10 Best Triathlon Shorts of 2020: Comfort, Size, & Versatility

Triathlons are currently more popular than ever before. This is true for both experienced triathletes and newcomers alike. Hardcore triathletes understand the importance of great triathlon gear. However, there are so many different types of triathlon gear to choose from. This includes the right gear for both practices and triathlon events. Like finding the best triathlon shorts available. For newcomers, this might be a little difficult. But, this buying guide aims to be your remedy.


Top Triathlon Shorts Comparison Chart


ImageNameFabricFeaturePriceWhere to Buy?
1. SLS3 Triathlon Men’s Tri ShortsStretchReduces Muscle Vibration$$$$Check Price on Amazon
2. Canari Men’s Triathlon ShortNylon and spandex Softouch Leg Grippers$$$Check Price on Amazon
3. Blueseventy Core Short - Triathlon Training Buoyancy ShortsIntelligent Design Excellent Buoyancy$$$Check Price on Amazon
4. TYR Men’s Durafast ElitePolyester and spandex100% Chlorine Proof Design$$Check Price on Amazon
5. Synergy Men's Tri Shorts Advanced Semi-Compression MaterialsSoft & Functional Leg Grippers$$$Check Price on Amazon
6. SLS3 Womens Triathlon Tri Shorts - Low Rise DesignNylon and lycraAnti-Chafing Design$$Check Price on Amazon
7. Sundried Womens Premium Padded Triathlon SuitDoubles As Suits & ShortsHypoallergenic Paid$$$$Check Price on Amazon
8. TYR Sport Women’s Competitor Tri Compression ShortsNylon and spandexStretch Woven Draw Cord Comfort$$Check Price on Amazon
9. Canari Women's Triathlon ShortsNylon and spandexSoftouch Leg Grippers$Check Price on Amazon
10. MooMotion Womens Pivot 6.5-inch Tri ShortUPF ProtectionFlattering Waistline$$$$$Check Price on Amazon


Triathlon Shorts Buying Guide


Are you training for your first triathlon? Or are you a veteran of the triathlon experience? Either way, the right pair of shorts goes a very long way. Especially when it comes to your training regimen. Not many triathletes enjoy training in a full singlet. Instead, some great triathlon shorts are ideal for everyday training. Here is all of the information you need.


Why Do Triathletes Wear Triathlon Shorts?


As just mentioned, this all starts with practice. For those who do not know, triathlons are grueling. There is nothing easy about a triathlon. Obviously, this extends to training and preparation. However, the right gear helps you training with optimal convenience. All the while, it even helps out your overall performance thanks to a smart design. Here is why a good pair of triathlon shorts is such a big deal.

First and foremost, versatility and convenience stand tall compared to all other reasons why triathletes wear triathlon shorts. Generally speaking, triathlon training shorts and the best triathlon shorts are made for all kinds of action. This is not limited to just one aspect of the triathlon. You cycle, swim, and run all in your shorts. There is no need to change into multiple outfits during your training session. Instead, one great pair of shorts will do the trick.

Now, every triathlete is different. Some triathletes prefer to wear triathlon suits. That way, there is more coverage with their outfit. This is especially ideal for women so that they do not need to wear a T-shirt above their shorts. No matter what, the shorts should feel good and should never cause discomfort. How is this possible? Through a couple of important qualities found only in the best shorts for triathlons.


Important Qualities In The Best Triathlon Shorts


First and foremost, everything stems from the level of comfort. The best triathlon shorts always stay comfortable. As a result, comfort stands tall as the number one quality in a good pair of triathlon shorts. Comfort comes from a few different areas which will be discussed in the next section. But, the best example is an elastic waistband. This waistband stretches but never loses shape. Therefore, triathlon trainers stay comfortable at all times.

Next, the shorts must be versatile. What does this mean? The shorts are made for any and all triathlon training. For the most part, triathlons involve running, swimming, and cycling. Sure, there are variations on this particular type of triathlon. However, it is uncommon for any triathlon to abandon this formula completely. As a result, you need shorts with a quick-drying design. That way, the shorts dry off instantly upon leaving the water!

Finally, it is important to think about the functionality of triathlon shorts. Usually, this comes in the form of compression. Compression is one of the most important qualities in a pair of triathlon shorts. Plus, it is found only in the best triathlon shorts available.

