10 Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers of 2020: Placement, Design, & Marine Rating


According to the National Ocean Service, in 2010 nearly 40% of all Americans lived in counties directly on the shoreline. This does not even cover the Americans living by fresh water. Americans love spending time on the water. This is not just limited to swimming. Instead, water-based sports like water skiing and wake boarding are super popular. But, no wake boarding experience is complete without the best wakeboard tower speakers.

Now, you do not need to be a tech expert to find high-quality wakeboard tower speakers. Instead, this is actually rather simple. Especially if you use the buying guide below. This guide features insightful information and detailed product reviews. Learn about speaker specifications. Meanwhile, find the best speaker for your wake boarding experience.

Top Wakeboard Tower Speakers Comparison Chart

ProductRMS PowerPeak PowerPriceWhere to Buy?
Kicker KMT674 Marine Speaker Tower System150W300W$$$$Check Price on Amazon
NOAM N4 Pair of 4-Inch 2-Way Wakeboard Tower Marine Grade Speakers100W200W$$Check Price on Amazon
Rockville DWB65B Dual 6.5-Inch Black 600 Watt Marine Wakeboard Tower Speaker System300W600W$$Check Price on Amazon
Kicker 6.5″ Charcoal LED Marine Speakers65W195W$$$Check Price on Amazon
MCM 6.5-Inch Marine Wakeboard Speakers100W200W$Check Price on Amazon
BOSS Audio MRWT8B 700 Watt 8-Inch 2-Way Marine Grade Speakers700W$$$Check Price on Amazon
BOSS Audio MRWT40 Marine Waketower 400 Watts Speaker System200W400W$Check Price on Amazon
BOSS Audio MRWT69W 550 Watt 4 Way Marine Grade Speaker System275W550W$$Check Price on Amazon
Kicker Marine KMTED 6.5-Inch Marine Speakers50W150W$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Rockville 6.5-Inch Black 2 Way 250 Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers150W 250W$$Check Price on Amazon

Wakeboard Tower Speakers Buying Guide

Important Qualities In The Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers

There are a number other important and special qualities in wakeboard tower speakers. Above all else, look for the word Marine. Basically, Marine represents a waterproof design associated with boats. Obviously, wakeboard speakers need a waterproof construction. Electronic devices do not bode well in moisture. Let alone in big bodies of water. The waterproof design protects the speaker quality and longevity.

You might want an enclosure in your speakers. That way, sound is dispersed in a more controlled manner. Furthermore, the speaker material is not like normal speaker material. After all, wake boarding conditions are not like normal conditions. Therefore, there should be a poly injected design and special material like Mylar or Santoprene. Look for speakers with unorthodox designs!

What To Consider While Shopping

Shopping for ordinary items can be stressful. Not to mention incredibly time-consuming. Imagine the shopping process for an electronic device. Let alone a speaker that must offer certain Watt power handling capabilities along with a waterproof design. Do not let the complexities overwhelm you. There is no need whatsoever. Instead, stick to the helpful factors below to learn what is important and what is not!

The Price & Your Budget

Always start with the price of a product and your budget. In this particular case, it is best to start with price. Understand that price and value are not synonymous. The best wakeboard tower speakers are generally expensive. That is the way it goes. Try to not go super low on the price. A super cheap price tag saves money. But, it might not deliver the best quality. Be wary of going too low when it comes to the overall price.

It might be time to let go. Sometimes, you can tighten the wallet and save money on products. Sometimes, you cannot. Go crazy on your wakeboard speakers. This is not your average item. So why not get the best quality product, regardless of price? Make a budget if you are working with some financial restrictions. Set a cap for the shopping price. For example, set the hard cap at $150 and refuse to go over that limit! This will be incredibly helpful.

Speaker Size

Luckily, speaker size is relatively simple. As a result, you avoid plenty of stress. Now, are you replacing your old speakers? If so, then you are truly lucky. Just refer to the previous speaker size. Yes, it is actually days. Generally speaking, the informational product guide should feature the specific sizing. Save yourself time while shopping with this simple tip.

