10 Best Triathlon Wetsuits of 2020: Design, Warmth, & Performance

There are plenty of fitness enthusiasts out training for their first triathlon. Likewise, there are experienced triathletes getting ready for their upcoming event. However, training is nothing without the proper race day gear. Especially if you are at all serious about contending for a top three spot. Success is more than just eating healthy and training properly.

Although, both are pretty important. Success stretches out to the equipment you use. As a result, you need the best triathlon wetsuits.

Newcomers and experienced triathletes both require help. Now, experienced triathletes usually repurchase their previous wetsuit. But, trying something new just might pay off. So take time to check out each and every product in this buying guide. Furthermore, use the helpful information to guide your shopping experience.


Top Triathlon Wetsuits Comparison Chart


ImageNameFabric & FeaturePriceWhere to Buy?
1. Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit Full-Sleeve Neoprene for Open WaterYamamoto & 5mm Thick Buoyancy Panel$$$$Check Price on Amazon
2.Xterra Wetsuits Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit - Full-Body Neoprene DesignHydrodynamic Design & Tri-Suit Coating$$$Check Price on Amazon
3. Xterra Wetsuits Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit - Sleeveless Neoprene DesignWind-resistance & water-resistance$$$Check Price on Amazon
4. ORCA SwimRun Core Mens One Piece Wetsuit2mm of neoprene
& Extended Front Zipper
$$Check Price on Amazon
5. Blueseventy 2019 Men’s Thermal Reaction Triathlon WetsuitPremier Thermal Technology & Centralizes Core Buoyancy$$$Check Price on Amazon
6. ORCA SwimRun Core Womens One Piece WetsuitRemovable Sleeves & Exteneded Front Zipper$$Check Price on Amazon
7. TYR Hurricane Freak Nature Wetsuit40 Cell Nano SCS & Sleek Appearance$$$$Check Price on Amazon
8. ROKA Women’s Viper Pro Swimskin with CompressionHydrophobic Teflon & Muscular vibration$$Check Price on Amazon
9. Synergy Women’s Triathlon Wetsuit - Full-Sleeve Neoprene Designsilicone coated SyPrene & 5mm Buoyancy$Check Price on Amazon
10. Blueseventy 2019 Women’s Helix Triathlon WetsuitGreat Range Of Movement &
Stylish Appearance
$$$$$Check Price on Amazon


Triathlon Wetsuits Buying Guide


Why Wear Wetsuits?


Triathlons are special. As a result, triathletes require special gear. Experienced triathletes know this. But, newcomers do not. Think about it like this: why do soccer players wear cleats? Cleats provide grip on grassy surfaces. Therefore, cleats are special equipment that enhance soccer players abilities. Well, the best triathlon wetsuit does the same for triathletes.


Important Qualities In The Best Triathlon Wetsuits


Obviously, wetsuits enhance swimming speed. How is this done? Through a hydrodynamic design. This is no different than a car or a bike with an aerodynamic design. The wetsuit is built to move through water with ease. That way, there is less water-resistance holding you back. You move faster and save energy all at once. This is ideal for triathlons which can be lengthy.

The materials in the wetsuit dictate the overall performance. Better materials deliver better performance. For instance, figure material can deliver more buoyancy. Buoyancy makes swimming so much easier. It brings this warmer closer to the surface.

That way, you are not swimming underneath the water. Here are some of the materials used and the overall design of the best triathlon wetsuits.




There is no more common material than neoprene. Simply put, neoprene is specifically used for wetsuit design. After all, neoprene is a family of synthetic rubbers known for its elasticity.  Neoprene stretches without losing its original shape.

All the while, it is also built to resist degradation. That way, it lasts for a very long time. Not to mention that foam neoprene delivers great buoyancy!




Now, polyester is more of an addition to your wetsuit. Polyester is not a primary material like neoprene. Rather, this material reinforces the overall durability and water-resistant design. Polyester might line the stitching to keep water out. While polyester is not as strong as nylon, it is much more resistant to water.


