps parents transport it from place to place.

This tee height does not adjust and at 23” your child might grow out of it pretty quickly. It’s great for three- to four-year-olds that are being exposed to the sport for the very first time. The base and bat are made with easy to clean foam, so even after a muddy day of play, they can be kept looking nice.

It’s not great on uneven surfaces such as grass, which can severely impact where and how you play. If you are using as merely a recreational tool and not one for training that is okay though.

Overall, this tee ball set is geared for teaching the very basics and for fun, not serious coaching or training. It can be a great tool to help the young players, but without an adjustable height, they’ll quickly grown out of it.


  • Durable, but lightweight bat
  • Comes with four balls
  • Comes with carrying case


  • Only good for recreation, not teaching
  • Doesn’t work well on grass
  • Good deal for your money

10. Poof – My first T-Ball Set

The Poof brand tee ball set is a great option for younger, but stronger hitters. Unlike many of the other sets aimed toward the 3- to 4-year-old range, this bat and ball are made from heavy-duty foam so the ball can fly a good distance and your child can get use to the feel of a heavier bat, while still staying safe.

The post is the only piece not made of foam, but it’s still lightweight enough that a child can pick it back up if it topples over, which can be an issue with the light foam cross base. This set is easy to put up and take down and because all of the pieces come apart, it’s easy to move and store without taking up much space.

While this is a great set for the price, you do get what you pay for. While the material is sturdier than others, the top of the post is designed in a way that means the balls fall off very easily. This is a nuisance when trying to practice batting if you constantly have to re-level the base and put the ball on top.

Overall, it’s a great set for at home use. The quality is more durable than the plastic ones, but the height isn’t adjustable and the lightweight base makes it prone to toppling over.


  • Great for the youngest T-ball players
  • Made out of durable foam to protect your child
  • Very reasonably priced


  • Foam base gets dirty easily
  • Can’t adjust the height on the stand
  • It’s hard to get the ball to sit on the Tee

11. Celemoon 21-inch Kids Soft Foam T-ball Set

The Celemoon Soft Foam T-ball set is very similar to other products on this list. The tee is made from plastic, while the bat, balls and base are all made of foam. The foam bat and balls offer a nice feel for baseball without the heaviness of real bats. The set includes four balls of various sizes to practice with.

The tee sits at a height of 21” and is not adjustable but would be suitable for preschool or kindergarten children. The base includes plastic anchors to help keep the tee upright, unlike other foam base products out there. This is great for playing on dirt or grass, but useless for indoor or cement settings.

The bright colors are a great attraction for kids and the easy-to-clean foam parts are a nice addition for parents. It’s easy to set up, take down and even comes with a compact carrying case for easy travels. It also is useful for storage to make sure all the pieces and balls can be kept in one place.

Overall, this product is very middle of the road as far as tee ball sets are concerned. It would work well for young players, but without an adjustable height and because it is only foam and plastic it would be hard to use more than a few years.


  • Comes with stakes to help keep it in the ground
  • Foam bat a good size for small children
  • Comes with multiple balls


  • Cheaply made material
  • More expensive than some others
  • Not good for indoor use

12. Little Tikes T-Ball Set

The Little Tikes T-ball set is definitely a product aimed to parents of toddlers and Pre-schoolers. Unlike some of the other products on here, this is not necessarily marketed as a training tool of any kind, but more of a toy. However, it can be very useful in teaching motor skills and hand-eye coordination and great for the very young t-ball players.

This all plastic kit is designed to easily fold up on itself and can hang neatly on a wall when not in use. Because the base doubles as a wall mount, it doesn’t require any extra equipment to store and the base even has a place to store two balls at once so the set is guaranteed to stay together.

As one of the cheapest options on the list, it’s great for parents that just want to expose their child to tee ball, without investing in higher quality and more expensive sets. Because of that though, the plastic is very lightweight and tends to fall over when hit, which is a problem with many tees in general.

The height is adjustable and because of that it can be used for children as young as two until they outgrow it. The tee top can hold a variety of ball sizes and unlike several of the other products holds the ball with ease.

Overall, this is a great product for fun and practice. For the price you are getting good value for you money and something that can be used for years and transported around seamlessly.


  • Easy to fold up and move around
  • Very inexpensive
  • The tee can fit a variety of ball sizes


  • Bat is lighter than most other ones
  • Made for younger toddlers
  • Cheap plastic instead of foam

Conclusion And Final T-Ball Sets Recommendations

There are so many products on the market that it can feel overwhelming to figure out what is best for your young athlete. While there is a lot of variation in the types of beginner tee ball sets for children, finding the one that works for you can be a challenge. Sorting the tee ball sets into a conclusive list is hard because each of them offer different benefits, but by reading the list above hopefully you have a better idea of what exists, as well as the pros and cons of each.

You can find everything from training sets for children getting ready to transition to baseball, to toddler sized toys to help young children learn the basic of hand-eye coordination. Tee ball can be a great sport for children as it teaches team work, fine motor skills, and technique, but without the right tools your child won’t be able to catch on as easily.

For the best value for your money, you can’t go wrong with the Folding Base Set by Play Day. For being one of the lowest price points, it’s material and use are some of the best. For the youngest of players, the Little Tikes is the best bet for comfort, ease of use and fun for your little one. For more advanced players, the Franklin Adjust a Hit is closest to ball and bat feel for baseball and the adjustable of it makes it a great tool to use for years. Finally, for recreation and at home use, your best option is the Macro Giant. It’s base makes it less than ideal for transport, but because of it’s adjustable height and multiple balls included, it can be great fun for the whole family in the backyard.

Starting your child early is the key to their success, but even if they aren’t a prodigy or quickly decide that it’s not the sport for them, you can be certain what you are buying is an invaluable tool. Whether you go with the most affordable foam set option, or the adjustable Franklin bungee tee set, you’ll go in knowing what you’re getting and why you’re getting it. Being an informed buyer will help put your mind at ease and help your child get out there batting as quickly as possible.

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