Simply put, compression material tightly holds together muscles. As a result, the muscles do not vibrate. All the while, compression even changes tissue blood flow. Compression will be discussed further in the section below. But, understand it is a huge deal when it comes to triathlon short qualities.


What To Consider While Buying The Best Triathlon Shorts


No one enjoys hours upon hours of shopping. Even shopping enthusiasts enjoy a short and sweet shopping process. As a result, this section aims to deliver crucial factors and consideration. Use each consideration to your benefit. That way, you shorten the shopping experience. All the while, you move closer and closer to one of the best pairs of triathlon shorts on the market. Do not struggle through the shopping experience alone.


Your Budget, Product Price, & Value


Your budget, the price of a product, in the value of our product are all connected. You cannot understand one without the other two. Therefore, each one of these three considerations rests above every other factor. Now, there is one important note. Triathlons are expensive.

There is no way around it. Obviously, this includes buying the proper gear. But, it is not limited to only gear. This includes registration amongst other things. So just prepare yourself. You will spend money.

Do not worry, this buying guide aims to provide you with great results. That way, you find a great pair of triathlon shorts at a fair price. If there is one area to save money, it is with your shorts. The other gear, including your bike and watch, comes at a pretty hefty price. So save your money with a great pair of affordable triathlon shorts. Luckily, there are some great shorts available at a pretty fair price today.

Understand the difference between value and price. Unfortunately, many customers conflate these two concepts. A cheap price tag does not deliver great value on its own. Likewise, a happy price tag does not deliver high-end quality. Customers must navigate this relationship carefully.

You do not want to spend all of your money on a pair of shorts. You also do not want to be cheap and get a bad product. Instead, there is a nice space in between expensive and cheap. Plus, triathlon shorts are some of the least expensive triathlon gear.

Lastly, just make a budget. Luckily, you do not need to be a math major. Your budget takes less than five minutes. Your budget is made of two price points. Each price point acts as a cut off point. One price point prevents overspending. The other price point prevents understanding. That way, you land right in the middle. Along the way, you buy one of the best triathlon shorts on the market!


Comfort and Size


As mentioned earlier, comfort is the number one quality in the bass triathlon shorts. If the shorts are not comfortable, you cannot wear them. Experienced triathletes are used to the feeling of spandex shorts. As a result, the shorts fit well for them without any problems.

However, newcomers may not like that feeling. Wear your triathlon shorts upon purchase. That way, you get used to the feeling. Meanwhile, the shorts will it just to your body shape.

Comfort is found in multiple locations. So there is not necessarily one particular feature more important than the others. Instead, is it a combination of designs and implementations. One important design is the elastic waistband. This design was mentioned earlier.

Simply put, the waistband directly fits your waist. There is no excess space and it always retains the natural shape. Another key design is an adjustable waist feature. This comes in the form of a drawstring type of design like normal pants!

Another key feature in terms of comfort is a leg gripper. This is not a complex feature. Instead, the purpose is all in the name. This design literally grips your legs. That way, the Best triathlon shorts do not move or slide around. Instead, the shorts stay it at all times. If not, you are in trouble. Your focus must be on the race. Even a minor distraction is a big problem. Always look out for a special leg gripping design.

Finally, there are two key steps to getting the right size. First, know your size. Visit a local sports store and try on some compression shorts if necessary. Second, pay attention to size information online. Usually, Amazon provides a size chart for customers. That way, customers know which size is right for their body.

Again, you need the right size for compression shorts. It will not fit like loose sweat pants. It will be tight. Keep this in mind.




Generally speaking, triathlon shorts feature pretty simple material combinations. This includes either polyester, nylon, or lycra along with spandex. First, let’s start with the spandex. Spandex brings important compression to the best triathlon shorts. Bottom line, every triathlete needs compression. Without it, triathlons are more difficult. Not to mention you deal with serious soreness. Compression is more important then you think.

Experienced triathletes know the importance of compression. As mentioned before, compression keeps the muscles tight. As a result, there is more blood flow and less muscle vibration. Muscle vibration is a key cause of muscle fatigue. This causes soreness after the race.

More importantly, it causes fatigue during the race. As a result, compression is incredibly helpful during the triathlon. So always keep an eye out for some spandex material in your triathlon shorts.