Seam Design


Lastly, seen designs go along way. You do not need to worry about the many types of seams. Most manufacturers do not even disclose this any product information. Basically, just look at the watertight design. Seams are primarily responsible for keeping water out. The tighter the seams, the less you deal with water.

Keep an eye out for any special glue and bind design. Some manufacturers may mention this particular construction. Why? Because the glue and bind design is arguably the tightest seam construction. The tight seam construction keeps any and all water out. This is ideal for triathlons that have the swimming portion in the middle!


What To Consider While Buying The Best Triathlon Wetsuits


A simple shopping process is wonderful for everyone. Even a shopping enthusiast enjoyed cutting their shopping time down. This section aims to do just that and so much more. Every consideration below helps shave time. That way, you spend more time training and less time shopping. At the very least, the helpful considerations Guide you in the right direction. After all, you want the best triathlon wetsuits and nothing else!


Value, Price, & Budget


Product value, product price, and your particular budget are all related. Each one cannot exist without the other. It is best to start with the price. Unfortunately, triathlon events and triathlon gear are generally expensive. Yes, there are great deals available. But, even those prices come at a cost. So just prepare yourself. Triathlon gear is not cheap!

Next, separate price and value. A cheap price tag does not guarantee great value. On the other hand, an expensive price tag does not guarantee great performance. Instead, the best triathlon wetsuits exist right in the middle.

Find a sweet spot in which the price is not too expensive and the performance is wonderful. Later in this buying guide, there is a section with specific product recommendations. That way, you can find great value at a great price.

Finally, take five minutes to make a budget. You do not need a math degree for this. Instead, you just need to think. What price is too much? What price is too little? Start here.

A budget is made up of two price points. One price point is a hard cap on spending. The other price point prevents overspending. Simply put, a budget is a great form of protection.




Buoyancy is the second overall consideration for one specific reason: performance. As just mentioned, swimming is difficult with a lot of water-resistance. This is where buoyancy comes into play. Basically, buoyancy is the ability to float in a fluid such as water. Thus, buoyancy keeps swimmers afloat rather than directly sinking. Now, this is obviously not as strong as a life jacket. But, it really helps.


The closer to the surface, the less water resistance. Not to mention that there are better swimming positions closer to the surface. The most common is the butterfly stroke amongst others. All the while, buoyancy keeps you safe during each triathlon. So always keep an eye out for thicker material. For instance, one of our product reviews boasts 5mm thick material. This certainly delivers an exceptional amount of buoyancy.




There are three primary designs for all of the best triathlon wetsuits. This includes a sleeveless design, a short cut design, and a full cut design. Here is some key information on all three designs. Plus, the positives and negatives that come along with each individual option.



The sleeveless design is not as common as the other two designs. Why? Usually, triathlon waters are not super warm. As a result, triathletes require long sleeves. The longer sleeve design is warmer than the sleeveless design. However, a sleeveless design does offer some great benefits. In particular, this design allows for a free range of movement. Both arms moving a complete circle without any issues. Therefor, swimming is incredibly easy.


Short Cut


A short cut design has less coverage than even the sleeveless design. Remember, the shortcut is not only in the arms. This design extends down to the legs. Thus, this shortcut wetsuit only reaches the knees. This is best for waters with a temperature of 75-degrees Fahrenheit and up. All of the super tough triathletes love this design. Plus, it is great for warmer areas. After all, what locations are much more likely to feature warm bodies of water.


Full Cut


Last but certainly not least, the focus design is the most prominent type of wetsuit. The best triathlon wetsuits usually featured this design. Why? Coverage and protection. The full cut covers your entire body. As a result, this is the perfect design for any cold water. After all, everyone lives in a warm area. Triathlons happen in the spring and in the fall. So it is wise to have at least one full cut wetsuit.


