7 Best Women’s Lacrosse Sticks of 2019: Options for Attackers, Defenders, Midfielders, & Goalies

With the game of lacrosse rapidly expanding, the need for information is also growing among fans, players, and parents alike.  Today, we will be helping you in one aspect of this search.  We will be taking a look at the best women’s lacrosse sticks in a bid to help you pick out what is the best for you or your loved one and their specific game.  Without the right stick, it can be tough to get the utmost out of your game and reach your full potential.  Positions matter a great deal, as do the style in which you play and your own preferences.  We’ll be walking you through all of it, as well as going through reviews of the most popular products out there currently.  So, let’s get to it now!

Top Women’s Lacrosse Sticks Comparison Chart

NameGood forPocketPriceWhere to Buy?
STX Exult 300 Complete StickMidfielder & defendersRunway $$Check Price on Amazon
STX Crux 500 Girls Complete StickMidfielderLaunch $$$Check Price on Amazon
STX Lacrosse Youth Girls Lilly Complete StickRookies/BeginnersPrecision $Check Price on Amazon
Nike Women’s Arise LT Lacrosse StickAttackersMesh$$Check Price on Amazon
String King Women’s Complete Lacrosse StickAttackersMesh$$$Check Price on Amazon
Brine Empress Complete StickShallow $$$Check Price on Amazon
STX Crux 100 Complete Women’s Lacrosse StickRookies/Beginners$$Check Price on Amazon

Women’s Lacrosse Sticks Buying Guide

Women’s vs Men’s (And Beginners)

You might be wondering just why there is a whole article dedicated to just women’s lacrosse sticks.  And the reason for that is because the game lacrosse is different with men than it is for women.  Because of this differences, the equipment, too, is altered a great deal to accommodate for the changes in the two.  For starters, men’s lacrosse allows contact to be made with the body.  Women’s lacrosse does not allow this to occur.  This doesn’t mean that the women’s game disallows stick checking, however, but it does mean that there is much less aggressive play when compared to the men’s game.  This results in men needing more protective gear than women do, with shoulders pads and a full helmet.  Women’s play just needs a mask over the eyes in most cases.

This also impacts the sticks as well.  The sticks aren’t going to have to be as heavy duty in the women’s game since the contact is not so prevalent.  Therefore, the main difference that matters in relation to this subject is that women’s sticks don’t have as much of a pocket to them as men’s.  Men’s sticks need a much deeper pocket so that they can hold on to the ball when they draw contact, and because this doesn’t exist as readily in women’s play, it is not allowed to be used.  The positioning of the stick is also of note, since women will carry the stick between the ears and shoulders, while men will do so further forward to protect the ball from being dropped when they are hit.

Another thing that makes women’s sticks different from those of men is the size.  Women are naturally a little bit smaller than men, so the length of the stick doesn’t need to be as long.  By using a stick that is too long for you, you are really setting yourself up for failure anyway, so this just makes sense.  Women’s sticks will run from around 35 and half inches up to 43 inches or so.

There are quite a lot of differences between the two games at the end of the day, and we won’t get into all of them, but this is the main one and is the reason why the sticks have to be slightly different from one another.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are so-called beginner’s sticks out on the market.  These sticks are good for a general introduction to the sport, regardless of the gender you might be.  These sticks are usually smaller in size than those for older players and they are just meant to be used as a learning tool mostly.

Levels of Play

In order to figure out what kind of stick you need, you first have to be able to identify where you are.  Are you a beginner or are you a player that has been playing a while?  Maybe you are an intermediate player that is ready to make the jump from a beginner to the next level.  This is important to know because it will determine what you need.  A beginner will be held back by taking on and using a stick that is too difficult for them to use.  Likewise, an advanced player will find it tough to be at their best when they are forced to play with a stick that is meant for a beginner.  Beginner’s sticks just don’t give you the same amount of feel that an advanced stick does.  They are more forgiving, sure, but they don’t allow you to adjust to shots or passes quick enough, either.  For those reasons you need to know where you are.  Ages and skill sets help a lot.  Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself, since this is the only way you will improve your game and reach the kind of play you want to reach.