The other material is just as important as the spandex and compression. This includes polyester, nylon, and lycra. Each material is a little bit different. Lycra is great for water training before the triathlon. As a matter of fact, lycra was used in the creation of wetsuits for a very long time. Therefore, it is a great material for all of your water-training needs.

Nylon and polyester are sort of similar. But, there are a few distinct differences between the two products. For instance, nylon is a bit stronger than polyester.

However, polyester is better at providing a water-resistant design. As a result, materials all depend on your particular training. Versatility is usually key when it comes to triathlon shorts. So definitely look for material like polyester, that withstands all types of different situations.


Overall Design


As just mentioned, versatility is why triathletes love triathlon shorts. It allows them great freedom while training. Usually, triathletes wear different gear for each stage of the triathlon. This includes a wetsuit for the swimming portion and a helmet/cyclist outfit for the cycling portion. When it comes to the running portion, the best triathlon shorts are your best bet. This is true for a number of reasons. But, the number one reason is versatility.

One key design is comfortable padding. The comfortable padding is put right in the middle of the shorts. Plus, the shorts are great for cycling. Remember, even the best triathlon bikes feature a smaller-sized seat. This padding counteracts the small design.

As a result, you stay comfortable during a long ride. Plus, if you get shorts with a quick dry feature then they dry out almost instantly. Thus, you avoid the discomfort that comes along with wet clothing!

Finally, think about the coverage. There are two general sizes for triathlon shorts. This includes 6-inch long shorts and 7-inch long shorts. What kind of coverage do you want? More coverage or less coverage? Pick before you begin shopping. That way, finding the right shorts for your body is super simple. Then, your body is covered and you are happy!


Extra Features


There is more to the best triathlon shorts than just some padding and leg grippers. Instead, you can find plenty of great features in the best shorts for triathlon events. For instance, so shorts may provide UPF protection. Data shows that UVA rays can be dangerous. Triathlons take place out in the open, right under the sun. So keep an eye out for UPF protection. Plus, apply suntan lotion before you hit the triathlon course.

Another great feature found in triathlon shorts is a convenient storage space. Usually, this comes in the form of a few side pockets. Now, do not worry. The side pockets do not get in the way of your race.

Rather, the pockets are intelligently placed. Not to mention they are super compact but still incredibly spacious. Put away a GPS device or your nutrition. Get all of the essential storage space you need without any problems.

Lastly, think about where you train. Do you train in a local pool or your backyard pool? If so, you need triathlon shorts with a chlorine proof design. Chlorine is that in two ways. First and foremost, it is a cleaning chemical. So it is not necessarily safe for clothing.

Secondly, chlorine wears is on the color of the shorts. This results in a bleaching of the color. Therefore, a chlorine proof design is a huge deal!


Stylish Flare


Last and potentially least, style is all in the eye of the holder. Basically, people feel differently about style. You may or may not care about style. Is all up to you. Now, finding stylish flair is not easy.

Most of the best triathlon shorts come in one color, black. So one way to get stylish flare is by finding a different color. Even buying a pair of red or blue shorts delivers a different look.

Think about any additional details that stand out. This could come in the form of small details or big details. For example, a few options on this list feature sleek patterns and stylish designs. That way, the overall black color is complemented by a white pattern or colorful butterflies. There are certainly some unorthodox options available. Thus, you can enjoy a certain sense of style during each and every training session!


Top 10 Best Triathlon Shorts Reviews & Ratings


Triathlon shorts are so much more than just shorts. Instead, this clothing apparel is just as important as a piece of sports gear. It is no different than buying a great pair of football cleats for a football player. On the surface, the cleats seem like another piece of sports apparel. However, cleats are responsible for grip and a large portion of the overall performance. Likewise, the best triathlon shorts Play big role in a successful triathlon experience here are five of the best shorts for both men and women.


SLS3 Triathlon Men’s Tri Shorts


The SLS3 Triathlon Men’s Tri Shorts reign supreme for a reason. Simply put, there is no better option available. This pair of triathlon shorts delivers on all fronts. This includes comfort, convenience, and durability. First, all of the support is 100% chafe-free. So you stay comfortable at all times. Even if you need to hop on a bike after a short jog. This pair of triathlon shorts will not cause you to suffer.