Fit & Size


Size and fit go hand-in-hand. The right fit comes from a proper size. The proper size provides the right fit. However, this is a bit complicated. Especially for newcomers. Now, experienced triathletes are in luck. Simply apply your previous size to the new wetsuit. Save yourself time. In return, you get the best size for your triathlon wetsuit.

Newcomers, relax. You do not need to freak out. Generally speaking, wetsuit manufacturers provide a size chart. All you need is the measurements of your body.

How can you find this? Well, the easy option is through your current clothing. Each clothing article features specific measurements. Apply this to the size charts. However, you can seek out a professional measurement from a tailor as well.

The fit is even trickier. It may be best to try on a wetsuit at a local sports store. That way, you understand the right fit. A good fit is breathable but sticks to your body. A bad fit is not breathable and is too tight. You can also notice a bad fit through any potential discomfort. The best triathlon wetsuits fit well without any loose parts.




Obviously, comfort is somewhat related to size and fit. Discomfort comes from a bad fit. On the other hand, comfort always comes from a good fit. But, comfort goes beyond just the overall fit. Instead, comfort specifically deals with the materials used. Not to mention any additional features.

Uncomfortable wetsuits create an awful distraction. You cannot think about clothes during your race. Think about the clothes you enjoy. Are they sleeveless or are they fully-sleeved?

Do you like a loose neckline or something tight? Every single little detail matters. Even when it comes to the thick material in the shoulders. The best triathlon wetsuits are comfortable at all times. Especially when the going gets tough during a triathlon race.

Finally, think about the zipper design. First and foremost, find a zipper design, no matter what. Zippers are not just sleek and stylish but they are super convenient. Some triathletes wear their wetsuit all through the event. Others choose to take it off.

Well, you do not want to fumble and fidget with a clumsy design. Instead, you need a wetsuit that can be taken off immediately. A smart zipper design provides just that.




As mentioned before, the material is one of the most important qualities in any of the best triathlon wetsuits. Especially if the material is the highest quality available. How can you tell? Well, here is one simple trick. Look for the word Yamamoto.

The Yamamoto brand is known for creating high-quality wetsuit material. As a result, their neoprene material stands above all of the competition.

Some products in this list of the best wetsuits feature Yamamoto materials. In particular, their #39 and $40 materials are made specifically for water-based activities. This includes fishing, surfing, swimming, and triathlon training. As a result, Yamamoto materials are worth all the money. Not to mention they deliver the best possible results for your training and performance.

In some cases, you might need special materials. For example, warm technology and a warm design come in handy. Not to mention a watertight seam design as discussed before.

Are you training for a triathlon in a cold area? Constantly check for information on the water temperatures. Prepare yourself accordingly. A cold start in the water can really dampen the entire triathlon course.


Type Of Swimsuits


Swimsuits come in two different types, wetsuit and swimskin. First, the wetsuit is the prominent option. On the other hand, a swimskin is rare but resembles a traditional wetsuit design. So what’s the difference? Compression and warmth. Each wetsuit features one but usually not the other!

Wetsuits are built to withstand colder water temperatures. On the other hand, swimskins do not offer as much insulation. Thus, swimskins are not ideal for the older triathlon races.

However, they do perform well. As just mentioned, some swimskins feature a special compression design. Compression enhances durability for athletes. As a result, there is less muscle fatigue to deal with.

Generally speaking, both swimsuit designs are great for triathlons. However, it all comes down to your specific location. Colder bodies of water call for an insulated wetsuit.

After all, cold water is not great for your muscles nor your lungs. Not to mention it can throw off your focus. But, warmer temperatures all the use of a swimskin. Always check the temperature and weather Plan accordingly.




Last and certainly least is style. Not everyone cares about style. Especially when it comes to a triathlon race. This is wise. After all, style does not translate into a better performance. However, it can potentially boost your confidence.