Now, you do not even need to stress about size while buying new speakers. Boil it down to a simple thought process. The bigger the speakers, the better. Larger speakers deliver more power and audio quality. So if you find two options with the same price but different sizes, the choice is simple. Buy the larger-sized speaker. That way, you get the best quality.

Lastly, think about the depth of the speaker. This is not a crazy concept. Instead, depth literally deals with how deep the speakers go into the placement. Is there an enclosed spot for speakers on the boat? If so, then find mounted speakers. If not, focus on box speakers. Mounted speakers are put into one spot and never move. Other speakers mount onto bars and can adjust at any given moment. The best wakeboard tower speakers should match your specific boat layout!

Speaker Construction

We will discuss the speaker appearance in a later section. It is important to focus on the speaker construction process. In particular, what materials create the speaker? There are four key materials to look out for including Santoprene, Mylar, Polyurethane, and butyl rubber. However, the materials create different parts of the speaker. Each aims towards a different outcome. But, they all provide wondrous benefits.

Mylar and Polyurethane injection material both makeup the tweeter cones in speakers. Mylar offers remarkable durability and resists against water. Not to mention it has a wide variance of sound alterations and handles channels well. On the other hand, the Polyurethane injected cone design is rather impressive. Simply put, this design delivers unparalleled flexibility when necessary. Meanwhile, it withstands the wear and tear of outdoor life.

Butyl rubber and Santoprene are the last two important materials. Hard speaker material may break upon serious impact. However, Santoprene is too flexible. Thus, Santoprene reacts to the adverse conditions of wake boarding. But, some of the best wakeboard tower speakers may offer butyl rubber. Butyl is a super special rubber that can last for a long time. Always focus on these four core materials in wakeboard tower speakers!

Installation Process

How handy are you? This is the question that directly affects the installation process. As mentioned earlier, speakers usually come in the form of a box speaker or a mounted speaker. Each installation process is unique. On one hand, the mounted speakers mount directly onto the boat. On the other hand, box speakers attach to a bar with screws. Which one is best for your boat? It all depends on your skills with tools!

Mounted speakers are ideal for any handy boating-enthusiast. If you install speakers into a car then you know the deal. It is truly no different. Create a sport for the mounted speaker in the boat. Then, place the speakers into the proper position. Screw them down and you are all set! This does not seem difficult at first. But, it is not necessarily a breeze for first timers.

Many box speakers attach right onto the wakeboard tower bar. As a result, you simply install the speakers in just a few key moments. Best of all, all installation equipment comes with the product. In many cases, this includes a bracket bar for the mounting process. You screw the mounting bracket onto the bar. Then, you are done. Expert installation is always offered for anyone that needs help!

RMS & Peak

This is where electric, technical jargon pops up. RMS power handling and Peak power handling are like siblings. Luckily for you, understanding the two concepts is rather simple. This all boils down to watts, power handling, and power output. Start with Peak power handling first. This is the highest possible voltage available before the amplifier gives out. So Peak is not necessary a priority for wakeboard tower speakers.

RMS power handling is the truly important audio quality metric. Simply put, RMS Watts measures the continuous power output of power handling for a speaker. RMS stands for Root-Mean-Square. This is the average of the waveform. Peaks only last for a few seconds. RMS is constantly sourcing power. Therefore, RMS is much more important than just peak!

Now, you cannot necessarily overlook the Peak power handling. Peak power handling prevents speakers from blowing out. The higher the Peak rating, the more protection. So if the volume spikes dramatically, speakers do not blow out. No one wants a blown out speaker. This leads to nothing but severe frustration. The best wakeboard tower speakers must deliver plenty of protection. All the while, the speakers off great RMS power handling.