Complete Sticks

Since this list is mainly going to be focusing on the most popular options, it will be skewed toward more beginner friendly products.  This means that complete sticks are likely to be seen a lot, so it’s worth pointing out what that is to you.  A complete stick is going to be a stick that is already fully assembled when you purchase it.  It’s like anything you buy at the store.  It’s all done for you and you just have to pick it up and pay for it.  The advantage to this is that it’s usually much cheaper to do it this way.  The disadvantage is that you have to learn how to become familiar with it.  It’s not so much about the stick fitting to you, rather you are fitting yourself to the stick.  As you get better and better, you will want to start putting together your own setup to make you as best as you can be, but until then a complete stick is a great way to get a feel for the game and to learn the basics, all while saving money along the way.

Positional Impact on Sticks

The position that you play on the field has, or at least should, have an impact on the type of stick that you choose to go with.  While the length of all the sticks are going to be in one range, unlike that of men’s lacrosse, there are still differences that make you better at the positions.  You should heed this information as it could make you better or worse if you don’t apply it to your game.


Everyone knows that attackers are the ones that get all the plaudits.  They score the goals, they draw the crowds, get people to click on their YouTube videos, and all the such.  But they don’t get there over night and for no good reason.  It takes a lot of hard work, and they have to have the right equipment.  An attacker needs to be able to have a lighter stick that gives them the chance to fire a shot at a moment’s notice.  Stringing needs to be responsive as well, so that you can never lose a moment when you need it most.


Midfielders, or middies or mids for short, are going to need a whole different setup.  While they, too, have to be ready to take shots like forwards, they have other parts to play in the game.  Those include passing and releasing the ball quickly for teammates, and that means that they need a stick that has some flex to it.  If the stick doesn’t flex, they will be missing out on a lot of performance while on the field.


Defenders are the ones that have to the ‘dirty’ work since someone has to do it.  Defenders need a stick that is a little bit heavier and stiffer since they are going to be putting in more challenges than their counterparts.  They also need a stick that has a scoop to it that is flat so that it’s super easy for them to pick up the ball from the ground.  This type should not be flexible and should have pocket that exhibits a lot of grip.  This way you have more control over the ball, since a lot of defenders, especially in the younger age groups, are quite as good with ball retention skills.


Goalies are a very special breed, to say the least.  They are the literal last line of defense, and as such they have to have a different mentality altogether.  A goalie’s stick differs drastically from all three of the other positions.  The heads are much, much wider, in order to provide a bigger zone for catching the ball.  On top of that, they have to be light enough to wield, while also balancing stiffness with flexibility in the right places.  There are other differences, too, but we won’t go too far into detail.


One of the first things you should take a look at with a stick is going to be the handle.  In order to succeed and reach your full potential, you are going to need a stick that has a handle that is easy to hold, balance, and grip.  This is going to ultimately come down to you.  A friend might prefer something different than you do, so it’s not a one size fits all deal.  This is where going to try out sticks in person at a store can really help you out a lot.  It’s a whole lot better if you make the stick conform to you rather than you conforming to the stick.

Handles can be made out of all sorts of materials. One such material is that of alloy steel.  This material is considered to be top of the line because it is light, but some just don’t like it because it is cold. Composite handles then are becoming all the rage in today’s game.  Inside of that subset, you have a couple of choices that you can make.  You can either go with thick or thin styles.  This, again, comes down solely to preference and what you will feel the best with.  There is no right or wrong answer, unless it’s your answer.


The head of the lacrosse stick is the business end of it.  This is where the ball is going to be held at.  When you throw the ball, whenever you catch it, and whenever you are running with it, you will be experiencing the importance of it.  This part of the stick can be changed in order to give you the very most out of your game.  Or you can leave it as is.  When you buy a complete stick, you will be buying whatever it comes with, so keep that in mind.  There is a lot more to the head, so here is a look at the parts of it that make it so vital to your cause.


In the women’s game, the pocket is totally different from that the men’s game uses.  With men’s lacrosse, the pocket is deep and allows for more jostling to occur without the ball popping free.  In women’s, however, the pocket isn’t as deep.  What this does is create a necessity for passing.  There are a couple of materials that you can use to help you get the most you can get from them.  One of them is nylon.  Nylon is the old kid on the block, so to speak.  It’s great for giving you supreme feel of them ball and is super responsive.  The downside to it is that it’s not as durable and is difficult to restring.  Then there are synthetics, or the new kid.  This kind is very easy to upkeep and to string.  But the feel is given up a little bit.  This, like so much of our list, is just up to you. You could use either option no matter the age you are or the position you are playing on the field.  With a complete stick, you will get what you get, but if you are an advanced player, you could go with your own and make alterations based on your own wants and needs.