Want style? Then go get style! Just do not sacrifice any performance in the process. Instead, look for both when possible. Usually, wetsuits come in just one color, black. Therefore, any extra style will come from the decals and stripes. Special designs help wetsuits stand out. Find secondary colors that you like for some extra flair!


Top 10 Best Triathlon Wetsuits Reviews & Ratings


As discussed earlier, there are wetsuits in all shapes and sizes. Long cuts, mid cuts, and sleeveless designs await. Not to mention parsing out the different kinds of materials and features. As a result, this buying guide is built to provide you with all of the key information.

All the while, you pick from an elite selection of the best triathlon wetsuits. The first five wetsuits are all made for men and the bottom five are made for women!


Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit Full-Sleeve Neoprene for Open Water


Synergy is a high-quality and popular brand for triathlon wetsuits. As a result, they are all over this list of the best triathlon wetsuits. In particular, this full-sleeve wetsuit is the recipient of the Triathlete Magazine Editor’s Choice Award. It is suitable for every level of triathlon activity.

As a result, it is great for experienced triathletes and newcomers alike. Best of all, this is approved by the official Ironman competitions and USAT. So it is great in any serious competition.

Yamamoto material makes up the hydrodynamic neoprene design. Plus, there is Silicone coated SyPrene (SCS) included. The arms and shoulders area features 2mm thick material. The back and lower legs feature 3mm thick material.

Finally, the 5mm thick core buoyancy panel helps keep triathletes afloat. Most wetsuits come with 3mm thick material. As a result, there is more buoyancy here than in most triathlon wetsuits. This comes in handy during an intense triathlon situation.

The wide range of sizes is ideal for a perfect fit. There is even a size chart available any product description section. Meanwhile, 680% flexibility is absolutely astounding. Move without any constraint in the water. Perform at the highest levels without any problems. The super soft low neck design comes with smooth skin on both sides. That way, it feels super comfortable at all times. You might even forget it is there!




  • Synergy Brand Name
  • Hydrodynamic Neoprene with Silicone Coated SyPrene
  • 5mm Thick Buoyancy Panel
  • 680% Flexibility




  • Expensive Price Tag


Xterra Wetsuits Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit – Full-Body Neoprene Design


Another high-quality full-cut triathlon wetsuit. This time, it comes from Xterra Wetsuits. Xterra Wetsuits are known for producing some of the best triathlon wetsuits. This particular wetsuit is certainly no exception. Both veteran triathletes and rookies are welcome.

This suit is both comfortable and hydrodynamics all at once. Not to mention it comes at an affordable price tank that is irresistible. Enjoy a sleek wetsuit design and optimal performance at all times.

This wetsuit is both flexible and buoyant all at once. 3mm neoprene construction moves with your body. At the same time, the thick material helps triathletes stay up in the water. Best of all, the tri-suit coating helps prevent drag in the water.

Plus, the neoprene buoyancy also keeps swimmers close to the surface. That way, every stroke is fast and smooth. There is also 2mm neoprene in the back and 1.5mm neoprene in the shoulders. Move quickly and dominate the competition.

A special seam design truly stands out. This is called the high-performance X-FLEX suit liner. Simply put, this liner stretches but never lose a shape. As a result, it retains a good fit over a long period of time. Likewise, the X-MAX Seam-Seal Technology applies three layers of glue along with double-bind stitching.

That way, the waterproof seams last for a very long time. Plus, the seams block out water and keep triathletes warm. No wonder this is one of the best triathlon wetsuits.




  • Special X-MAX Seam Seal Technology
  • X-FLEX Suit Liner
  • Tri-Suit Coating
  • Hydrodynamic Design
  • Great Price Tag




  • Potential Durability Issues


Xterra Wetsuits Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit – Sleeveless Neoprene Design


Now, this is basically Xterra Wetsuits sleeveless edition of the previous wetsuit design. Why go sleeveless? As discussed earlier, the sleeveless design provides a wider range of movement. As a result, it is easier to move your arms in a  360-degree motion.

