5 Best Tennis Overgrips of 2020: For Sweaty Hands & Tackiness

In case you didn’t already know, playing tennis is quite a difficult venture.  There’s lot of running and your arms and shoulders are going to get a heck of a workout, too.  Plus, you’ve got to be in just the right spot at the right time in order to be successful.  With so much going on, it takes a lot to be a good player.  And part of that is having the right grip on the racket.  Without the correct grip, you’ll be left behind.  Today, we are going to be helping you find the right grip by taking a look at the best tennis overgrips of 2019.  We’ll look and the ins and outs of them, and we will also seek to aid you by reviewing the most popular examples of them.  Serve it up and let’s go!

Top Tennis Overgrips Comparison Chart

NameTypePriceWhere to Buy?
Gamma Supreme OvergripAbsorbent$$Check Price on Amazon
Wilson Pro Tennis Three Pack OvergripTextured$Check Price on Amazon
ADV Tennis Dry OvergripAbsorbent$Check Price on Amazon
Tourna Grip XXL Original DryAbsorbent$$$Check Price on Amazon
Forward Tacky Tennis OvergripTacky$Check Price on Amazon

Tennis Overgrips Buying Guide

What is a Tennis Overgrip?

If you are new to the game, or just unsure of what a tennis overgrip is, it’d be nice to know the definition.  Basically, it is a grip that you are going to put over the grip that comes with your racket when you have bought it.  This is a soft and padded tape that feels like cloth, and it can be made out of a number of materials and in all sorts of different patterns.  They can fix all kinds of problems that you may have in relation to your racket, and that is why there are so many brands, materials, and patterns to pick from.

Why Would I Want an Overgrip?

There are quite a few reasons that you would want and enjoy having an overgrip, all of which can help take your game up a notch.  Here’s a look at those reasons and how they can help you achieve your goals in such a tough sport.

Better Grip

One of the chief problems that players find when buying a racket ‘off the shelf’ is that the grip just isn’t ‘grippy’ or ‘sticky’ enough.  The handle slips out of the hands too easily for you, and it’s just not ideal to be dealing with that.  It’s a hard enough game as it already is, and the last thing anyone wants to deal with is a racket that keeps on falling out of your hands.  A tennis overgrip is going to make the handle more sticky, which is going to make you more stable and bring you more consistency to your shots.  Once you start to get consistency, you can really obtain that next level of play and begin to climb up the ladder.

Sweaty Hands

Another common problem is that of sweaty hands.  Some of us just have extremely sweaty palms.  We might sweat a ton in comparison to other people.  If you’re one of those types, then you are a prime candidate for an overgrip.  Even if you aren’t a profuse sweater, so to speak, you can still be left with very sweaty hands after a long day in the sun of practicing and playing.  To mitigate this from happening, you can use an overgrip to help you out.  A lot of them are made with absorbing sweat and moisture in mind, further aiding in your ability to focus on playing the game alone instead of instinctively worrying about other matters.


Other players just don’t find that their racket comes with a grip that fits them very well.  Maybe it sticks in their hands a little bit too much and forms callouses or just doesn’t feel that good to them.  Comfort, then, becomes an essential part of the game for them.  Just like with your shoes, you have to find something that is good for you.  It does not need to be perfect for everyone, just you.  If you can’t fathom playing an entire match with your grip, then you will be making a change- or at least you should.  The affect of not doing so is thinking about the grip instead of playing the game, and it can cost you the entire match.  By picking out an overgrip you like, you’ll be able to have a racket that feels the exact same each and every time, even if you swap out your racket after a while of using it.

Fitting You

Overgrips are also a central contributor to making your racket fit you better.  As you probably already realize, most tennis rackets are made for the general public in mind.  That means they are set up to fit the average player, which in turn means you aren’t specifically being accounted for.  This means that the size and weight of the racket could be absolutely, positively perfect for you but that the grip isn’t good enough.  Maybe you have large hands and the grip just isn’t enough for you.  The circumference being too small is a major no-no in the game of tennis, since a handle that is too small will make it too easy to spin.  This will make your shots go poorly and not as intended since you don’t have a good, snug, and secure fit to you.  The best way to combat this is to get overgrip tape and wrap as much as needed around until you feel your most comfortable.

Longer Durability

The last reason we will mention here is the durability factor.  Everyone wants to make their stuff last as long as they possibly can, and an overgrip is going to help you maintain the life of the original grip handle greatly.  A lot of people grow to love and adore their rackets, treating them in the opposite manner of John McEnroe.  As such, they will start to notice the tape peeling away a little over time.  This process leads many to eventually acquiescence and replace their original racket simply because of that.  They then have to go through a journey to acclimate to the new one.  Instead of doing that, you can keep your current racket playable and in the game by wrapping it with an overgrip to keep it running while making you a little bit happier.

Types of Overgrips

There are subsets to the types of overgrips, and they will offer you various looks and feels to increase your love of the game a a result.  Here’s a look at them.

Absorbent Overgrips

This type is pretty much self explanatory.  This type of overgrip is going to be ideal for people that are going to be playing in a lot of sun and for those that sweat a lot.  This type is going to take your sweat and literally absorb it into the grip, saving you a whole ton of trouble.  This type is characterized by being thin, but that also means they aren’t as durable.  So you will have to replace them a little bit more as a result.

Tacky Overgrips

Don’t worry, this isn’t like the strange kind of ‘tacky.’  Rather, it’s about the stickiness you need to have in order to play.  Tacky overgrips improve the stability of your hands by making the racket stick directly to your hand.  This type is very durable, unlike the absorbent kind.  So, if that is what you are looking for, then look no further.

