16 Best Youth Baseball Bats of 2019: What Should You Look For?

Baseball season is here again for professionals and little leagues alike. As your child prepares and practices, it’s important to find the right equipment to make their season great. But with hundreds of options online and in the store, it can be hard to figure out just what bat is right for your child and the league that they are in.

Many parents, especially first-time baseball parents can easily get overwhelmed by the technical specs, brands and sizes that exist. You want what’s best for your child, but you may not want to pay premium price for a beginner bat. Or maybe your child has really improved in their skill the past couple of seasons and needs a bat that will just increase speed a little bit, but your unsure of what to look for.

Whatever situation you and your child are in, we have laid out exactly which bats are the best on the market and who they are designed to help most. Whether you want an inexpensive option that will probably be outgrown, a good practice bat that can take lots of hits, or a premium bat that will take your child’s hitting to the next level, this list is designed to help you.

Top Youth Baseball Bats Comparison Chart

NameDropBarrel LengthPriceWhere to Buy?
Louisville Slugger Omaha Baseball Bat-102 5/8"$$Check Price on Amazon
DeMarini Voodoo Balanced Baseball Bat-102 5/8"$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Louisville Slugger Solo 218 Model Bat-112 5/8"$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Easton X Hyperlite Baseball-112 5/8"$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat-5, -10, and -11$$Check Price on Amazon
Marucci Cat Junior Barrel Baseball Bat2 5/8"$$$$Check Price on Amazon
Louisville Slugger Vapor USA-92 5/8"$Check Price on Amazon
Easton Typhoon Aluminum Baseball Bat-122 1/4"$$Check Price on Amazon
Franklin Sports Venom Official Tee Ball-10, -11 and -12$Check Price on Amazon
Easton Speed Aluminum Bat-102 5/8"$$Check Price on Amazon
Rawlings 2019 Threat USA Youth Bat-122 5/8"$$$Check Price on Amazon
Easton Rival Baseball Bat-102 1/4"$Check Price on Amazon
Easton Beast Baseball Bat-112 5/8"$$$$Check Price on Amazon
DeMarini Uprising Baseball bat-102 1/2" $$$Check Price on Amazon
Louisville Slugger 2019 Solo SPD Bat-132 1/2" $$$Check Price on Amazon
Easton S150 Baseball Bat-102 1/4"$$Check Price on Amazon

Youth Baseball Bats Buying Guide

So what should you look for when buying a youth bat?

There are several important factors to consider when buying a bat for your child. The first is USA standards. If you child is playing in most little leagues, the umpires will only allow USA standard bats to be allowed during the games. These bats must be made in a certain way to minimize injuries to children. The good news is that most bats you’ll find basically anywhere should be USA standard bats, but be sure to look out for that, especially when buying online.

The next most important factor to take into account is the “drop” of a bat. Drop is essential the ratio between the weight and the length. For example, if a bat is 30 inches long and has a weight of 20oz, it’s drop is -10. Younger players generally have larger drops in the 10-12 range, while older players and teens often have drops as small as 3. This matters because it affects the power your child can put behind a swing. Newer and younger players should stick with a drop of 10 or more, while more experienced players can experiment with less drops. If you are unsure of what drop you should be using, consult your child’s coach to be sure you are getting the correct drop for his age range and league type.

Along with drop, is the length of the bat. This will vary by age and height, but generally 24-26” bats are made for kids age 5-7, 26-29” are made for kids 8-9, 28-30” for kids 10-11, and bats 30-34” are made for pre-teens and up. Because the exact length is determined by height, but also by feel, be sure your child has tried bats either at practice or a store before purchasing one. The general guidelines vary from player to player.

There are a few other non-essential things to consider when buying a bat. It’s important that your child likes the look and feel of the bat. While color scheme and design aren’t crucial to the functionality of the bat, many kids are drawn to certain bats because of these things. They aren’t the end all, be all, but if you have narrowed your search and are stuck between a few similarly rated products, go with the one that is most eye-catching to your player.