Obviously, this works wonders during the swimming portion of a triathlon. Most swimming motions involve full movement of each arm. So this sleeveless design comes in handy during your next triathlon race.

Like the previous wetsuit, this sleeveless Xterra Volt design offers 3mm neoprene buoyancy. Swimming is easier above water rather than fully engulfed in water. There is less water resistance to deal with. As a result, swimmers move faster while closer to the surface.

In that case, buoyancy is incredibly helpful during triathlons. Especially when the wetsuit is still incredibly comfortable. Plus, there are multiple sizes to choose from. So You should be able to find the right size for you today.

An Xterra special X-SLICE design features a tri-suit coating. Basically, this design reduces drag in water. This is no different than a triathlon bike reducing when drag. Wind-resistance and water-resistance are a lot alike. Each work against the athlete. Each creates a strong form of resistance. As a result, less drag means faster movement. All the while, athletes save energy too.




  • Wide Range Of Motion
  • X-SLICE Tri-Suit Coating
  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Affordable Price Tag




  • Not Made For Cold Conditions


ORCA SwimRun Core Mens One Piece Wetsuit


The ORCA SwimRun mens one piece wetsuit is a short cut design. But, there is something very unique about this particular wetsuit. Two removable sleeves come with this wetsuit. As a result, triathletes adjust and alter the appearance at their own will.

Go with the half cut for more motion. At the removable sleeves for 2mm of neoprene. This keeps you warm while also providing great buoyancy. That way, you perform to the best of your abilities.

High-quality Yamamoto neoprene delivers wonderful flexibility. Thus, you run and swim without any issues. Instead, the best triathlon wetsuits enhance your abilities.

All the while, there is a super long zipper on the front. As a result, the suit is easier to get on and take off. Plus, it also provides some great ventilation during the running portion. That way, you do not overheat during a jog.

The outer side pocket is convenient and ideal for necessary equipment or accessories. For instance, you might need a GPS device during her triathlon. Likewise, you might bring some nutrition along the way. That way, you can restore energy without any stops.

Best of all, there is a mandatory whistle included. As a result, you can use the whistle in case of an emergency in the water. This swimsuit keeps you safe and focused at all times.




  • Special Emergency Whistle
  • Extended Front Zipper
  • Removable 2mm Neoprene Sleeves
  • Convenient Outer Pocket




  • Sizing Issues


Blueseventy 2019 Men’s Thermal Reaction Triathlon Wetsuit


Lastly, the Blueseventy Thermal Reaction triathlon wetsuit rounds out the best options for men. However, it is certainly no slouch compared to the other options. Rather, this is just an expensive wetsuit. As a result, it is not made for everyone. Big spenders, rejoice!

This is a premier thermal wetsuit made for the extravagant shoppers. Spend more money and get more performance in return. Remember, you get what you put in!

Now, the thermal reaction design is made explicitly for cold water. Normal wetsuits are only good until the water dips to 54-degree Fahrenheit. However, this particular wetsuit is rated for 48-degree Fahrenheit. Therefore, you can jump in the cold water without any performance issues.

Instead, the special lighter features upgraded zirconium. Not only is this warmer, but it is super convenient. A faster drying time allows a quick dry after the swimming part of a triathlon. That way, you do not carry around extra water weight.

Finally, the 4-5-4 panel design centralizes all of the core buoyancy. As a result, the position of the hips is raised compared to the rest of the body. This puts you in a more natural swimming position. All the while, flexible neoprene splits the chest panels.

Thus, the benefit from more flexibility and an easier breathing path. Not to mention the already flexible 2mm side panels. Enhance your swimming stroke with one of the best triathlon wetsuits today.