Flexible fabric and a compression design are true highlights here. Start with the fabric. Stretch in any single direction without any discomfort. Instead, your shorts feel like your skin. Avoid soreness in shaving all at once. At the same time, dominate the competition. Compression designs are ideal for physical activity. Your muscles vibrate less and thus, the muscles are less sore. This enhances your level of endurance.

Finally, a really attractive aspect of this pair of shorts is comfort. Comfort comes in two forms. The elastic waistband and a drawstring. Simply put, you control your level of comfort. Shorts too tight? Loosen up the shorts. On the other hand, tighten your shorts quickly.

Best of all, this pair of shorts offers two side pockets. Store way nutrition in a GPS Device. That way, all of your essentials are within reach. Convenient storage pockets are one of the features that separate a good pair of triathlon shorts from the best pair of triathlon shorts.




  • Affordable Price Tag
  • Reduces Muscle Vibration
  • Comfortable Design
  • 2 Side Pockets




  • Not Very Versatile


Canari Men’s Triathlon Short


Canari is a high-end brand for triathlon shorts. All the while, they offer relatively fair-priced products. Thus, their triathlon shorts for men are certainly some of the best triathlon shorts. First and foremost, this pair of shorts is made from both nylon and spandex.

Now, nylon is not great in water. But, nylon is great in cold conditions and extreme conditions. The spandex design delivers great compression. As a result, you actively enhance your durability.

An elastic waistband provides great comfort. Obviously, the waistband always fits. This is not just convenient, it is essential. A constantly moving waistband is a big distraction.

As a result, it hinders your abilities. Worst of all, it is easy to prevent a problem. You just need a great design that benefits your race. Plus, this pair of shorts is very versatile. Jumped out of the water and run without any issues.

The 6-inch inseam covers your leg. But, it is not overwhelming. Instead, it feels great as you run and swim and cycle. All the while, the shorts grip your leg. However, the grip involves a special Softouch design.

That way, you feel good at all times. Meanwhile, the impressive 6 panel design works wonders. Not to mention the fair price tag. Always look for a pair of high-quality triathlon shorts when the price tag is favorable.




  • Comfortable Nylon/Spandex Design
  • Ideal For All Training
  • Softouch Leg Grippers
  • Elastic Waistband




  • Thin Material


Blueseventy Core Short – Triathlon Training Buoyancy Shorts


Blueseventy is a high-end brand. Plus, they are new to the world of triathlon sports. As a result, they are on the rise. Especially amongst serious triathletes. In particular, their Core shorts are super popular. Why? Well for starters, this pair of shorts features a unisex design.

Thus, anyone and everyone can wear this pair of shorts. All the while, it offers premier style at all times. But, keep in mind that this is one of the more expensive products. The great quality is worth every single dollar though!

Now, this pair of shorts is made for serious triathletes. This all starts with the price tag. Experienced triathletes know the best gear usually features a premium price. Not to mention intelligent feedback technology. There are bright orange graphics on the front and back of the shorts. Why? So that a standby coach can provide instant feedback. As a result, you actively improve every single day.

The drawstring waist is the source of all comfort here. Adjust the fit at any given moment. That way, you never both with distractions. All the while, this is a great pair of shorts for training. The overall design enhances your natural kick, hip rotation, and turning. Improve your swimming technique every time you practice and train.




  • Instant Feedback
  • Intelligent Design
  • Unisex Fit
  • Excellent Buoyancy




  • Expensive Price Tag


TYR Men’s Durafast Elite


This is a great pair of shorts for all forms of triathlon training. In particular, the TYR Men’s Durafast Elite is best for swimming. Everything all starts with the impressive overall design. The material is built to last for over 300 hours of use.

Therefore, you train for long periods of time without any problems. All the while, the material is 100% chlorine proof. Why does this matter? It allows you to practice right in your pool!

The shorts are made of a combination of both polyester and spandex. As a result, you enjoy the best of both worlds. Soft and comfortable material that also compresses against the muscles. As mentioned earlier, compression material enhances your physical abilities.

All the while, it prevents severe soreness after a long training session. Always look for some type of compression in any good pair of triathlon shorts.

Finally, this pair of shorts is both super durable and flexible all at once. Low quality-material cannot stretch without losing its shape. This is not true for the TYR Men’s Durafast Elite. Instead, this pair of shorts moves with your body naturally. But, it does not lose the original shape.