The sidewalls are going to help determine how firm or flexible the head is.  Most of the time, if you see a very flexible sidewall, it will also mean a lack of weight comes with it.  This is good if you are wanting something easy to carry and responsive, but it comes with the negative of not being the most durable.


Scoop was mentioned briefly earlier, but there should be more made of it.  This is the part of the head that, you guessed it, scoops up the ball.  This area, then is, extremely important for a defender or a midfielder since those areas are going to need you to pick up and transport the ball.  It’s doubly important for defenders, since so much pressure is on them.  A lot of scoop is not necessary for forward type players, since it will just mean the ball will get stuck in there when you need to be flinging it hard at goal.

Durability and Price

You get what you pay for, or at least that’s what mom, dad, and everyone has told you all your life.  Largely that is true.  If you spend $1 on a toothbrush it’s not going to be as nice as that $30 one that has the spinning brush on it, after all.  Just like with that, you don’t want to try to save too much when it comes to lacrosse sticks.  You can find good deals that offer great value up and down the price spectrum, but just keep in mind that you do get trade offs.  As you go up the ladder in price, you are going to get more control and feel to the stick.  This is where it really pays off for better, more advanced players.  If you are beginner, a stick that is the middle double digits is not unheard of or that hard to come by.  The only thing with those is that they are usually a little bit heavier, or way lighter at times, and they don’t offer you as much feel when you are on the field.  Another thing to keep in mind is that price doesn’t always correlate to durability.  You’d assume that the more you pay for something, the longer it would last.  But this isn’t the case if you are playing a ton with it and putting it through the paces.  If you have a really awesome stick and it’s made out of the best materials to make it light, it won’t be as long lasting if you put it in the wrong spots.  So how you treat your equipment is just as important as the durability that is built in and the price that you pay.  A lot of players will use two sticks: one for practice and one for games and/or scrimmages.  Like so much of this, it’s all up to you and what you feel you need.

Let’s Review The Top 7 Women’s Lacrosse Sticks of 2019!

  1. STX Exult 300 Complete Stick

It’s not the cheapest stick out there nor the most expensive and that makes it great for a lot of people. The fact it also has a scoop ankle and straight head means that it will pack a ferocious shot and be deadly accurate. The pocket used is a unique design meant to flex out so that the ball is cradled while you have it.  The scoop is also very flexible, meaning it will be easy to pick up off the ground, exactly what is needed if you are a defender or midfielder and are being harassed.  The sidewalls are stiff and very stable, allowing control over anything else.  On top of that, it’s got some really great colors to pick from, too, letting you customize the looks to what you want them to be.  It’s just so much lighter than what a beginner stick would be while also giving forgiveness at the same time, making it just what you would want as you take a step up a notch or two.


  • Good for middies and defenders
  • Flexible but stable all over
  • Decent price too


  1. STX Crux 500 Girls Complete Stick

This is the more expensive version of the STX, though it’s not much more. As such, it does represent a step up in quality. It starts with the shaft, which is made out of graphite, the same material used for golf clubs to make them light yet powerful when striking the ball. The same concept is in place here, with it allowing you to fully torque and launch the ball. It is contoured in such a way to make the ball basically roll into the sweet spot so that you can release much more quickly, making this excellent for midfielders that need to make quick passes, as is the name of the game in women’s lax.  The pocket flexes out as you run to give you better control of the ball, while the sidewall is pushing the regulations to the very limit by being as big as it legally can be.  The handle is composite, further helping to drive you the weight of it, making it ideal as you keep on taking yourself up level after level of play.  It does take time to get used to catching and the price is an obstacle for some, but other than that it’s a tremendous stick.


  • Midfielders’ dream
  • Light and will rip shots
  • Biggest pocket you can have


  • Getting a little expensive
  • Catching might take time to learn with it
  1. STX Lacrosse Youth Girls Lilly Complete Stick

STX continues to dominate our list here, but this time it’s a stick meant for the young ladies. This stick not only looks great but is a perfect learning tool for a young player. In addition to coming in at a very low price, showing STX’s versatility there, this stick is much shorter than normal to allow the young player a chance to get used to it.  It has a wider face than more advanced sticks as well, since catching is so tough to learn from to begin with.  This stick is great for picking up balls as well, a trait that will be needed for players that are just beginning since there will be more drops.  With lower sidewalls, STX shows a great attention to detail because it will help keep the ball in place due to having a bigger pocket.  This is not typical with sticks in this price range, but it’s a major bonus to have for a new player as they just learn the ropes.  There isn’t much negative to say about it, as long as you use it for what it has been intended to be used to do!