  • Premier Thermal Technology
  • Flexible & Breathable Design
  • Enhances Your Swimming Posture
  • Centralizes Core Buoyancy




  • New Brand


ORCA SwimRun Core Womens One Piece Wetsuit


Simply put, this is the ORCA SwimRun from earlier but for women. Therefore, this is a great wetsuit for all of the same reasons. This all starts with that out of pocket. A triathlon requires great endurance and tactful strategy. Two keys to success include a GPS device and nutrition. This outer pocket can store both. That way, every necessity is right within reach. Best of all, this out-of-pocket keeps these items out of your way at all times.

The high-quality Yamamoto neoprene is great for flexibility. As a result, your movements are never restricted. Rather, this wetsuit enhances all natural forms of movement. Hit your running stride without any problems. Likewise, swim at high speeds.

Nothing holds you back. Instead, the removable sleeves come in to provide more buoyancy. Don’t like the sleeves? Simply take them off. Every body of water is different for each and every triathlon event. Versatility comes in handy.

The extended front center is super convenient. All the while, it enhances your abilities during the triathlon. First, the zipper design is easy to use. Get in and out of the swimsuit quickly.

Meanwhile, the extended design provides great ventilation. Therefore, you stay cool during intense parts of the triathlon. Maintain a good body temperature at all times. Not to mention the safety whistle for all of your water-workouts!




  • Removable Sleeves
  • Exteneded Front Zipper
  • High-Quality Yamamoto Neoprene
  • Outer Pocket For Storage




  • Not Made For Cold Conditions


TYR Hurricane Freak Nature Wetsuit


The TYR Hurricane Freak Nature wetsuit looks like gear from a James Bond movie. Therefore, this is one of the best looking wetsuits on the market. All the while, there is no skimping on quality for this style. But, the best triathlon wetsuit at a premium price. So this price tag might be too much for some triathlete. However, it is worth every single penny. Especially if you want to dominate the other triathletes.

None of the other best triathlon wetsuits feature a 100% 40 Cell Nano SCS Yamamoto neoprene design. That is why this wetsuit is so expensive. The material is wonderful on two fronts. First, it is able to stretch without any damage done to the original design.

Therefore, this wetsuit retained it shape over a long of period time. Second, it is super comfortable and very soft. So triathletes enjoy the best of both worlds.

Nano SCS coated rubber delivers exceptional results. The less resistance, the higher the speed. As a result, this wetsuit boasts the least amount of friction compared to any other wetsuit. Best of all, this wetsuit features V-GCP technology.

Simply put, this technology maximizes every movement in the water. That way, you get more distance from each and every stroke. While this is a pricey option, the wetsuit delivers in terms of performance.




  • Exceptional Performance
  • Nano SCS Coated Rubber
  • 100% 40 Cell Yamamoto Neoprene Construction
  • Sleek & Stylish Appearance




  • Incredibly Expensive


ROKA Women’s Viper Pro Swimskin with Compression


ROKA’s Viper Pro Swimskin with compression is rather impressive. Especially given the fair price. Two premium Italian stretch-woven textiles provide great compression in the quadriceps. Why does this matter? Compression stabilizes muscles.

As a result, there is less muscular vibration. Muscular vibration enhances the feeling of fatigue. Meanwhile, compression also increases blood flow. In turn, you perform better during the triathlon. So the compression design certainly offers great benefits.

Hydrophobic Teflon coating keeps water off of and out of the suit. Meanwhile, there is less water absorption as well. This results in less a drag and a more hydrodynamic design. Plus, there is a premium YKK Semi-Autolock coil zip design that lowers drag in general. Not to mention it is easy to remove after the swimming portion of the triathlon. After all, the best triathlon wetsuits need to help you. In no way should it ever hinder or hurt performance.

Finally, there is something special in this triathlon wetsuit. The “No Sew” thermo bonded and taped construction is rather unique. The folded and bonded arm, leg, and neck openings reduce chafing and discomfort.

Meanwhile, this design also helps lighten the overall weight of the swimsuit and reduces drag even further. This works in tandem to improve your motions and in movement in the water.