Finally, price and value for your money is another major factor that should be considered. For many young players, they will grow out of their bats in a season or two. This is important when comparing prices. Higher end bats will hold up longer but cost more. This might be worth it if your child is nearly 13 or 14 and is at the top of the bat ranges for little league already. At that point, spending more on a quality bat can be beneficial in the long run. On the other hand, if you child is just beginning his little league career, spending upwards of $300 on a bat may be impractical and ultimately pointless. The subtle differences between balance and speed won’t really matter to kids that are just beginning to learn the hitting basics. An affordable bat that may only last a few seasons should be fine for the youngest of ball players that still have some growing to do.

These are the major factors to consider when purchasing a bat for your little league player to use. Bats can range drastically in price, quality, and sizing options so it’s important to recognize these things as you shop for bats.

Best Youth Baseball Bats Reviews

1. Louisville Slugger Omaha Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger bats are usually known for being wooden and used in the pros, but this premium aluminum bat is an amazing bat that your child will be happy to use this bat over and over again. This bat has zero bad rating and at a price that is half of what some other bats are, it would be an excellent choice for your little slugger.

The balance and the sweet spot of this bat are some of the best you can get on the market and for a decent and affordable price. The grip is comfortable, yet durable, made from a synthetic leather that is 8 inches long.

It has a wider barrel at 2 and 5/8 inches which will provide some nice power behind every swing but will weigh the bat down slightly. It is a USA regulation bat so you won’t have to worry about umpires taking it out of the game.

Overall, this bat is super durable, reliable and wallet friendly. The aluminum won’t dent in hot or cold weather and can withstand pitches from coaches, players and pitching machines. A very solid choice if you want something that will last without paying a lot of money.


  • The right price
  • Durable aluminum
  • Great balance


  • Wider barrel
  • Only one drop size

2. DeMarini Voodoo Balanced Baseball Bat

The DeMarini Voodoo baseball bat is a premium product, that comes with a premium price tag. Unlike the Uprising model, the voodoo is designed for strength and durability. This bat is a 2 and 5/8-inch barrel bat that meets the USA baseball standards.

It’s a hybrid, two piece bat made with a separate handle bat head to both better balance the bat and provide an easier energy transfer. This all but eliminates the sting from hard swings and puts more power behind every swing.

This bat is designed with one of the largest sweet spots of all the bats on our list and even balls close to the handle can sail far. The 3Fusion end cap helps keep the bat balanced and the weight where is should be to make swings quicker and more powerful.

Overall, this is one of the best bats you can get. The unique two-piece alloy helps batters get more power and speed out of their swings. If your child is looking for a bat to help them take their game to the next level, this bat is it. The downside is it also is one of the most expensive bats, but does come with a warranty, just in case.


  • Unique two-piece design ideal for swing
  • Large sweet spot
  • No vibration or sting


  • Very pricy
  • Grip not as cushioned
  • Best for advanced players

3. Louisville Slugger Solo 218 Model Bat

The Louisville Slugger solo 218 model is a drop 11 bat designed for speed and durability. Similar to the Solo SPD model, this one-piece alloy bat comes with a ballistic endcap and large sweet spot for quick, accurate swinging.

The barrel of this bat is 2 and ¼ inch barrel, so smaller than the SPD barrel, but still with a good sweet spot and nice ping sound with every successful swing. The grip is custom designed with cushioned Lizard skin brand synthetic leather that helps to ease the sting of a swing. This bat isn’t as balanced as others and as a result, there is some sting, especially for the younger players that are still growing into the heavier drops.

This unique color scheme and design isn’t one of the better known bats out there, so less other players are likely to have it, making your child feel unique and cool. It’s also a USA standard approved bat, so you won’t have to worry about using it during play.

Overall, it’s one of the best bats you can get at this drop point. However, it is significantly more than similar Easton or Rawlings bats, but higher quality for lasting durability.