Textured Overgrips

If it is comfort that you are seeking more than anything else, then the textured overgrip is the way you should most likely go.  This type has a little notches built in to increase your grip.  They are also much thicker than the other types, meaning they will be more cushy and comfy.  In terms of durability, they will fall in between the other two, giving a nice balance of all of the features.

Quick Wrapping Tips

We won’t go into too much detail, but there some steps that you can take to make wrapping your overgrip a breeze.  You might not be as fast as it as some pros, but these tips will help you get the job done and have a lot less to worry about along the way.

  • Make sure your previous overgrip, if you had one, is removed.  This way it won’t get in the way.
  • Follow instructions and make sure to develop a consistent routine.  By doing this, it will become muscle memory and it will take no time flat to finish as you get more and more used to the procedure.
  • Always work your way from the bottom up.  This will give you a better grip and give you some extra room for error this way.
  • Keep it tight as you wrap and make sure to do it slowly so you don’t end up with wrinkles.  The bottom should be thicker than the top when you are done!
  • When you are done, use the sticky tape provided to secure the handle once and for all and get to playing!

Let’s Look at the Reviews of Top 5 Tennis Overgrips of 2019!

  1. Gamma Supreme Overgrip

Kicking off our list is a good general overgrip that can help fix a whole lot of your issues. Oftentimes you will be stuck with a choice of either comfort or durability, but this one provides both by being soft and lasting quite a while. On top of that, it is also fairly absorbent, too, keeping the racket from sliding out of your grip and frustrating you.  It’s also got a good amount of tack to it to keep your hands right where you have positioned them, making you a more efficient shot maker. Depending on how much you want, the price will vary, but it’s not a very expensive product for you to buy at all.  It even fits rackets that are longer than normal, too, which is a help to some folks.  They also don’t cause blistering to occur, a real win-win that harder grips sometimes end up causing.


  • Top grip for overall qualities
  • Soft yet durable
  • Won’t cause blisters to form
  1. Wilson Pro Tennis Three Pack Overgrip

Whenever you see Wilson and tennis, you instantly know you are going to get a trusty product, and this overgrip is no different at all. Used by many top players all over the world, this is an overgrip that is built on comfort. The Gamma was more of an all around sort of setup, while this Wilson is geared toward players that don’t need a lot of support other than getting themselves more comfortable.  As a result, this is an excellent choice for a beginner or someone that has bought a racket off the shelf and just doesn’t like the way that it feels.  Having said that, it has a great deal of durability built into it despite how thin it is is.  Unlike many ‘comfort’ overgrips it is thinner, so that is something to set is apart if you just don’t like the thickness and the way it feels in your hands.


  • Comfort is king
  • Still quite durable
  • Performs while dirty
  1. ADV Tennis Dry Overgrip

If it’s sweaty hands that present you with the biggest problem, then this is the solution that you should be turning to. These overgrips are made with absorption of sweat firmly entrenched in the mind. With that said, it’s not going to make you any less uncomfortable, either, since it uses cotton-like cloth to make you feel good.  On top of that, it’s going to be very tacky and will last quite a while, showing nice diversity despite targeting the absorbency issue first and foremost.  They even offer a full refund or an exchange if something isn’t right up to your liking, making this is an ideal selection since they are willing to go to bat for their product and their customers, too.  They even have included a bag that is resistant to weather, making sure your overgrips don’t get ruined if you get caught out just a little by the weather.


  • Great for absorbing sweat
  • Still comfy and tacky
  • Brilliant customer support
  1. Tourna Grip XXL Original Dry

If you have an oversized handle, then there is just about no better way to go with your overgrip. This overgrip is going to fit any sized handle, and it is going to make you look like many of the pros you have seen playing on TV all at the same time with the distinctive blue look on your racket. With this grip, you get two massive features that work in conjunction to give you the best possible feel on the court.  For one, the ‘dry’ part kicks in when you start sweating to make sure it’s all absorbed.  From there, though, the racket actually increases in grip and gets more tacky, a surprising occurrence but quite a welcome one nonetheless.  This makes them unique in the tacky grip world since your hands won’t just slip off right away when you start to get those beads of sweat pouring.  They’ve also been shown to do an awesome job for other sports, too, showing a lot of crossover appeal.


  • Soaks up the sweat
  • Gets more and more grippy as you go
  • Great for huge handles
  1. Forward Tacky Tennis Overgrip

If you want a good amount of overgrips that will make the racket stick right your hands, then you should look no further than these from Forward. Coming in an array of colors, these anti slip overgrips will also be good for absorbing sweat while out on the court, making your life so much easier as you try to win your next point and bring the game and match to a close. These are the kind you will want available to you on a hot day, since they will not only be there to support you as you get to sweating but will also be able to give you additional grip as you do so. Since they are a little bit lesser known, they are a little bit cheaper than most, and that could be a great foot in the door for you to go in and try them out as well.  The amount of space it will be able to cover is lessened compared to the Tourna, so be on the lookout for that if you have a longer handle.


  • Inexpensive choice
  • Absorbent
  • Quite tacky


  • Not for longer handles


Tennis is hard enough without losing your grip on the racket.  Whether you never got the proper fit, you just aren’t comfortable with the grip you have, or you are super sweaty and are losing you ability to play consistently, there is a fairly quick, painless, and easy way to fix the problem.  The tennis overgrip is the solution, and it is one that will take your game up a level at the very least.  Whether big or small, your ability will improve if you have the best materials available to you, and thanks to our guide today, you’ll now be ready to equip yourself to get out there and get to winning more matches.  See you on the court, champ!

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