  • Special “No Sew” Thermo Bonded Design
  • Hydrophobic Teflon Keeps water Out
  • Compression For Better Performance
  • Premium YKK Semi-Autolock Coil Zip
  • Approved for USAT and WTC Sanctioned Events




  • Pricier Wetsuit Option


Synergy Women’s Triathlon Wetsuit – Full-Sleeve Neoprene Design


As mentioned earlier, Synergy is a high-quality brand for wetsuits. No surprise they also sell one of the best triathlon wetsuits for women. Just like the male option, this women’s wetsuit is the winner of a few awards. This includes Lava Magazine’s Best Value Wetsuit.

Plus, this is best for both beginners and experienced triathletes. Whether this is your first triathlon or your tenth, this wetsuit is made for you. Best of all, there are so many different sizes available. Use the size chart to find the right fit!

Now, the stand out feature here is the same as before. The 5mm thick material delivers exceptional buoyancy out in the water. All the while, the thicker material is a little bit better for colder situations. Not to mention the high-quality silicone coated SyPrene is made of Yamamoto #39 and #40 material. Thus, this wetsuit offers a combination of two rather impressive materials!

Do not be confused. This full-sleeve design does not limit your movements. Instead, it does the exact opposite. The high-quality material stretches and moves with your body. Meanwhile, the intelligent design of this wetsuit decreases water drag.

Thus, this wetsuit combines together all the best performance features you need. This includes buoyancy, flexibility, and a comfortable design.




  • Made For Beginners & Experienced Triathletes
  • 5mm Buoyancy
  • Saves Your Energy
  • Intelligent Flexible Design




  • Simple Appearance


Blueseventy 2019 Women’s Helix Triathlon Wetsuit


Blueseventy strikes again. This time, Blueseventy is the last choice for the same reason as before. It is expensive. Now, there is nothing wrong what’s spending more money if you have it. However, some shoppers work on a budget. In this particular case, the Blueseventy Helix triathlon wetsuit is worth your hard-earned cash. Especially if you are serious about triathlon training and triathlon events.

The impressive performance all starts with the smart buoyancy. Basically, the intelligent 5mm Yamamoto Aerodome design places the hips high. This puts you in an efficient swimming position. That way, it is almost like you are swimming downhill.

Meanwhile, a special VO2 chest panel accentuates the Longs. The anatomic design stretches the chest as you breathe. As a result, the lungs expand and contract naturally. In turn, you enjoy natural breathing during the race.

Lastly, the true highlight here is the overall performance design. First, catch panels made of hydrophobic text tile fabric are placed in the forearm area. Thus, triathletes know where their arms are in the water. This allows better technique and enhanced power all at once.

Not to mention NBR foam delivering premier buoyancy at all times. This wetsuit is truly built to perform. But, it is also one of the best triathlon wetsuits that comes with a hefty price!




  • Technology Enhances Triathlon Performance
  • Split Chest Design Enhances Natural Breathing
  • Great Range Of Movement
  • Stylish Appearance




  • Expensive


Conclusion And Final Triathlon Wetsuits recommendations



Sports equipment goes beyond just appearance. This is true for all major sports and their respective equipment. Especially when it comes to triathlon races and events. The right triathlon wetsuit separates the successful from the average.

As a result, finding a great wetsuit for your next triathlon is a must. Lucky for you, the spine that has all of the great options on the market.

As discussed earlier, everyone is working with a different set of financial means. Furthermore, everyone looks for something different. There are some shoppers who spend more money on a premium product. Other shoppers search for the best value at the lowest price.

More often than not, customers generally want the best product overall and very little hassle. Each and every recommendation below is four different type of customer. Read through and find the best triathlon wetsuits today.


Best Triathlon Wetsuit Overall For Men: Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit Full-Sleeve Neoprene for Open Water


Synergy is a safe pick for all of your triathlon wetsuit needs. After all, they make the best triathlon wetsuits for men. Look no further for premier, USAT and Ironman approved wetsuit. Enjoy premier Yamamoto materials all throughout. Not to mention the beneficial 5mm thick material. Better buoyancy delivers great results during the swimming portion of any triathlon event. That is why this is the best option for men!