  • Unique colors and design
  • Great grip
  • Good sweet spot with nice “ping”


  • Expensive compared to similar models
  • Sting from the swing
  • Some vibration when hit

4. Easton X Hyperlite Baseball

The Easton X Hyperlite is an all-around quality bat, but with a hefty price tag. Easton consistently provides a great product, but your wallet will definitely pay a premium price for it.

The definite pop and good sized sweet spot will help players take their swing to the next level and get on base more. With virtually no vibrations or sting, your child will have no problem during long batting practices or during an actual game.

It’s a very lightweight bat that will provide a solid swing speed and good balance. The grip, like some of the other Easton bats is made with Leather Skins DSP, one of the best grips you can get.

If you’re looking for a solid premium bat for more advanced players, this is the perfect option for you. But with a high price tag, this bat definitely isn’t for everyone and should be considered an investment.


  • Lightweight
  • Well balanced
  • Great sweet spot


  • Very expensive
  • Comparable in qualities to other bats

5. Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat

The Rawlings 2019 Youth Baseball bat is a great option for kids fourteen and under. With a variety of lengths and weights, you are sure to find the right size for you child. This alloy bat is approved for 2019 USA baseball standards and is a great all-around bat for young players.

Updated from an older model, Rawlings redesigned parts of it to have a light drop weight Hyperlite speed endcap to help ensure a faster, more accurate speed. This bat also has a wide sweet spot to send balls far into the field and well-balanced weight to help ease the sting of a successful swing.

The main downside is that the weights can vary from model to model, so while you might buy the 16 oz, it might come in closer to 17 oz. It also is mid-range priced, but that also means mid-ranged quality so don’t expect this bat to last year after year.

Overall, as one of the most highly rated bats out there, the Rawlings 5150 is sure to be a hit. As a mid-range bat, it is great for beginner or more advanced players and offers a variety of sizes and three different drops: -5, -10, and -11.


  • Comes in three different varieties: -5, -10, -11
  • No swing sting
  • Good balance


  • Weight might be off
  • Won’t last for years
  • Alloy is prone to small dents

6. Marucci Cat Junior Barrel Baseball Bat

The Marucci Cat bat is a wonderful bat designed with younger little league players in mind. With the three sizes available topping out at 27 inches, it definitely isn’t a suitable bat for anyone older than elementary level.

The Marucci is an excellently designed bat with one of the best balances on the market, especially for the younger players. This smooth, traditional alloy bat comes with a 2 and ¾ barrel, not as standard as the 2 and 5/8 or 2 and ¼ inch barrel bats. But with a wonderful sweet spot, this bat is sure to elicit a wonderful “pop” every time your child makes contact with it.

With an anti-vibration knob unique to this bat, you can be sure your child won’t complain about the annoying vibrations of other brands.

Overall, this is one of the most prominent bats on the market, but with that comes a quite expensive price tag. Aimed at mostly young players, some parents might be hesitant to spend a pretty penny on a bat their child will outgrow quickly. But if you’re looking for quality and something to help take your child’s swing to this next level, you can’t go wrong with the Marucci Cat Junior.


  • An Excellent balanced bat
  • High quality for younger players
  • Great sweet spot and “pop”


  • Costly
  • Size only goes up to 27 inches
  • Grip isn’t as nice as Eastons

7. Louisville Slugger Vapor USA

The Louisville Slugger Vapor is a well designed bat that meets USA baseball standards. Unlike the Rawlings 5150, it only comes as a -9 bat, but does have four different options for length and weight. Even the lightest weight is heavier than other bats, but for power hitters in the older age range that might just be perfect.

The barrel of the bat comes in around 2 and 5/8 inches, which can be great for newer players that need more surface area to connect with the ball. It also holds up well against dents even after hundreds of hits and has a good weight distribution, so it won’t feel awkward in young players’ hands.

When swung correctly and the good-sized sweet spot is hit, this bat will make a satisfying sound, but will not have the awful hand swing like other bats on the market. It has a slight vibration, but it is not enough to affect most players. It is something to bear in mind though, when searching for bats.