Therefore, the shorts are built to last for a very long time. Best of all, you can rely on them without any worries. Not to mention this pair of shorts features a solid price tag. So you get high-end performance at a really fair rate.




  • Drawcord Waist
  • Durable, Flexible, & Comfortable Design
  • 100% Chlorine Proof Design
  • Combination Of Polyester & Spandex




  • Heavy Design


Synergy Men’s Tri Shorts


Synergy is a premier brand for triathlon wetsuits and triathlon shorts. In particular, their Men’s Tri Shorts are one of the best triathlon shorts available. First and foremost, this pair of shorts is available at a pretty standard price. However, the performance is anything but standard.

Instead, you benefit from comfortable fabric, a stylish design, and special features. Best of all, there is a customizable fit!

The synergy logo is well known amongst triathletes from all across the country. This pair of shorts features Synergy logos that look great. However, the logos provide more than just style. Instead, the logos are made of reflective material. This is ideal for late night swimming and training sessions. That way, you are visible to others and your trainer.

The soft leg grippers are super effective. Simply put, leg grippers keep shorts in place. If not, the short slide all up and down your body. This is not just uncomfortable, it is a triathlon killer. You cannot run fast while adjusting shorts. The same is obviously true for swimming.

Plus, there is advanced semi-compression materials that deliver great performance. Remember, compression kids muscles from vibrating. In return, there is less muscle soreness and less fatigue. This is true for both during and after the triathlon.




  • Synergy Brand Name
  • Soft & Functional Leg Grippers
  • Advanced Semi-Compression Materials
  • Stylish Reflective Logos




  • Size Issues


SLS3 Womens Triathlon Tri Shorts – Low Rise Design


No surprise SLS3 offers the best triathlon shorts for both men and women. This is their expertise. Now, this particular pair of tri shorts runs a bit smaller than most other brands. So check out the product information to find the proper size. However, it is worth the work. Especially when you see the stylish decals on the black fabric. Stand out amongst other triathletes.

Now, this is a really fair-priced pair of short. Especially considering the great quality you receive. Start with the great foam padding. First, this foam is super comfortable. Second, it is absolutely chafe-fee. Say goodbye to that terrible discomfort. Say hello to a brand new pair of high-quality triathlon shorts. Along the way, you enjoy some stylish flair. Nothing gives you confidence like a sleek race day outfit.

Lastly, this pair of shorts is made from a combination of nylon and lycra. Plus, there are flat lock clean finished seams. What does this mean? That these shorts are super comfortable. All the while, you never sacrifice performance.

Instead, you benefit from great features like leg grippers. Simply put, leg grippers ensure the short stay in place. This is ideal for any form of physical activity, not just triathlon training!




  • Elastic Waistband Design
  • Silicone Gripper Free Leg Finish
  • Anti-Chafing Design
  • Foam-Cushioned Pad




  • Size Issues


Sundried Womens Premium Padded Triathlon Suit


Now, this is a little more than just a pair of the best triathlon shorts. Rather, this is a great tri suit for triathlon training in triathlon events alike. This is best for anyone serious about triathlons. The full design is obviously made for women.

Best of all, this triathlon suit is endorsed and used by over 200 Triathlon athletes. Not to mention it comes at a really great price!

This is an all-purpose triathlon suit. Simply put, you can wear this suit in the water and outside of the water. The quick-drying design lives up to the name. There is no waiting for the suit to dry out. All the while, a simple zipper in the back delivers great convenience. Hope out of this suit in just one second. This is ideal for anyone that wants a quick transition during the race.

A sleeveless design provides a great range of motion. Meanwhile, you enjoy Great breathability. Plus, there is a hypoallergenic pad inserted for enhanced comfort. You may not even notice the pad at first. It is that comfortable.

Also, convenient leg grippers are put into the bottom. Just like all of the other triathlon shorts. Enjoy the feeling of wearing shots with the coverage of a suit!