  • Awesome price
  • Extremely easy to scoop up balls
  • Very forgiving and wider pocket


  1. Nike Women’s Arise LT Lacrosse Stick

When it comes to our list so far, this great looking stick, as you’d expect from Nike, is in between the prices we have seen so far, giving you a moderate choice. This full size women’s stick is an excellent choice for an attacker that is looking for something light to help them see off those pesky defenders. The handle, while being light, is engineered to also last quite a long time, too, helping further enhance the appeal of the stick.  The mesh that they have used for the pocket makes it a dream because it is very soft, which aids greatly with both catching and handling all in one package.  For these reasons, it’s a starter plus stick.  It’s meant for newer players, but it’s not the cheapest or most crudely made stick out there, which should help promote it to you as being quite the viable contender for use.  It is also quite wide in the head, so that will give you a little bit of extra support and aid in catching.


  • Soft netting helps handling
  • Forgiving stick
  • Goes beyond most starters


  • Still need an upgrade if you have progressed
  1. String King Women’s Complete Lacrosse Stick

The main calling card of the String King, as the name certainly would imply, is the pocket. The mesh pocket was designed to give you, the player, what you need most, which is consistency. It’s got more hold and control than previous models from them have had in the past, and that is only going to trickle down to you and make you better.  It’s constructed to be quite light in weight, so it’s better for players that know how to generate their own power and prefer to move quickly in tight spaces as they get their shots and passes away.  For this reason, it’s probably best for forward thinking midfielders and attackers.  This reduced weight can be tough to get used to at first, but it will help make your game better.  One criticism one it will be the looks.  It does look very plain, and that should be mentioned.  It’s also not going to be the best for beginners, so keep that in mind, too.


  • Very light
  • Pocket makes your game very consistent
  • Good for attackers


  • Looks are very plain
  1. Brine Empress Complete Stick

By using an alloy shaft, this stick goes back to the days old, without going back there far! This offering from Brine comes complete with a very long, narrow face. The pocket, then, is pretty shallow, even for women’s standards, so that will require the use of a forward or a very special player.  It’s not going to be easy to learn how to use it right away for a beginner unless they just have the knack for it and can pick up quickly.  The sidewalls are stiff but will flex a little bit at various points to allow you to handle the ball effectively.  As far as intermediate players go and prices, this is pretty competitive but possibly a tad bit high.  Another worry is the customer service with this, as some have reported that they haven’t gotten exactly what they ordered.


  • Quick launch thanks to shallow pocket
  • Easy handling
  • Sturdy shaft


  • Customer service worries
  1. STX Crux 100 Complete Women’s Lacrosse Stick

Stuck and don’t know what to do? Turn to this offering to answer your questions. This Crux 100 is a good entry level stick, once again from STX, that will get you started out in the right direction while protecting your new investment with a bag to put it in when you are not playing.  The price is very competitive to all of the others, save the girls one we looked at earlier, making it one of the top choices out there to learn on for older individuals.  With a wider face, more flexibility, and a pocket that will fit to your needs, this is the kind of forgiving stick that you need to learn and be taught how to play since it will not discourage players too much.  On top of that, it’s got really awesome looks and will be sure to impress so many people that come to watch you play, too!


  • Stick with bag, too!
  • Great price
  • Forgiving and ideal for beginners that are a bit older


  • Not good for advanced or even intermediate players

Conclusion And Final Women’s Lacrosse Sticks Recommendations

It should go without saying that the game of lacrosse can’t be played without the stick.  It’s paramount because of how it is such a central figure in the game.  Without it, we are left with a strange game that would resemble handball.  Not very fun, huh?  This means you can’t just overlook this part of the game and skip over considering your options.  To make your game the best it can be, you’ve got to find a stick that fits your needs and helps you improve.  After today’s guide, you will be better placed to make a good decision that fits you, your style, and your position as a whole.  By weighing all of these factors together, you’ll be making the best call you can make.  See you on the field!

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