Best Triathlon Wetsuit Overall For Women: ORCA SwimRun Core Womens One Piece Wetsuit


Adjustable sleeves detach and attach within just a few minutes. Enhance your level of buoyancy with the sleeves. All the while, you never sacrifice comfortability or the range of motion. Also, this wetsuit boasts high-quality 39 cell Yamamoto neoprene. Best of all, the extended front zipper is easy to use. Hop in this wetsuit quickly and get out all the same.


Best Triathlon Wetsuit at a Premium Price For Men: Blueseventy 2019 Men’s Thermal Reaction Triathlon Wetsuit


The Thermal Reaction design of this Blueseventy 2019 men’s wetsuit is impressive, to the say the least. The jersey liner boasts a wool-feeling thanks to an upgraded zirconium design. All the while, this design dries faster than any other type of material. In the process, this wetsuit never sacrifices performance. Enjoy premier buoyancy and a split chest panel design.


Best Triathlon Wetsuit at a Premium Price For Women: TYR Hurricane Freak Nature Wetsuit


As discussed before, there is nothing better looking than the TYR Hurricane Freak Nature wetsuit. It looks like a sleek wetsuit worn by an action star. Best of all, it performs like it belong on the set of an action movie. Less resistance and more speed. That is the primary benefit. Not to mention the 100% 40 Cell Nano SCS Yamamoto neoprene design!


Best Triathlon Wetsuit for Value For Men: Xterra Wetsuits Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit – Sleeveless Neoprene Design


Bargain hunters, you are in luck. Right here is the most valuable wetsuit for men. The Xterra Wetsuits brand delivers premium performance at an affordable price. Plus, this is a great wetsuit for warm locations. West Coast triathletes, rejoice! You get some of the best performance possible without spending too much cash.


Best Triathlon Wetsuit for Value For Women: Synergy Women’s Triathlon Wetsuit – Full-Sleeve Neoprene Design


Women love bargains just as much as men. The Synergy women’s triathlon wetsuit is made for all of the female bargain hunters. Enjoy an athlete endorsed, Ironman & USAT approved wetsuit for a great price. The 5mm thick material delivers the best buoyancy on the market. So you save money. But, in the process get more performance than usual!


Frequently Asked Questions About Triathlon Wetsuit


Q: Do I Need Insulated Material In My Wetsuit?


A: It all depends on the specific triathlon. Specifically, the location. West Coast triathlons are generally warm. The bodies of water are warmer than on the East Coast. Especially during every season that is not summer. Therefore, East Coast triathletes getting ready for a Spring, Fall, or Winter triathlon definitely need some thermal technology!


Q: How Can I Determine The Right Design For Me?


A: Amazon size chart. Use the provided information to your benefit. Just about every single wetsuit product comes with a size chart. Manufacturers want you to find the right size. That way, you have a positive experience. Plus, look through reviews to get even more specific information!


Q: What Is The Best Way To Wash My Triathlon Wetsuit?


A: Washing your triathlon wetsuit is super simple and super easy. Best of all, there are no dangerous chemicals used. Instead, wash it in fresh water by hand. Do this every time you swim in the wetsuit. Salt water is not great for wetsuits. Neither is chlorine in a pool. So you need to wash immediately after a swimming session to avoid any issues.


It is highly unlikely you ever stain your wetsuit. After all, you are usually not eating or drinking in the wetsuit. But, you can easily scrub out some stains. Hose it down with your garden hose in the backyard. Wash off any extra chlorine or salt water. Soak it in the bathtub for an easier process. Plus, you avoid the dirt outside. Get in the shower and take off the wetsuit. Shower accordingly and wash your wetsuit all at once. then, let it soak in some water!

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