  • Doubles As Suits & Shorts
  • Hypoallergenic Paid
  • Second-Skit Fit
  • Sleeveless Design
  • Fair Price Tag




  • Not Exclusively Shorts
  • Ideal For Races


TYR Sport Women’s Competitor Tri Compression Shorts


Another TYR product. No surprise. After all, TYR specializes in triathlon shorts and all triathlon gear. In particular, this pair of compression shorts is wondrous. The Competitor tri shorts are more than comfortable. But, that is a great place to start.

Enjoy an adjustable fit thanks to the stretch woven drawcord. Loosen up the shorts when necessary. On the other hand, tighten up the shorts at any given moment. This type of customization is so beneficial for triathletes.

There is a nice little insert for great comfort. The insert is made of nylon and spandex. Meanwhile, the short overall armada of both nylon and spandex. This combined together with a really durable material along with Great compression. As discussed earlier, that compression is incredibly beneficial during your triathlon. No wonder this is one of the best triathlon shorts on the market!

Lastly, this pair of shorts comes at a really great price. It is not easy finding wonderful value and a pair of triathlon shorts. Let alone some of the best shorts on the market.

Therefore, you should look to the Competitor shorts for a great deal. After all, there’s other triathlon gear to buy. So what is best to get it in your shorts and then to spend lavishly on a wetsuit or a bike.




  • Affordable Price
  • Polyester & Spandex Design
  • Stretch Woven Draw Cord Comfort




  • Lack Of Extra Features


Canari Women’s Triathlon Shorts


Canari may not boast the brand name of Synergy. However, Canari manufacturers some high-quality triathlete gear. For example, their Women’s Triathlon shorts are a great option. Start with the simple blend of materials. A combination of nylon and spandex awaits. Now, note that nylon is not best for water. However, it is built to last for a very long time.

The spandex comes in handy during your triathlon. After all, spandex is most known for compression. By now, you know that compression is a big deal for any athletic activity. Let alone a full on triathlon. Prevent soreness and decrease muscle fatigue all at once.

As a result, you perform better and deal with less pain. This is ideal for both newcomers and veterans of the triathlon world.

The best triathlon shorts fully cover your muscles. Meanwhile, they also feature some type of leg gripper. Well, this pair of shorts is certainly no exception. The elastic waistband and leg grippers work together. As a result, you enjoy optimal comfort at all times.

Even during the most difficult portions of the triathlon. You never worry about chafing or potential discomfort. For many, this is a costly distraction. Never let moving shorts get in your way.




  • Nylon & Spandex Design
  • Versatile Pair Of Shorts
  • Full Leg Coverage
  • Softouch Leg Grippers
  • Elastic Waistband




  • Not Very Attractive


MooMotion Womens Pivot 6.5-inch Tri Short


MooMotion may not be a brand name you recognize. But that does not matter. Their Pivot tri short is one of the best triathlon shorts on the market. For those who care, this pair of shorts is made in the USA. All the while, there are no sizing issues here.

Instead, the shorts fit true to size. So just find the proper size for your body and you are all set. Not to mention there are multiple color designs to choose from. So you even get great style along the way.

The waistband and hip holster pockets are obviously comfortable. Likewise, there are comfortable leg bands that grip your legs. However, this particular waistband stands out compared to others. Simply put, the waistband is very flattering.

As a result, you look great and perform well at the same time. What more can you ask for in a pair of triathlon shorts?

Finally, two big highlights come in the form of the breathable and streamlines multi-density padding. This allows a versatile use for this particular pair of shorts. Cycle, swim, and run without ever changing. Also, this pair of shorts offers great UPF protection. That way, you avoid the perils of too much UVA ray exposure.




  • Made In The USA
  • UPF Protection
  • Flattering Waistline
  • Versatile Design




  • Not Necessarily Cheap


Conclusion And Final Triathlon Shorts recommendations


The best triathlon shorts perform at the highest levels possible. As a result, you perform at the highest levels possible. Rookie triathletes and veterans alike need a great pair of triathlon shorts. Especially if you are serious about training. A big portion of a success triathlon experience revolves around your training. You cannot properly train without the right pair of shorts!

No two shoppers want the same thing. Everyone is looking for something particular in their pair of triathlon shorts. Not to mention everyone is working with a different budget. Maybe you want the best product available without any hassle or work.

Maybe you want to spend whatever money necessary for premier performance. However, some customers just want Great value. You are in luck. Read through specific recommendations below and find the right triathlon shorts today.