2-Way Design & Amplifiers

We will discuss the 2-way design concept here in detail. There is no need for serious, technical jargon. 2-way speakers feature two different components. Primarily, this includes a tweeter and a woofer. Woofers, usually known as subwoofers, provide the bass. On the other hand, a tweeter is a treble speaker. Obviously, the 2-way design is simple and perfectly balances out the sound quality. But, what if you want something more powerful?

In some cases, there are 4-way speakers available. These are the best wakeboard tower speakers for real audiophiles. The 4-way design sometimes comes with two tweeters, a mid-range cone, and a woofer. The mid-range cone amplifies the sound. Basically, this enhances the overall sound strength. So you may want the amplifier for some extra kick!

Novices may not understand the necessity of an amplifier. Usually, the best speakers project sound far enough thanks to their robust design. But, you might want to add an amplifier to the fray. Simply put, amplifiers live up to their name. The electronic device enhances the overall sound. Therefore, it is loud for more fun out on the open water!

Waterproof vs. Water-Resistant

This is one of the most important considerations when it comes to the best wakeboard tower speakers. Why? Because customers often confuse these two concepts together. Water-resistant and waterproof are not the same, at all. Confusion causes big problems for customers. Especially when it comes to wakeboard tower speakers. One false move and you are in trouble. Water can damage improperly equipped speakers immediately.

Water-resistant speakers are not as capable as waterproof speakers. Water-resistant means the product simply resists water. Waterproof means the product withstands water damage. Now, water-resistant speakers are not necessarily weak and frail. But, they are best for hanging from the wakeboard bar. That way, no one drips water onto the speaker system. On the other hand, mounted speakers must feature a waterproof design. If not, you are in some serious trouble.

Brand Name

Lastly, the brand name is more important than you may think. Notice some trends in our buying guide? The best brands often deliver the best products. Especially in a niche product category like the best wakeboard tower speakers. Look to BOSS and Kicker for some truly impressive products. This is no different than buying Nike shoes based on the brand name!

In some cases, brand name products deliver more than just a great product. Certain brands conduct business under a certain code. For example, you rely on Nike shoes to perform best. Likewise, brands such as BOSS deliver impeccable quality. All the while, they offer great warranties and customer service experiences! This truly matters when you are in a pickle with faulty electronics.

Top 10 Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers Reviews & Ratings

Wakeboard tower speakers take a boat to another level. As a result, you enjoy premier fun with a group of friends. Bump your favorite jams for a long day out on the lake. Late at night, take the jams to a slower pace for a more relaxing sensation. The world is yours when it comes to fun with wakeboard tower speakers. So here are the ten best wakeboard tower speakers on the market.

  1. Kicker KMT674 Marine Speaker Tower System

The Kicker KMT674 Marine Speaker Tower System is a high-quality, 2-way pair of speakers. Simply put, this means the speaker system comes with both a woofer and a tweeter. As a result, the sound quality is not just pristine, it Is rather amazing. The woodier provides all of the base and the tweeter speakers enhance the high-frequency range. This is just a step below a 3 way speaker design.

A 3/4 Titanium Horn Tweeter not only delivers high-quality audio but it is built to last. Lust, PeterPlus, the water-resistant design is wonderful for on water situations. As mentioned earlier, water-resistant designs and waterproof designs are not the same. Therefore, this speaker only resists water but does not actually withstand serious water damage.

Lastly, we would be remiss to not mention the speaker power. As discussed earlier, the two measurements come in RMS & Peak. This speaker has an RMS, root mean square, of 150W. This means the speaker uses 150W continuous power. On the other hand, the Peak power handling can hit up to 300W. Keep this in mind when searching for the best wakeboard tower speakers.