Overall, the look, feel and quality of this bat are very solid. As one of the best priced bats out there, it is a good value for your money, if not the best bat out there.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Sleek design and colors
  • Four sizes available


  • Only one drop size (-9) available
  • Slightly top heavy
  • Slight vibrations

8. Easton Typhoon Aluminum Baseball Bat

The Easton Typhoon Aluminum baseball bat is a great mid-range bat for pre-teen players. The grip is cushy without adding too much bulk but will help soften the sting of a good swing. The frame is made with smooth alloy and a concave endcap.

This bat is in the mid-range price wise and the quality reflects that. This bat will do well for a season or so but may not hold up for years to come. The barrel of this bat is 2 and ¼ inches in diameter, so it may not do well for players that need that extra contact area.

The drop of this bat is -12, which is not great for more advanced players. It comes in six different sizes though, so you are sure to find the right balance for your player based on height and age.

This bat is affordable and reliable. It is nothing spectacular, but for the price you wouldn’t expect it to be. This bat would do best among more recreational teams and players that still want a nice feel and grip, but don’t need the highest quality on the market.


  • Wallet Friendly
  • Great grip
  • Wide arrange of sizes


  • Not as durable
  • Dents easily
  • Only one drop size

9. Franklin Sports Venom Official Tee Ball

The Franklin Sports Venom bat is designed with tee ball and beginner little league players in mind. This aluminum alloy bat tops out at 25 inches, so it definitely would only work for the smallest of players. It has a large sweet spot to maximize connection area for the players that are still getting a feel for hitting.

It’s strong, but lightweight frame won’t hamper your young child’s swing and the balance of this bat is designed optimally to help ensure a successful follow through without the sting. It is up to USA baseball standards as well and is a great learning bat to ease into batting off a tee and beginning pitch baseball.

This bat, while sturdy enough for a season, probably will not survive the hardest hits. For tee ball players it is a great beginner bat and parents can feel happy that it is an expensive option that will last as long as it’s needed.


  • Very cheap bat
  • Great grip
  • Different drop options


  • Not long lasting
  • Low quality material
  • Dents easily

10. Easton Speed Aluminum Bat

The Easton Speed -10 baseball bat is designed with ease of use in mind. The soft cushioned grip won’t feel old after holding it for pitch after pitch. The barrel size is at just the right point for many pre-teen players with plenty of surface area, but still with an ideal balance of weight on either end.

The metal frame is light which is great for swings but makes it more prone to dent and crack easier than other bats. This bat does have a perfect sweet spot though and will make a satisfying “pop” when it connects with the ball.

This 2019 bat is up to USA standards so its great choice for all little league teams. It is more expensive than some of the other options, but still cheaper than many bats out there today. For your money, this bat is a great value, but might not be as long-lasting as other bats can be.


  • Affordably priced
  • Great cushioned grip
  • A range of sizes


  • Cheaper metal
  • Prone to dents and cracks
  • Only one drop size

11. Rawlings 2019 Threat USA Youth Bat

There are few brands that have been around as long, or are as reliable, as Rawlings. Rawlings consistently makes high quality bats for players young and old. The 2019 Threat is no exception. Made with younger players in mind, this drop 12 bat is an all around solid bat with several different length and weight options to choose from.

Like many bats on this list and in general, it is a bit above the advertised weight, but it is a USA baseball standards approved bat. The look and feel is designed to be closer to that of a wooden bat, so less dangerous for the heavy hitters.

This bright green bat is extremely lightweight and has a great swing speed. Compared to some of the others, it does have more of a sting, but not enough to really effect players. The sweet spot on this bat is top notch and it has one of the best “pop” sound of any bat out there right now in the same drop range.

The main downside of the Threat bat is it’s price tag. This bat is one of the most expensive bats out there right now. The price will reflect the quality however, so if you are looking for something that will last several seasons or possibly through several kids, this bat may be worth the investment.