Best Triathlon Shorts Overall for Men: SLS3 Triathlon Men’s Tri-Shorts


SLS3 provides the best shorts for both men and women. In particular, their men’s shorts deliver on comfort, performance, durability, and convenience. Start with the 2 side pockets. Store your essentials away during the triathlon. After all, you will need a GPS device and a protein bar. Plus, the fabric is incredibly flexible. Not to mention the great comfort you enjoy.


Best Best Triathlon Shorts Overall for Women: SLS3 Womens Triathlon Tri Shorts – Low Rise Design


Now, this pair of SLS3 triathlon shorts deliver all of the great performance you expect. However, there is some stylish flair here to boot. The butterfly details are unique and distinct. All the while, this pair of shorts is absolutely chafe-free. Avoid the usual discomforts that come along with low-quality triathlon shorts. Instead, spend less money than usual without giving up any quality. Save yourself money and enhance your triathlon experience all at once


Best Triathlon Shorts at a Premium Price for Men & Women: Blueseventy Core Short – Triathlon Training Buoyancy Shorts


Blueseventy is like the luxury brand for triathlete gear. Basically, their products in here are best for the lavish spenders. But, their products are also worth your hard-earned cash. You benefit from a comfortable fit and smart technology. Best of all, the Aerodome rubber delivers great buoyancy. This makes swimming training so much easier. Plus, special technology provides immediate feedback to your trainer. None of the other triathlon shorts offer this type of feature.


Best Triathlon Shorts for Value For Men: TYR Mens Durafast Elite


Shorts with a chlorine proof design are usually expensive. This is not the case for the TYR Men’s Durafast Elite. Instead, this pair of shorts comes at a great price. In return, you enjoy nothing but the best durability and reliability. The Square Leg design is built to last for nearly 300 hours of use and more. Plus, the simple design is great for all of the minimalists out there. Enjoy the great durability and versatility in a valuable pair of triathlon shorts.


Best Triathlon Shorts for Value For Women: Canari Women’s Triathlon Shorts


Canari offers the most valuable triathlon shorts on the market. Enjoy compression and durability thanks to the nylon & spandex design. Meanwhile, the 6 panel construction creates a wonderful pair of versatile shorts. Swim, cycle, and run without any problems. Best of all, soft ouch leg grippers actively keep the shorts right in place. There is nothing more important than a pair of leg grippers outside of the waistband design.


Frequently Asked Questions About Triathlon Shorts


Q: How Can I Properly Wash My Triathlon Shorts?


A: Luckily, cleaning is super easy. Unfortunately, cleaning is recommended every single time you use the clothes. In most cases, you might get away with a machine wash. After all, many shorts are made of spandex and nylon. Both are washable in the machine. Simply put the shorts into your wash. Then, let them air dry after.

Now, machine washing might be a lot for just one pair of shorts. You do not want to waste all of that electricity or water. After a training session step into the shower. Wash your shorts along with everything else. Then, just let the shorts soak in the bathtub. This is super simple and convenient. Plus, it provides a natural spot for the drying process.


Q: What Is The Best Short Style For My Triathlon Event & Training?


A: Triathlon events and triathlon training are two completely different things. As a result, it is wise to have a pair of shorts for both occasion. Especially when you think about the wear and tear that comes along with consistent practicing. A triathlon event is a one-time thing. Triathlon training is consistent practice. It is ideal to use a suit for events and shorts for training.


Q: What Is The Most Important Feature In My Triathlon Shorts?


A: Without a doubt leg grippers. Leg grippers live up to the name. They literally grip your leg. That way, the shorts do not move around. All the while, it is also very comforting. Never worry about your shorts washing away in the water. Instead, the best triathlon shorts contour to your body. In second is compression. The benefits of compression are discussed at length throughout this article. Simply put, compression prevents muscle soreness and muscle fatigue at the same time.


Q: Should I Buy Multiple Pairs Of The Best Triathlon Shorts?


A: This is difficult to answer. Basically, each and every triathlete is different. Not to mention everyone has a different training regimen. It is wise to have at the very least two pairs of shorts. First, this provides you with a backup. Just in case your primary pair rips or you lose it. Second, it gives you options. Wearing the same pair of shorts every single day can become nasty. Not to mention the constant washing. So you may want two pairs for convenience and versatility

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