  • Peak Power: 300W
  • RMS Power: 150W
  • Water-Resistant Design
  • 3” Mounting Depth
  • Two-Way Speaker Design


  • Expensive Price
  1. NOAM N4 Pair of 4-Inch 2-Way Wakeboard Tower Marine Grade Speakers

Now, this is a 4-inch pair of 2-way speakers. As mentioned earlier, check the sizing for your tower to get the right fit. Luckily, the 2.5-meter long wires will reach down to your other wires. What’s truly cool is that this is a very versatile pair of speakers. During the summer, hook up the speakers to your boat. During the winter, hook them up to your winter ATV! Enjoy yourself all year round.

The speaker size fits 1.25” to 2.1” bars. So there should be no problem fitting the speaker system on to your boat. Meanwhile, the 4-inch high-quality Poly Injection Cone is completed by a 1-inch PEI Neodymium Dome tweeter. Do not let the technical jargon confuse you. Basically, the material is super durable and very dependable. So it withstands the wear and tear of serious outdoor fun.

The RMS uses 100W of continuous energy and the peak hits nearly 200 watts. Prepare yourself accordingly. All the while, the true highlight is the Marine Grade Waterproof Construction. Now, this is fully waterproof. Usually, the best wakeboard tower speakers feature a waterproof design. Thus, the speakers do so much more than just resist water. Rather, it stands up to any water that is taken on!


  • RMS Power: 100W
  • Peak Power: 200W
  • Versatile Design
  • 4-Inch 2-Way Design
  • Marine Grade Waterproof Material


  • Sound Not Super Powerful
  1. Rockville DWB65B Dual 6.5-Inch Black 600 Watt Marine Wakeboard Tower Speaker System

Want some serious power for a very fair price. Well, the Rockville DWB65B 6.5-inch speaker system is made just for you. First and foremost, there is something special in this speaker system. Rubber gaskets cover up the terminals. As a result, the speakers are great for PA voice control. So if you have a PA system in your boat then this speaker system is a great addition. Talk to wakeboard riders and boat occupants without breaking focus from the water ahead.

Polypropylene Mica Injected Cone material is protective. But, there is no hinderance of sound quality. Instead, the special enclosure design actually enhances sound. Thus, the sound is sent into one direction. Rather than all over without any specific focus. This loses sound quality and you will not hear any of the music! So the enclosure design is certainly a big highlight.

Finally, it is always important to highlight the design of the best wakeboard tower speakers. The bracket rotates a fully 360-degrees and adjusts at any given moment. Move and alter the Nylon mounting bracket without any issue. Meanwhile, the installation process is rather simple. Especially since you receive all important installation equipment. Best of all, the speaker withstands salt water and fresh water conditions.


  • Marine Grade Design
  • Peak Power: 600W
  • RMS Power: 300W
  • Adjustable Nylon Mounting Bracket
  • Affordable Price Tag


  • Larger-Sized Speakers
  1. Kicker 6.5″ Charcoal LED Marine Speakers

Another Kicker product on the list of the best wakeboard tower speakers? This is certainly no surprise. However, this is a rather large set of speakers. Make sure the 6.5-inch size fits your boat. If not, you will struggle to install the speakers properly. But, if it does fit then you are in luck. The high-quality speaker sound is obviously an a appealing feature. Rather, there are so many other awesome benefits.

First, start with the special RBG LED design. This is not available in any of the other best wakeboard speaker towers. The color design looks awesome late at night. Impress your friends during a late-night wake boarding session. Sure, the lighting scheme is not necessarily complex. But, the simplicity is enough to entertain and heighten the mood. All the while, the 2-way designs delivers the kick and distance necessary for fun!

As always, it is important to note the power and durability. The waterproof design actively combats against water damage. So some water from the lake is no big deal at all. Instead, the speaker battle right through some water. On the other hand, there is an RMS power handling of 54W and Peak power handling of 195W. Remember this while you search for new wakeboard speakers. You cannot overwhelm the power of your boat.