  • Great “pop” sound
  • Lightweight swing weight
  • High quality aluminum


  • Very expensive
  • Some sting
  • Heavier than advertised weight

12. Easton Rival Baseball Bat

The Easton Rival baseball bat is a super affordable option for young players that will probably grow out of the bat within a year or so. This bat is definitely not the highest quality, so if your child is in more of a competitive league or team, this might not fly as well with them.

With a concave end cap and a cushioned 2.2mm grip this bat has a nice build and feel to it. It’s a 2 and ¼ inch barrel that will provide a nice light swing, but with a much smaller sweet spot as other bats on this list. It’s bright colors and sleek design don’t effect functionality at all, but are still an added bonus for most young players.

This bat is definitely not the highest quality and is more likely to dent after a while. For a beginner bat that will likely be outgrown, this bat will do what it is supposed to and provide young players with a lightweight batting experience.


  • Cheap
  • Great grip
  • Lightweight alloy


  • Not high quality
  • Small sweet spot
  • Beginner bat

13. Easton Beast Baseball Bat

The Easton Beast is a pricier bat, but still considered in the mid-range tier. It’s not as expensive as some Slugger select models, but with a price tag over $100, it is definitely not the deal that many of the other bats on this list are. However, it is better quality than many of those cheaper bats without paying the ultimate premium cost.

Like many other bats, the actual weight is a bit more than the advertised weight but compared to some bats that are two or more ounces heavier, the Easton Beast is within half an ounce. That would be barely enough to affect the smallest player, but it is important to note.

The grip of this bat, a Lizard Skins DSP provides comfort, tack and great feel. It’s by far better than other bats out there and helps lighten the sting of a swing.

Overall, the Easton Beast is a great bat, but with a heftier price tag and comparable features, it might not be the best bat for families that want quality and affordability.


  • Great grip
  • Good quality
  • USA standard


  • Expensive
  • Small sweet spot
  • Very little “pop”

14. DeMarini Uprising Baseball bat

The DMarini uprising junior bat is a USA standard big barrel bat, designed with new players in mind. This -10 bat comes in six sizes from 27 inches to 32 inches long. DeMarini is not one of the most well known brands on the market, but with an overwhelmingly amount of positive ratings, you can feel certain that the quality is on par with the big names.

The barrel is 2 and ½ inches wide, which is a less common barrel size, but toward the larger end, which can be best for beginner hitters. To offset the larger barrel, this bat is made with a lightweight aluminum alloy and has a iron end cap for light and more precise swings.

This bat is almost exactly the weight advertised, unlike other 2 and 5/8 inch barrel bats that tend to weigh upwards of 1.5 ounces more. The balance is right in the middle with a large sweet spot and a satisfying “pop” when contact is made.

Best of all, this bat is one of the cheaper options on our list. It may not hold up for the heaviest of hitters or several seasons, but it is a high quality, beginner bat with great specs, good balance and a generous sweet spot to held your child gain confidence in his swing.


  • Excellent balance
  • One of the most affordable bats
  • Great starter bat


  • Probably won’t last multiple years
  • Not great for super strong hitters
  • Larger barrel

15. Louisville Slugger 2019 Solo SPD Bat

The 2019 Louisville slugger bat is a unique bat in that it is a drop thirteen but made in lengths that are generally used by taller players. This makes it great for players that are struggling with heavier bats but in an older league. Pre-teen boys especially might’ve hit a growth spurt and need the longer length, but haven’t gained the strength to use the drop 9s or drop 5s yet.

This bat has a 2 and ½ inch barrel size, which helps contribute to it’s lighter weight. That somewhat hinders the sweet spot, making the zone smaller, but the light weight and speed can quickly make up for that. Also, compared with the 2 and 5/8 inch barrel, it is barely noticeable.