  • Multi-Color LED Lighting
  • Peak Power: 195W
  • RMS Power: 65W
  • 2-Way Speaker Design
  • Polypropylene Woofer Design


  • Remote Control For Lights
  1. MCM 6.5-Inch Marine Wakeboard Speakers

Do not let the simple and unattractive design fool you. Speakers are not made to look great. All that matters is the sound quality. Well, this pair of speakers has no shortage of power or quality. Plus, the binding post connections create a firm point of connection. Install the speakers and they are set for a long time. Even when the water is rough and coarse. The speakers will not fall off or suffer any damage. Not to mention the speakers are available at a fair price.

Heavy-duty ABS material constructs the case and mount. As just mentioned, this material is built to last. Mount the speakers right onto the tubing tower design. This can be done not just in your boat. Mount the speakers onto an off-road vehicle all the same. Check the specifications to find the proper mounting sizes and information. After all, you need the right size!

The best wakeboard tower speakers deliver plenty of great sound quality. Well, the RMS power handling is 100W and the Peak is 200!. Plus, the speaker is built to handle strong radio power. Obviously, this includes the poly cone woofer with rubber surround and the titanium dome tweeter. These two specific designs go hand-in-hand. Look no further if you want the best wakeboard tower speakers.


  • Heavy-Duty ABS Case & Mount
  • Poly Cone Woofer & Titanium Dome Tweeter
  • RMS Power: 100W
  • Peak Power: 200W
  • Favorable Price Tag


  • Durability Issues
  1. BOSS Audio MRWT8B 700 Watt 8-Inch 2-Way Marine Grade Speakers

Want a big and robust speaker system for your boat? Well, the BOSS Audio MRWT8B offers plenty of high-quality sound and durability. Now, the larger size is about 8-inches altogether. Check the speaker tower fitments on your boat. If they fit this particular speaker, you are in luck. The cast aluminum swivel clamps fit bars that are between 1.5-inches and 2.5-inches. Simply measure your boat wake towers to find the proper size.

The aforementioned adjustable cast aluminum swivel clamps are super easy to install. All the while, you adjust them at any given moment too. Move and alter the speaker positioning for the best sound clarity. Keep in mind that the mounting hole diameter is just about 23-inches. Now, the adjustable cast aluminum swivel clamps are for more than just boats. Slap this speaker onto boats, ATVs, UTV cages, and more.

The 3 year platinum online dealer warranty from BOSS comes in handy. Yes, this speaker system is completely weatherproof. But, anything can happen. Receive proper support and help just in case. After all, it is always better safe than sorry. Best of all, the peak of 700W handles plenty of power. Upgrade your boat with some of the best wakeboard tower speakers.


  • Made For Waketowers, ATVs, and UTV Cages
  • Mounting Hole Diameter: 23-inches
  • Peak Power: 700W
  • 3 Year Online Warranty


  • Durability Issues
  1. BOSS Audio MRWT40 Marine Waketower 400 Watts Speaker System

Simply put, this is the smaller version of the previous speaker. The BOSS Audio MRWT40 is a 4-inch speaker system. So it is much more compact than the other options. But, there is no sacrificing when it comes to performance. For instance, voice coils inside the speakers stand up to high heats. That way, speakers do not wear out over a long period of time. Plus, the high-quality rubber material can withstand a beating!

Dome shaped tweeter design delivers a wide dispersion pattern of sound. As a result, there is better sound quality at all times. Special polyurethane material is injected into the cone design. Therefore, the cone is built with protective and cushiony material. The versatile design is flexible and stiff when necessary. So it actively adjusts to the different conditions of everyday life out on the water. Best of all, the speaker resists the corrosion usually associated with life on the water.

A quick fit terminal design saves you time and effort. After all, there is nothing better than a simple installation process. Meanwhile, the Peak and RMS power are pretty impressive. The RMS power is a total of 200W and the Peak power is 400W. The 2 way design obviously offers both a tweeter and a woofer. So there is plenty of kick that comes with some of the best wakeboard tower speakers.


  • Peak Power: 400W
  • RMS Power: 200W
  • Quick Fit Terminal Design
  • Versatile Speaker System


  • Durability Issues
  1. BOSS Audio MRWT69W 550 Watt 4 Way Marine Grade Speaker System

BOSS Audio reigns supreme when it comes to speakers in general. In particular, they prioritize these sporty speaker designs. Well, the MRWT69W is a full-range, 4-way speaker. As mentioned earlier, the 2-way speaker design includes a tweeter and a woofer. Well, the 4-way design features a woofer, a mid-range cone, and two different tweeters. Best of all, this complex and robust design is rather inexpensive!

As always, this BOSS audio speaker comes with the 3 year Platinum Online Dealer Warranty. As a result, you receive customer service upon any problems. Luckily, this speaker is built with a Poly injection cone, Mylar dome tweeters and Mylar cone midrange materials. Each material is built to withstand the wear and tear of water-life. Focus on the fun rather than the speaker health.

Lastly, the RMS power is 275W and the Peak power is 550W. This is rather powerful and delivers great audio quality. Meanwhile, the combination of high-quality rubber and polyurethane material delivers a waterproof design. Plus, the UV resistant design is not found in any of the other best wakeboard tower speakers. Protect your speakers from more than just water.


  • Waterproof
  • Resists Corrosion & UV Rays
  • RMS Power: 275W
  • Peak Power: 550W


  • Not Sold In Pairs
  1. Kicker Marine KMTED 6.5-Inch Marine Speakers

You might be thinking, this pair looks just like the previous Kicker 6.5-inch Marine speakers. Well, you are right. The major difference here is the lack of LED lights. Not to mention a heftier price tag. But, the price tag is worth each and every penny. Especially given the impressive sound quality that comes from the enclosures. Enjoy full-range audio along with a rather simple installation process.

The coaxial’ injection-molded cones are matched by Santoprene surrounds. As a result, the speaker design boasts a special UV treatment. So the color does not fade in the sunlight. All the while, the splash-and-spray-resisting covers the motor area, the cones, and the terminal covers. Plus, stainless-steel mounting screws actively battle against rust. That way, the mounting parts do not rust over time and fall apart.

Finally, the aluminum tower-pipe clamps comes with three sizes of mounting adapters. Therefore, the installation process is rather versatile. You can fit these best wakeboard tower speakers onto almost any bar. Not to mention the enclosures and the nine-degree axis rotation. Turn the speakers into the best direction. That way, you enjoy the best sound quality out of the water.


  • Enclosures Design
  • Rotating Design
  • UV Resistant Design
  • Versatile Installation Process


  • Expensive Price Tag
  1. Rockville 6.5-Inch Black 2 Way 250 Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers

The Rockville 6.5-inch 2-way speakers are lost on our list. But, they are certainly not the worst option. Instead, this is just last amongst all of the best wakeboard tower speakers. You still get a sleek speaker design along with a built-in two-way crossover network. That way, the speakers play music and sounds in unison. There is no delay or audio problem quality with this pair of speakers!

Polypropylene Mica injected cone is complemented by a Santoprene Surround construction. This enhances the overall durability and reliability of the speakers. Not to mention it helps the audio sound pristine. Meanwhile, the full Marine design battles against both salt and fresh water conditions. After all, electronic devices and water do not mix well together. You need speakers built to withstand the elements.

The RMS power handling is 300W total. This means each speaker handles 150W individually. On the other hand, the Peak power is 250W each. So there is plenty of power handling to go around. All the while, stainless steel mounting hardware rounds out the durable and reliable design. After all, faulty installation equipment can create a disaster!