For the age range, skills level this bat is targeting, it’s a bit pricier than others. It would be good for older players that need a little extra help with the weight of the bat or younger players that are taller and need something with a bit more length. But what makes it unique is it’s length in relation to the drop size because drop 13s tend to be rather short and designed purely for tee ball.

It’s definitely a great bat that will hold up well over time. For the price, it may make it worth it, but the high drop size may make it obsolete after a season or two as your player gains strength and skill.


  • Great specialized drop 13 bat
  • High quality
  • Low weight, but long length


  • Pricey for drop size
  • Only good for players with unique situations
  • Small sweet spot

16. Easton S150 Baseball Bat

The Easton S150 model baseball bat is a drop 10, military grade aluminum bat made for durability. This 2 and ¼ barrel size bat comes in four different sizes that vary in price but are very affordable regardless. The grip on this bat is great, with a nice cushioned handle that will hold up well to use.

The balance of this bat is even and with a good endcap, it helps keep the sweet spot rather large for beginner players.

The weight on this bat is considerably off the advertised weight up to even 25% heavier than advertised. This can be a huge disadvantage for younger players that need something light for speed. It does meet the USA standards, however, and for the price it can be a good starter bat. If your child has a bit more strength or is a big older, the weight difference may not make a significant difference, but it is something that should be taken into consideration while shopping for bats.

Overall, if your child can handle a little more weight, the quality of this bat and the price are a great find. However, if you child need a lighter weight or something with a bit more speed, this bat will probably not be the right one for you.


  • Great grip
  • Good balance
  • Very affordable


  • Heavier than advertised
  • Prone to dents
  • Smaller barrel

Conclusion And Final Youth Baseball Bats Recommendations

Deciding what bat is right for your child can be stressful. There is the pressure to get something that functions well, is within regulations, and also for some kids has the “cool” factor – something that looks fun and you child can be happy playing with. These things are all important, but it can be hard to know what is right when the options, and the pricing, vary so drastically.

If you are looking for something that is the best value for your money, you can’t go wrong with DeMarini Uprising, the Louisville Vapor, or the Easton Typhoon. All three of those bats are some of the most affordable on the market, but also offer the highest quality design. All three have similar features and would work well for beginner or intermediate players. They won’t be the latest in cutting edge speed technology, so not as great for the most advanced players, but they’ll be reliable bats that can make it through some heavy hits.

If you are looking for something for an advanced player, the DeMarini Voodoo is the best choice on this list. It’s one of the expensive, but it’s well balanced body and lightweight material will really help take your child’s swing to the next level. And because of the separate handle, the sting and vibrations are virtually nonexistent. Plus, with it’s unique two-piece body, sleek look and amazing “pop” sound, it is sure to be the talk of the town and definitely has that “cool” factor. While it will definitely cost you, the high quality aluminum is sure to last you several seasons and even comes with a warranty.

If you are looking for the best beginner bat, the Franklin Venom is an excellent choice. This bat is designed with tee ball and beginning coach pitch leagues in mind with it’s large barrel, short length and large drop. Franklin knows that it will be a bat that is quickly aged out of and has set the price super reasonable because of that. It definitely won’t be useable after a season or two as your child continues to grow and needs something heavier and longer. But for a beginner bat that is also USA standard approved, this bat is the perfect one to introduce your little one to hitting.

And finally, if you are looking for a specialized bat to help your child improve their hitting with a lightweight, but long bat, the Louisville Slugger Solo SPD is the choice for you. This unique drop 13 bat is designed to help taller children, but not necessarily stronger children, learn proper technique and gain confidence behind the plate without being weighed down by too heavy of a bat. A major problem with many young little league players is that they grow vertically very quickly, but don’t develop the muscle mass and strength for smaller drop bats until much later. This bat is perfect for that.

Overall, each and every one of the bats on this list is a solid choice for various reasons. Whether you’re looking to improve swing speed, find a beginner bat, or just have a mid-range, mid-price bat that functions well, there is something for everyone. What works for some, may not work for others, but this list should give you a good idea of the bats and brands that have worked for many people.

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