  • RMS Power: 150W Each
  • Peak Power: 250W Each
  • Built-In Two-Way Crossover Network
  • Adjustable Mounting Brackets
  • Great Price


  • Smaller-Sized Design

Conclusion And Final Wakeboard Tower Speakers Recommendations

The best wakeboard tower speakers add so much entertainment value to your boat. Not to mention the great fun to be had even while lounging and relaxing. After all, wakeboard tower speakers are not restricted to just wake boarding. Instead, you can play music at any given moment. Hit high speeds to some high-octane jams. On the other hand, crank out some slow jams while tanning out on the water. Get the most out of your boating experience today.

Now, we know that every single customer is wired differently. As a result, everyone wants something different. This is true for almost any product. Not just wakeboard tower speakers. Luckily enough, we have specific recommendations for customers. Learn about the best bargain available, the best overall product, and the premier pick. Find the perfect pair of speakers for your budget today.

Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers Overall: Kicker KMT674 Marine Speaker Tower System

The Kicker KMT674 is obviously built with a water-resistant design. Meanwhile, the peak power hits 300W and the RMS power handling is 150W. Enjoy a titanium horn tweeter that resists corrosion and pumps out the jams. The best pick overall is rather expensive. But, you receive the best speakers on the market!

Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers at a Premium Price: Kicker 6.5″ Charcoal LED Marine Speakers

Lavish spenders, rejoice! You can enjoy something incredibly luxurious. No other speakers boast an LED lighting arrangement except the Kicker Charcoal LED speakers. Use a remote control to adjust and alter the lighting arrangement. Show off some sick new speakers to your friends late at night. This is bound to impress everyone. All the while, you even enhance your overall safety. The LED light design indicates your location at night on the water!

Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers for Value: BOSS Audio MRWT40 Marine Waketower Speaker System

Looking for a bargain? You are in luck. BOSS Audio stands tall as one of the best speaker brands. In particular, they construct speakers for unorthodox situations. This obviously includes wake boarding out on the water. The butyl rubber withstands impact from bouncing on waves and more. Plus, the resilient design lasts for a very long time. After all, you do not want speakers that wear out in the first week of use!

FAQs About Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Q: What Is The Best Position For My Speakers?

A: First, speakers often come with specific clamps and fasteners. So you do not necessarily need any special equipment to install the speakers. Now, we emphasize direction and height almost more than anything else. For good reason too. Both play a big role in both sound quality and the overall functionality of the speakers.

Wakeboard tower speakers are no fun if they are in the way. People bumping into speakers is not ideal. The height must keep the speaker away from boat occupants. Mount them high up. On the other hand, direction matters most for sound quality. Speakers must face the direction of occupants. If not, then sound is sent in the wrong direction. Point speakers towards the seats in your boat. Also, point speakers back towards the wake boarding area!

Q: Can I Use My Phone On These Speakers?

A: Yes! You should be able to. Now, you might want to install some type of speaker system device. Simply put, this device acts as a functional radio/media hub. You pick and choose audio sources to play from. In many cases, this even includes an auxiliary cord jack. This allows connectivity for an iPhone or an Android phone. Not to mention any standard type of MP3 audio device.

Q: How Can I Install My Wires?

A: As discussed earlier, power and volume go hand-in-hand. You need a lot of power for the right volume. First, position the speakers. You cannot wire the wakeboard tower without the proper speaker position. In some cases, new boats feature a fully wired wakeboard tower. If so, just simply place the speakers in the right position. Then, connect the wires. Connect the wires to both the speaker and to a music player of amplifier.

Wakeboard towers that do not come prewired well at least offer channels for the wiring. Again, you must first position the speakers. After, feed wires through the proper channels. Be cautious during this process. There are experts available to help with installation. Do not hesitate to reach out for help during the installation process.

Q: What Is The Most Important Feature In Wakeboard Tower Speakers

A: This is complicated. It all comes down to customer preferences. We believe the most important feature is the physical design. The best wakeboard tower speakers must withstand both salt and fresh water conditions all the same. If not, and it is simply just a waste of your money. If you care about audio power, then focus on Peak power handling and RMS power handling. Find speakers with the specifications you need!

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